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  • 24/7 Hotline (Our Call Center and online support channels are available 24/7)
  • Easy Reservation Management (Easily manage many updates such as date change, vehicle identification, passenger information change)
  • Reservation without prepayment (Book your place without paying, pay the transfer fee in the car)
  • Credit Card Reservation
  • Free Cancellation
  • Ease of Payment in Vehicle (Make your payments after service in the vehicle)
  • Discounts (Get instant discounts by paying in the vehicle)
  • Free Wifi (Make your communication easier with in-car free wifi)
  • Drinks
  • Children 0-11 years free
  • Best prices (20% cheaper than market prices)
  • New model vehicles
  • Drivers who can speak your language

Antalya Hotel Transfer Services offers innovative solutions for Antalya hotel transfer services; Care for your comfort. With Alanya Group which has a wide fleet of vehicles; You can easily make the transfer service online reservation with your request. All regions of Antalya; From the hotel to the airport - Get an instant transfer service from the airport to the hotel.

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Alanya Transfer Routes


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Alanya Transfer

Affordable and safe travel is of great
importance for your trips to Alanya for different purposes. If a
quality Alanya transfer is desired, professional
service must be handled by elite means. In particular, the journey
from Antalya airport to Alanya should be ensured with the
institutional approach on the right route. The most important issue
is the timely and safe transportation to the desired destinations.</ p>

There are reliable VIP transfer options in Alanya which you can
reach the airport and the different addresses where you are from the
airport at comfortable and affordable prices. You can choose one of
them and arrive at the point you want to reach in a variety of ways.
Today’s transfers with the latest models and luxury vehicles are now
handled under an elite structure. With this structure, you can make
a healthy journey between Antalya and Alanya from the airport.</ p>

Transportation via Alanya Shuttle

Alanya is one of the
most preferred regions for many reasons, especially the holiday.
However, reaching the desired point is an important element in this
regard. As Alanya is not close to the Antalya Gazipaşa airport, it
is an important point to get an elite and high-quality Alanya
shuttle service. In order to reach the hotel or different points you
want to go to, you need to use quality service vehicles that will
take you to the exact location.

These vehicles should be
special vehicles selected under a luxurious and modern structure.
Especially in the scorching heat of Alanya, Alanya airport transfer
becomes much more important. Thus, for the transportation between
the two distances, obtaining a quality service throughout the
journey provides a pleasant start to the journey.

Hotel Transfer

Getting to Alanya is usually via Antalya and
Gazipaşa airports. However, when it comes to transferring to Alanya
hotel you know the time between these two distances is about 3
hours. Therefore, to start the holiday with your loved ones, you
need to get quality service support to reach the hotel. As a matter
of fact, if this journey is to be done in the summer, scorching
temperatures should be taken as a basis. So you should pay attention
to the choice of transfer to Alanya at least until the hotel
selection; quality, high comfortable service. In this way, your
holiday will begin enjoyable, alone or with your loved ones will be
much more enjoyable.

Alanya VIP Transfer

Airport is approximately 125 kilometres away from Alanya. It can be
reached from the airport to Alanya or from the city centre to the
airport within a certain route. This transfer can take approximately
2 hours 15 or 20 minutes. Alanya VIP transfer is of great importance
for both sides of the trip. This way, you can get perfect travel
support both for yourself and your loved ones and for welcoming your

In this regard, you can get institutional support in
Alanya shuttle service in the sense of quality service. Especially
VIP service provides effective privileges in every subject.

High model quality vehicles,

– Drivers who know different
languages and have memorized the area like the back of their hand,</ p>

– Large and comfortable seats in the vehicle,

– Air

– Special food and beverage service throughout
the journey,

– Timely access to the address,

You can
safely reach Alanya or Antalya and Gazipaşa airports thanks to many
other possibilities.

Alanya Airport Transfer

Transportation to Alanya takes 125 kilometres from Antalya
Airport and approximately 41 kilometres from Gazipaşa Airport. In
order to realize this, care should be taken to get professional
service in Alanya airport transfer. Taking into account the
scorching temperatures, a pleasant and luxurious journey allows the
holiday to begin much more enjoyable.

Alanya Hotel Transfer

If you have booked a hotel in Alanya and you want to reach
this hotel, it is of great importance to get a quality transfer
service from the airport. Reaching the hotel after an overwhelming
and pleasant journey is a luxurious and comfortable service. You can
get Alanya hotel transfer support with latest models and luxury
vehicles for this service. Because there are quality companies that
provide services in this regard and have handled every possibility.
So you can enjoy a pleasant arrival on the journey from the airport
for about 3 hours.

Alanya Transfer Fees

fees vary depending on the type of transfer, the
number of people and the airport. In addition, factors such as baby
seats also create variability in wages. However, in general, it can
receive services at very reasonable prices; You can get support from
private vehicles or VIP services with a professional