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Antalya Airpot and Hotel Transfer Service

Antalya Transfer; Antalya is among the most important cities in our country in terms of tourism. The transfer service includes the safe transportation of new arrivals to the hotel from the airport. Thanks to the Antalya Airport Transfer service, you can have a safe journey from the airport to all districts of Antalya. The transfer process is very fast. In order to get this service, you need to make a reservation from our Alanya Group website which provides Antalya hotel transfer service.

Antalya Airport Transfer Tripadvisor platform you can also review our company reviews. Thanks to the reservation you have made, the car that will carry you before you reach Antalya starts waiting at the airport. It is possible to choose the vehicle that will meet you within the company providing the service.

If you want, with the help of passenger vehicles or VIP vehicles or with the help of minibus-like vehicles, you can go to any address with ease. Among these vehicles, you can choose whichever you need during transportation. The vehicles are maintained and their checks are carried out at regular intervals. Antalya Hotel Transfer service can also be reached from your hotel to the airport in a short time. Transfer agencies in Antalya also provide services to guests coming from abroad to ensure safe transportation in the city.

Airport Transfer is a service provided by various agencies in Antalya. Specialized drivers will accompany you. The drivers who use these vehicles are selected from the friendly and polite people. Very helpful staff will accompany you on your journey. Antalya Vip Transfer is selected according to the preferences of the passengers. Passengers who want to travel with VIP vehicles can get this service by sharing their preferences with the agency.

Alanya Transfer

If you are going to have a holiday in Alanya, which is one of the most popular holiday centres of Antalya and you do not have any information about how to get to Alanya; you can be picked up from the Antalya airport with the help of Alanya Airport Transfer agents and placed in the hotels in Alanya. The security of your belongings and your life is under the control of the agency while travelling towards your hotel.

The vehicles used are the vehicles whose annual maintenance is performed. They are used skillfully by kneaded drivers with years of experience. Chauffeur friends will strive to provide the service you need during your journey. If there are any problems that may occur during the service, you can share this situation with the agency and ensure that it is resolved in a short time.

Alanya Hotel Transfer from the hotel to the airport with the transfer process is provided. It will easily fulfil your wishes, such as travelling to the airport by the most reliable means in the most reliable ways. Since the services are generally carried out in every neighbourhood; your transfer to the point you want is carried out in a short time. Since the working principle of the agencies depends on customer satisfaction, it is prevented to have a situation that will disturb you. Everything you need to be satisfied with the service will be tried.

Airport Transfer is one of the services provided in Alanya. If you want to go to your hotel or airport without problems during your travel or if you have a transfer to a different point, you can perform this process with the help of the agencies in a short time according to your wish. Alanya Airport Transfer is a service that can be evaluated from Tripadvisor. When evaluating this service; if you focus on issues that bother you, you will see that they are corrected in a short time. The sole purpose of these companies is to ensure that their customers spend their holidays with a 100 per cent satisfaction. For this reason, it is recommended that you make your objections completely objectively.

Belek Transfer

Belek, which is one of the most preferred holiday regions during the summer season; is among the most prominent tourism venues of Antalya. If you are going to get to Belek for the first time regardless of domestic or foreign tourists, you can benefit from Belek Airport Transfer service. Within the scope of this service, you can move to a different transfer point from your hotel or from the airport to your hotel in a short time. The security of your belongings is ensured while the process is carried out. You may want to benefit from this service in order to make a comfortable journey without losing your belongings.

Three different vehicle types are used within the scope of the service. These types of vehicles are passenger, VIP and minibus type vehicles. You can get the service you want by sharing the type of vehicle you need with the transfer companies before coming to your hotel or before going to the airport. Airport Transfer is carried out by people who have gained experience in chauffeuring profession in Belek district. These drivers, who have full control of the roads, can transfer you to any point during your travel without any problems. In addition, the general maintenance of the vehicles is done without interruption, the problems you may encounter are minimized.

Thanks to Belek Hotel Transfer service you can transfer to any district of Antalya in a short time. If you need to go to the airport from your current hotel, you will complete this process in a short time by completing your holiday perfectly. Belek Airport Transfer You can share all your experiences; during your trip on this platform because it includes transactions that can be evaluated through Tripadvisor. At the same time; in the light of the information contained here you can get information about which company you need to get services. Thus, your holiday will be completed perfectly thanks to these services.

Side Transfer

Side, which is one of the most beautiful districts of Antalya; includes beautiful hotels where both domestic and foreign tourists take vacation in summer. Since these hotels are located at a certain distance from the Antalya airport; it may not be known how to get to Antalya from the first time arrivals. Side Airport Transfer includes services that will help you at this point. After you have made your hotel reservation, you will have the opportunity to travel to your hotel from the airport by reaching these companies. During this trip, your belongings will also be kept safe with you. This is one of the most difficult parts of the journey thanks to experienced drivers easily bypassed and enjoy the rest of your hotel.

Airport Transfer is a service performed by various companies in Side district. It is possible to find the company that will provide you with the best service in a short time thanks to small research. This service also includes the transfer process from your hotel to different destinations. You can contact the companies at any time and transfer to any district in Antalya. Side Hotel Transfer process helps you to have a nice trip with the chauffeur accompanying you during your journey from your hotel to your airport.

Side Airport Transfer can be evaluated through Tripadvisor. If you are in doubt about the journey, you can read the reviews about the companies at this address. Your evaluations are very important for these companies as they will carry out all the necessary transactions in order to please their customers. Therefore, after your journey is completed; you can help domestic and foreign tourists who want to travel by evaluating your journey through these platforms. You can benefit from this service in order to spend an unforgettable holiday.

Antalya Transfer

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Antalya 24/7 Airport Transfer

Antalya 24/7 Airport Transfer

Antalya 24/7 Airport Transfer; Antalya is one of the favourite cities not only in the Mediterranean region of Turkey and the world. It is a rising value with the favourite resorts of summer tourism, blue flag beaches, festivals, seminars and organizations. With its historical, cultural and natural values, it is flooded with visitors every time of the year. If you want to come to Antalya for any reason such as business, visit or holiday, our company offers; You can use Antalya 7/24 Airport Transfer service.

Why Transfer Service? offers Antalya Airport car rental and airport transfer service. We provide your hotel transfer transportation to everywhere you want, especially by car in every segment. We offer an economical, VIP, chauffeured / non-chauffeur Antalya 24/7 transfer service according to your demand and economic situation. For some people, renting a private car and going to their accommodation may be unnecessary and costly.

Antalya is a rapidly advancing city on the way to becoming a metropolis. Naturally, this is reflected in its traffic. Although you are a professional and careful driver, how accurate is it to drive in an environment you do not know, especially in an environment where you want to vacation and peace? For this, you can choose to rent a car with a driver.

Since Antalya is warm and sunny even in winter, consider the summer season. Excessive heat, heavy traffic and consequently stress are the things you wouldn’t want in a peaceful holiday.

When you get off at the airport, the airport bus transfers to the city centre. For this, you need to wait and travel on a bus full of passengers. If you try to rent a taxi, the fee you will pay and the service you will receive will be more costly than renting a car.


Fast and Comfortable Transfer with Car Rental Service

If you want your aeroplane comfort to continue in the hotel transfer service, Alanya Group; You should choose Antalya 24/7 transfer service. You can easily book a transfer from our website.

Our company Alanya Group provides car rental, Antalya 24/7 transfer service within Antalya airport. So no matter what time you land at the airport, the vehicle you rent will be waiting for you at the airport gate.

We make your 7/24 transfer to Antalya quickly and comfortably with fully equipped, comfortable, air-conditioned, navigation and latest model vehicles.


Car Rental Options

Our company has tools to meet all kinds of demands. You can find all kinds of vehicles from A segment to C segment. There is a wide range of vehicles in the style of a coupe, sedan, hatchback, minivan, SUV and van.

If you don’t want to deal with renting a car after getting off the plane, you can rent your car by clicking here. You can rent a car in three steps. First of all, it is important to determine the period you will rent. Because you may not find the vehicle you want on busy dates.

After determining the date, you select the vehicle. After choosing the vehicle, you make your economic, VIP, with or without driver choice. Once you have made all your choices, you do not have to pay immediately. If you want, you can also make a payment when you book and receive the vehicle.


The Economic Way to Rent a Car

Renting a car may be costly for you. If you want to make it economical and go to your accommodation quickly and comfortably, you can choose the economical car rental option.

You are transferred to your accommodation with a minibus-style vehicle and economically minded passengers like you. In this case, you may have a question mark in mind. “Will I be kept waiting at the airport? Does the transfer take a long time? ” Questions like can keep your mind busy.

When you rent a car even if it is economical, our vehicles are ready for Antalya airport transfer. As other passengers are at the same time and close to each other, we perform fast and comfortable transfer to the area as a group.


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Antalya Airport Hotel Transfer

Antalya Airport Hotel Transfer

Antalya Airport Hotel Transfer; Antalya, Turkey’s tourism is one of the cultural and commercial city. Especially in the summer months, there is an influx of domestic and foreign tourists. We have a car rental service for those who want to come to Antalya by plane. We offer Antalya Airport hotel transfer service with our experience in the car rental industry and our professional work.

You do not have to deal with transfers from the airport to the city centre or to the hotel where you will be staying. You can rent your car before boarding the plane or inside the airport. We make your Antalya Airport Hotel transfer with our latest model vehicles and experienced drivers. Our company, which provides 24/7 service, make online reservations and do not miss the discounts.

Our Airport Transfer Service

We provide Hotel transfer service with our vehicles that provide aircraft comfort to all our passengers. We make your transfer to the city centre and tourist resorts with our vehicle fleet that will meet your every need.

You can rent your car with or without a driver. In the heavy Antalya traffic, the first choice of those who do not want to drive is our car rental service with a driver.

Our car rental service with driver

Whether you come with your family or alone, it may be difficult for you to drive in the hot Antalya sun and traffic after the flight. You may also be unable to drive. In this case, our professional service comes into play. We perform your economic or private (VIP) transfer according to your needs and economic preference.

Our economic transfer service; Car rental fee is an application shared with other passengers. With our equipped and comfortable minibus, you pick up you and our other passengers from the airport and leave them where you stay. Thus, you can make your transfer convenient and go to your hotel quickly and safely.

Our private (VIP) transfer service; We provide your Antalya Private transfer service with our van, van-style specially equipped vehicles. Only with your private vehicle for you or your family, your driver takes you from the airport and takes you to your accommodation.

With the air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle, you enjoy the journey without attracting Antalya traffic and heat. The vehicle also offers a beverage. You can take your drink from the mini bar in the vehicle and enjoy the journey.

Our Driverless Car Rental Service; you do not have to make your car rental with a driver. If you want to visit the touristic and historical places of Antalya with your family or group of friends, we have suitable vehicles for you.

We have sedan, hatchback, gasoline and diesel latest model vehicles that will respond to your number of people and economic situation. You can choose your vehicle from our website or offices. Your car will be waiting for you when you land at Antalya airport.

How can you benefit from our car rental service?

Before you start your journey, you can make your reservation from the Transfer reservation section by logging into our Alanya Group website. You can review our vehicles to rent a car. Since our vehicles are preferred by local and foreign guests, especially in the summer, check the suitability of the vehicles.

After determining the vehicle to meet your needs, indicate your rental period. You have the opportunity to rent your car daily, weekly or monthly. If the car is available at that time, either make a reservation or make the payment. You can pay by credit card or EFT. You can also pay the fee when you receive the car.

Our rental fees are as written on the website. Then, you do not encounter any surprise pricing. Also, our vehicles are as you see on the internet. The car you rent will be waiting for you at the airport exit.


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Side Golden Coast Antalya Airport Transfer

Side Golden Coast Antalya Airport Transfer

Side Golden Coast Antalya Airport Transfer; There are many people who have recently used airport transfers and similar applications. There are also those who don’t know what these systems really do. As a matter of fact, to explain in a single paragraph; transfer and other applications are a communication feature. This qualification provides a certain fee agreement between the two parties. Then, the private vehicle sent by the transfer company can be transported to the desired location.

However, there is one thing we need to underline here: First of all, the transfer system does not only serve all parts of the city, such as taxis. Therefore, the communication will always continue at a certain limit.

Transfers are generally based on bringing customers by agreeing with hotel or resort structures. Undoubtedly, the most positive and tangible aspect of this system is that it offers a safe and fast service. Likewise, customers coming from abroad and even from other cities are looking for this the most. Indeed, it is essential to find a reliable transfer company before booking hotels.

VONRESORT Golden Coast Transfer

Transfer systems always welcome the customers they meet at the airport meticulously. Of course, the concept prepared varies from company to company, but the vehicle that is sent is usually a minibus. In this way, a crowded family or group of friends can easily fit. But still; Before reaching an agreement, information must be given to the other party about the number of people.

On the other hand, small facilities in hotel and resort buildings; It is the garage of transfer vehicles. So the factor that can be understood from here is that the companies agree bilaterally.

VONRESORT Golden Coast Transfer

Information About Side Golden Coast Antalya Airport Transfer

One of the lands where the companies sending transfer vehicles reside most is Antalya. Because Antalya is one of the most suitable areas for vacationing and measuring in the country. Therefore, many entertainment areas working under the title of tourism find jobs in this city. Many activities, from transportation to traveling, from entertainment to art, are fed by tourism.

While this is the case, the journey that started with Antalya Airport continues until it ends there. After all, for many people, vacation is a basis for both sightseeing and rest. In Antalya, one of the only stops that transfer companies stop by through Antalya airport is the surrounding hotels. For example, one of these hotels, Side golden Coast, is a well known and appreciated structure. After all, many tourists who want to go to the side golden Coast structure use various transfer companies. Then, these companies take the customers there by providing transportation in the shortest and most comfortable way.

In this case, we can say that hotels and transfer companies win jointly. Because both sides obtain and show the necessary gains from tourism. But for VONRESORT Side golden coast, we can say that it is the company that uses the transfer system the most. As a matter of fact, the location of the hotel is in such a stable area that those coming from outside of the city definitely need a transfer. Naturally, the golden coast of Side uses its connections to cover this area and satisfy the customers. Undoubtedly, this link still remains for transfer companies. After all, Antalya’s most honest location is announced for the Golden Coast Hotel.


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Side Premium Antalya Airport Transfer

Side Premium Antalya Airport Transfer; After the communication network on the internet has strengthened significantly, the tourism sector has also joined this field. As a matter of fact, the activation of the tourism sector by social media has led to enrichment of the contents. However, since the sector has become quite universal, the attitude of the companies in this regard is fixed. Likewise, the mathematics that has been going on for a long time has been functioning exactly and its working principles have also changed partially.

Searching for hotels on the Internet has quickly spawned new services, as described in the upper paragraph. In this way, applications for both transportation and reservation purposes are examined. On the other hand, as holiday periods are beginning to approach, reservations are being considered rather than transportation for now. Because applications made before the summer are generally less expensive and cheaper.

Side Premium Transfer

When this is the case, when it is time for holidays; A new problem that brings people to delirium is on the agenda. Of course, this problem is transportation, as everyone knows. If the resort or hotel building does not have direct access, it seems that things are complicated. As a matter of fact, customers cannot calculate how they will get to their destination after the airport. However, one of the developing parts of the tourism sector was transportation. Therefore, the transfer system that some people do not know yet; it provides great convenience to customers. Hotel transportation is active through intermediary companies, which can be used even in early reservations.

In addition, any new vehicle tracking is available in the resort or hotel areas. Of course, this situation can change with the firm that is understood. So, suitable conditions for transfer; It is calculated by region and approximate kilometer.

Side Premium transfer


Information About Side Premium Hotel Antalya Airport Transfer

Based on the above information, Antalya is one of the regions that is frequently mentioned with the tourism sector. Indeed, Antalya airport is at a standard distance to all nearby hotels and recreational facilities. But if it is assumed that some campuses have been established farther; the situation can partially change. Likewise, it is absolutely necessary to conduct research before agreeing with any transfer vehicle. Here, we reveal this research for you.

In order to make the article more understandable, we can use Side premium campus in Antalya as a title. For example, Side premium Manavgat was established in Antalya, in an area that sees good visitors. It is located in an incredibly large area, 6 minutes from the nearest beach. All these qualities cause the hotel to see more than enough visitors and to direct these visitors.

Speaking of referral; Of course, we are talking about the distance between the transfer system and Antalya airport. In addition, Side settlements on the transfer road will also increase customer satisfaction. Because near Side premium campus; there are quite active and dominant structures. These dominant structures attract foreign tourists from the very first moment with their appearance and magnificence.

As for the transfer; Many applications are received, such as applications to the Side Premium hotel. These applications are linked to companies that send private transfers on the internet. After all, when people go to a holiday area, the first thing is to apply to these brokerage firms. Because even at the beginning of the holiday; if there is no good research there is misdirection.


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Belek Rixos Premium Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Rixos Premium Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Rixos Premium Antalya Airport Transfer; It is a known fact how excited everyone is when it comes to vacation and vacation. As a matter of fact, the first signs of the excitement of going on vacation are therefore how the plan and direction will be. Because today, there are different structures working in every field and every service. After all, such areas are known for certain standard service patterns. But there is a rather complex and scattered information community on the Internet. When this is the case, people do not know how to proceed after getting off the airport.

At this point, another matter comes into play as important as planning the holiday. As a matter of fact, thanks to the system called airport transfer; customers meet with the companies they have agreed with. And these companies are heading towards the Hotel structure that is booked. As will be understood, these vehicle transfer systems, which agree with hotel structures; has the authority to pick up customers from the airport. But like everywhere, these companies have certain patterns and pricing.

On the other hand, these pricing are determined according to the distance covered by the city and the transfer vehicle. For example, vehicles that drive long distances are more functional both in terms of fuel and chauffeur. Therefore, the price of the transfer to be made can be considered in this way. At the same time, transportation difficulties are an important factor to be taken into account in the region to be reached.

Indeed, in Antalya, where such transportation is frequent, especially the customers, consisting of tourists, show quite a lot of supply. Because overseas tours usually include these services and offer demand. As such, immediately after the Antalya airport landing, the transfer system comes into play. For example, Rixos Premium hotel, which is often in demand now, always behaves according to this system. As a result, many alternative routes are prepared between Antalya airport and Rixos Premium.


Rixos Premium Transfer


Information about Rixos Premium Antalya Airport Transfer

Rixos premium structure is located in Belek, in one of the most sought after regions in Antalya. As a matter of fact, the airport and the airport transfer are shaped by the attitude shown by brokerage firms. On the other hand, there are a lot of recreation facilities, hotels and resorts in Belek. For this reason, it is also possible to rest and breathe on the journeys. However, the communication between the reservation company and the Belek transfer vehicle does not determine what it says about it. Therefore, it is wise to visit a resort building first.

Rixos Premum Antalya serves in a luxurious structure on the most beautiful coast of the Mediterranean. Indeed, it provides a holiday service that will satisfy both tourists and local customers. At the same time, one of the essential factors here is; the structure is open to the transfer system and other intermediaries.

Undoubtedly, these structures show the hotel’s qualities and prestige. And as a result of requests received periodically, several brokerage firms can create additional channels. Ultimately, all these additional factors lead to more activation of the reservations the hotel sees. However, in this accepted situation, it is obvious that the transfer system is a wonderful complication.


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Belek Kaya Hotel Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Kaya Hotel Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Kaya Hotel Antalya Airport Transfer; As it is known, one of the transportation networks used by people today is the airport transfer system. But these transfers mostly involve a communication complication. As a matter of fact, it is possible to send to the other party quickly due to the transfer. On the other hand, any quality is particularly valuable; it requires giving it a more reliable transportation. Because the attitude of the cargoes on this issue is mostly at ordinary standards.

However, transfer systems through aiport establish an absolutely secure and robust communication network. As such, the areas where people can make such transfers come to the fore on the internet. One of the issues to be repeated here; There are dozens of companies that make airport transfers. Of course, each of them processes their own understanding of transportation. But the truth is, it is absolutely necessary to research for a good airport transfer.

Information About Belek Kaya Airport Transfer

Airport transfers, through the company they are affiliated with; is the process of receiving customers due to companions. As a matter of fact, customers who get off the plane are delivered to the company with a number of special vehicles and drivers. On the other hand, the transfer between Antalya airport and Kaya Belek is one of the most important parts of this business. Because the distance does absolutely require a transfer network. In addition, as it is known, Antalya airport has a distance of 33.5 km. After all, it is beneficial for customers to use this network for a good holiday experience.

Belek Kaya prepares a very reasonable menu with its transfer pricing. As a matter of fact, one of the companies that is booked follows these pricing again. Likewise, Kaya Belek is one of these companies and it is a very prestigious hotel. At the same time, Kaya Belek is located in Serik district of Antalya. In this way, the company creates a source of attraction to customers through its location. Because most of the resort areas built nearby are linked to the same company.

As a matter of fact, Kaya Belek company provides several different transfer networks that can reach the hotel range directly. One of these networks is Bizim Transfer: The intermediary company takes the transfer to the nearest resort structure as easily as possible.

Belek Kaya Hotel Transfer

Information about Belek Kaya Antalya

As stated in the top title, Hotel Kaya Belek; It helps its customers from the first moment it lands from the airport. As a result, enormous communication is established between the two parties and this communication continues until the holiday ends. Hotel Kaya Belek is a structure located on the shores of the Mediterranean that provides the tropical climate in all balances. Although it is an average of 27 km from the airport, it is also 2 km from the coast. Thus, a holiday service is provided that will satisfy both corporate and customers.

Hotel Kaya Belek allows a few extra sites to be booked. As a matter of fact, it should be noted that even the transfer to be made is priced with intermediary companies. However, in any case, a tremendous holiday experience is experienced and experienced. But good research will provide customers with more detailed information on this matter.


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Belek Granada Luxury

Belek Granada Luxury Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Granada Luxury Antalya Airport Transfer; Many districts of Antalya are located by the sea. These world-famous and blue-flagged beaches are flooded by thousands of visitors every summer. One of the places that are flooded with tourists is the town of Belek. It is the center of attention of tourists with its golden sands and deep blue sea.

How can you go to Belek?

Belek is a neighborhood of Serik district. Antalya airport is 30 kilometers away. You can transfer public transportation from the airport to the Antalya bus station. You can go to this town with the minibus departing from the bus station. You can also transfer to Belek by taking a private taxi from the airport.

When you land at Antalya airport, do not bother with public transport and transfers to go to belek district. You can rent a car from the Antalya airport car rental office located inside the airport. You can go to Belek without taking the heat and chaos of Antalya with the latest model, air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles.

If you do not want to deal with renting a car when you land at Antalya airport, you can also make your Antalya airport car rental online. Just specify your car and the number of days you will rent according to your needs. Whether you book or pay in advance. If you make a reservation, you can pay when you receive the vehicle. When you get off the plane, your vehicle will be waiting for you outside the airport.

Belek Granada Luxury transfer

Where can you stay in Belek?

The town has five-star hotels that offer luxury and quality service. One of the most prominent and most preferred ones is the granada luxury hotel. Located 33 kilometers from Antalya airport, the hotel provides service in ultra everything concept.

Designed in the style of Ottoman architecture, granada luxury serves as a complete holiday and entertainment center. It meets the needs of guests of all ages with its independent luxury hotel rooms, private beach, night club and amusement park. It offers 2 indoor, 10 outdoor swimming pools and a fun pool environment with its huge aquapark. The luxuriously furnished rooms and the hotel have free wi-fi, mini wardrobe, TV and room service. You can enjoy the jacuzzi in the independent detached rooms.


The hotel, which is furnished with the latest technology systems, is an indispensable place in the business world with its congress, conference and meeting halls.

Guests enjoying the sea, pool and activities can also refresh their body and souls at the resort hotel. Guests can benefit from the SPA and Turkish bath facilities at the resort. With the massage applied by trained spa specialists, they can relieve their fatigue and stress.

Belek Granada Luxury airport transfer

Where can you visit Belek?

Belek, modern hotel, unlimited shopping opportunities, restaurants appealing to every palate with Turkey is one of the major tourist centers. Although it is popular with summer tourism, it can offer history, sports and nature together.

There are world class golf courses in Belek. Tournaments are held here every year. There are people who come here just to play golf. They can easily come to the golf course by renting a car from Antalya airport.

Belek is a settlement with thousands of years of history. Perge, Sillyon and Aspendos ancient cities, aqueducts, Aspendos Ancient Theater are the highlights of the town.

After taking a historical trip, you can drive the vehicle you rent to the nearby Düden, Manavgat waterfalls.


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Antalya Hotel Transfer

Antalya Hotel Transfer

Transfer service is defined as a car rental service with a driver. Comfortable and full vehicles are VIP style. Antalya hotel transfer service is preferred for our public transportation vehicles, group and group welcome transactions, which are at the highest level of comfort.

Vehicles Luxury and Comfortable

Our luxury and comfortable vehicles worth a fortune are in VIP style. Vip-style vehicles are vehicles that are not ordinary and have a special interior design. Opposed leather seats are specially designed. Cleaning is done regularly. Compulsory insurance, MTV and industrial maintenance of these vehicles are periodically followed by our Antalya hotel transfer company.

Our customers who rent our VIP style luxury vehicles only pay the rental fee. In the transfer service carried out in the departure, round trip and airport categories, distance and vehicle model are among the topics that determine the price. Traffic fines, tolls and similar costs belong to our company in rental operations. All our responsibility for the use of the car belongs to our drivers.

Airport Transfer

Our luxury and comfortable VIP style vehicles in the public transportation category are an ideal option for tourist welcome service. Our drivers, who are trained in etiquette, are ready at the airport before the landing time of the plane carrying the tourist group. In the welcome process, the banner system is preferred. A ‘welcome’ banner can be prepared in any language. In addition, our company offers up-to-date solution options for a special welcoming ceremony. Our company takes the first place in Antalya to hotel searches.

Our service program does not only cover tourists. In business and social life, you can call our customer service 24/7 for a welcoming service. The vehicle options you are looking for Antalya to hotel service are waiting for you on our site.

Our Drivers Are Experienced

Our vehicles, which are at the peak of comfort and specially designed, are entrusted to our experienced driver teams. Our drivers with Src and Psycho-technical documents are professional in safe driving in bad weather conditions.

Our drivers, who act in accordance with the rules of etiquette to welcome guests, welcome guests and chat, prefer roads where traffic is not intense. Our staff comply with the traffic rules and are meticulous about this. Our Antalya airport to hotel vehicle fleet is constantly updated.

With the revival of tourism in the summer, Antalya tourism is reviving. There is an increase especially in the number of tourists coming from abroad. You can evaluate early booking options in the tourist welcome service.

Enjoy yourself

During the journey, our drivers, who use the vehicle safely, are experienced and experienced in safe vehicle use. Your guests, who are picked up from the airport or from the address, enjoy the trip in the back seat during the journey. In our vehicles with special suspension and special upholstery, air conditioning and heating systems are special.

Air conditioning in hot weather, heating systems in cold weather are specially designed for a comfortable and comfortable journey. Antalya airport to hotel vehicles have all the features you are looking for.

After getting off the plane, our VIP-style vehicles with a private driver deliver to the address you want in the shortest time possible. Travelling by public transport and other classic transportation options is not as pleasant as the transfer service. Also, address search, baggage handling and similar problems are not experienced in transfer service.


You Determine Our Working Hours

Our company, which provides service with its professional driver staff, determines the working hours according to your request. Our airport transfer team is available at that time, regardless of the time of the flight.

Our company, which offers a special welcome service at any time of the day, sends vehicles to any address you want.

You are at the right address for secure transfer service

Safe driving is one of the most important issues in adverse weather conditions. In all adverse weather conditions, our drivers take all necessary precautions. Our staff, who examine the road condition reports before setting off, prefer the safest roads. Transfer service is carried out taking into account traffic accidents, road works and similar problems.

We prefer professional solution options for customer satisfaction. In addition to the city transfer service, we also act as a solution-oriented in intercity transfer service.

Our company, which provides immediate solutions to the problems that may arise during the transportation service, can supply reinforcement vehicles when necessary. Our company staff, who are experienced in the negativities in transfer service, act in a solution-oriented manner.

Our staff who are experienced in welcoming ceremony know a foreign language. You can call our company about Antalya hotel transfer service every day of the year. Our drivers, who welcome domestic and foreign tourists at the airport, acting within the framework of courtesy rules.

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Antalya Private Transfer

Antalya Private Transfer

Antalya Private Transfer; Transfer service, private luxury and also with chauffeured vehicles from one address to another address. The most important features of Antalya private transfer service are the welcoming guests from the address to the address as well as the tourist and guest welcoming operations at the airport.

This service has two important points. The first is a full-featured comfortable vehicle with a special interior design. The second is the driver who can drive safely in all weather conditions. The drivers do not have any communication problems during the tourist reception process.

There is no overtime problem at the airport pick-up service. In the middle of the night or in the early hours of the morning, the Antalya private transfer team’s working hours. Especially in airport pick-up service, working hours are determined in accordance with the landing time of the aircraft.

Customer only pays transfer fee

If you want to meet your guests in the best way, the best option is transfer service. Here are the advantages of this service:

1- The customer requesting the transfer service pays only the transfer fee.

2- Taxes, insurance, industrial maintenance and similar maintenance of the vehicle belong to the transfer company. In addition, bridge crossings and similar costs play an important role in determining the transfer fee.

3 – Luxury and comfortable vehicles air conditioning, heating and abs features such as a combination.

4- The interior design of VIP style vehicles is special. Details of tiles, fridge, TV and so on were not forgotten. The easiest way to impress your guests is a VIP transfer service.

5- You can meet your guests in the best way without loss of time. Especially in the business world, the process of welcoming guests is gaining importance in terms of prestige.

6- You can spend your journey in peace without any traffic. The drivers serving in the transfer company provide you to reach the desired address as soon as possible by selecting the points where the traffic is not heavy.

7- You can carry out the process of welcoming the group, friends and family with public transportation without any problem.

 VIP Transfer

In the world of tourism, the tourist reception service is provided with special VIP-style vehicles. In this service with a private chauffeur, public transportation vehicles with specially designed interior decoration are used. Luxurious, comfortable and full of exceptional features of these vehicles, the extraordinary grand design, Antalya VIP transfer service is the difference. Vehicles are made ready for service in a clean way.

Drivers who take the vehicle in adverse weather conditions such as severe storms, icing, fog and rain take the necessary precautions. Time is an important issue in this service. The drivers determine the arrival time by calculating the weather, traffic conditions and similar inconveniences. Similarly, the time of transportation to the address to be transferred is determined by taking into consideration the weather, traffic situation and similar problems.

Meeting special guests at the airport is a time-consuming process. In addition, a special Antalya VIP transfer vehicle is needed to meet the special guests in the best way. The professional chauffeur team welcomes your special guests to your place before the landing time of the airport. Our driver, who provides welcoming service within the framework of courtesy rules, opens the door to the guest after placing the baggage. Our drivers who yüzlü welcome yüzlü in a friendly manner obey the rules of courtesy along the way.

Uber Service

Uber service, which is similar to transfer service, continues to attract attention every day in our country. This service, which is the professional form of taxi service, is a service preferred by tourists. You can reach the desired address in a short time with a luxurious and comfortable vehicle which is not ordinary. You can request the uber service of Antalya at any time. The Uber team finds you wherever you are and takes you wherever you want.

The Uber system is luxurious, comfortable and practical compared to other transportation options. These vehicles, which are specially designed in the special vehicle category, form the basis of the uber service in Antalya. Uber, which is a comfortable transportation service from address to address, only pays the transfer fee.

Private Transfer

Transfer service, which is much different from ordinary transportation options, is a personal service. The main difference of this service is that it has options like welcome and city tour. Private chauffeurs who meet your guests at the airport can pick up your guests by going to the address you specify. You can choose between departure, round trip, airport pickup and city tour.

Private transfer has many different features than the transportation options in the public transportation category. Transfer service,

1- To be personal,

2- Luxury and comfortable,

3- The evaluation in the special welcome category plays an important role in choosing this service.

Antalya Private Transfer

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