Belek Transfer

Belek Transfer

Belek Transfer, Transfer to Belek is a very important service. Because people want to go to hot regions and seas during the summer months when the weather is significantly warm. The attractive warm sun and clear sea of the Mediterranean region attract many people. In this respect, an intensive influx of tourism takes place in the region. Within the scope of the holiday concept implemented, there are many people who travel by plane.

Thanks to the Belek transfer services provided, transportation from Antalya airport to Belek region becomes much more comfortable. Thanks to the transfer options in Belek, the transportation safety of the passengers reaches the maximum level. Thus, the journeys become extremely peaceful and pleasant.

Travels Belek Provides Comfort with VIP Transfer Services

Belek Hotel Transfer

Belek VIP transfer services are important to ensure that the travels are carried out in maximum comfort. Transfer companies provide services to ensure that passengers reach the places they want with high comfort. In this sense, they carry out their activities through a fleet of vehicles in which the comfort of the passengers is provided at the highest level.

Especially for those traveling by bus from distant points to Belek, the bus ride is extremely tiring. For these reasons, transportation to Belek after bus travel can be quite challenging. However, the best solution for those who want to enjoy their travels is Belek vip transfer services. In this way, the transfers pass smoothly in peace.

Importance of Belek Airport Transfer Services

Today, many people travel by plane. However, the aircraft is not a means of transportation that can take people to every point they want to go. Because every journey departing by plane ends at an airport. For this reason, it can be a problem from time to time for passengers to get to their destination.

At this point, Belek Airport Transfer services stand out as the best solution. The provision of these services to the service of the passengers greatly facilitates the passengers’ access to Belek. It also ensures that Belek travels are as comfortable, enjoyable and safe as possible. Thus, every journey is transformed into a happiness. In this respect, transfer services gain great importance.

Comfortable Journey

Many local and foreign tourists who want to make a nice Antalya trip choose to benefit from Belek Airport Transfer services. Because it is possible to reach with quality vehicles that provide a comfortable journey that makes you laugh. Transfer services are provided by means of vehicles with comfort and features to offer solutions to different needs.

These services, which passengers can choose in line with their needs, make transportation easier. Thus, people can take great pleasure during their travels during their travels. Traveling to the holiday area is a great pleasure thanks to the transfer services. In this respect, these services provide a great convenience to the passengers in order to carry out tireless travel.

Belek Shuttle Services with Expert Drivers

Traveling to Belek is the most pleasant and comfortable way to reach the maximum comfort with Belek shuttle services. These services are implemented through specialized drivers. In this way, a comfortable and safe transportation is possible to reach anywhere.

In addition to the possibility of choosing a vehicle according to the need, it is important to travel with expert driver. Only in this way, comfort and safety in Belek transportation can be completed without any problem. Belek shuttle services provide high comfort both in the transportation to the airport and in the Belek region. Thus, especially family travels become much more comfortable and enjoyable. Belek shuttle services can be used by anyone who wants.

Belek Hotel Transfer

Air travel is a good option for those who want to spend a pleasant holiday. However, if you want to get to the hotel from the airport, Belek hotel transfer is an excellent choice. In this way, you can reach the desired hotel without getting tired when you set foot to the airport. In this way, you can tirelessly realize the beauty of the surrounding area while traveling.

The easiest way to reach the desired hotel and similar accommodation facilities is through hotel transfer services. You can choose the vehicle that suits your needs while getting service and you can go to the hotel where you will stay with the expert driver. In this way, your travels reach an effortless and comfortable level. This allows you to have fun at the beginning of your trip.

Belek Hotel Transfer Services Are Expensive?

You can easily get service from Belek hotel transfer services after both air transportation and bus travel. However, you will need to get a reservation before you travel with the transportation you want. Because the hotel offers transfer services companies work with reservations.

You will not be able to benefit from these services without a reservation. For this reason, it is important to make a reservation in order to provide a comfortable transportation to the desired hotel..

It also offers a much more comfortable transportation compared to other transportation options. However, you can purchase a transfer service according to your budget. In this way, you can provide affordable transportation to the desired hotel or location.

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Belek Airport Transfer

Belek Airport Transfer

Belek Airport Transfer

Airport Hote Transfer

Airport transfer services like Belek Airport Transfer have basically pre-arranged transportations for travelers. It includes transfers from airports to the traveler’s final destination which can be a hotel or any other local point of interest. Airport transfers can also be used at the end of a trip when a traveler is going back to the airport. Belek Airport Transfer offers you pre-booked transportation between the airport and your destination with hygienic VIP vehicles.

Our vehicles are disinfected at regular intervals, taking into account the recent situations of Covid-19. Our vehicle selection is very broad from a simple sedan-class car to a large bus. The kind of vehicle you want to choose depends on your preferences and the number of people in your group or family. Belek Airport Transfer assigns you both a car and a driver who will meet you at the airport. He/she will wait for you in the arrival hall to make your arrival easy.

Belek Airport Transfer is very convenient after a long hour flight and heavy luggage. Pre-booking an airport transfer spare travelers from looking for taxis, buses, or train stations, queueing for tickets, etc. Without additional charges, the driver will wait for you anyway when the flight is delayed.

Belek 24/7 Airport Transfer

Belek 24/7 transfer is on your service whenever you need it. To use our airport transfer service the first thing you need is to make a reservation through our website or contact address. You can't grab an airport transfer car once in place, unlike taxis or shuttle services.

Through our website, we provide you convenient and friendly service with flexible payment methods and a cancellation policy. Booking an airport transfer is very simple. All you need to do is just entering or selecting the departure location, the destination location, and then choosing the type of vehicle you want. Then a booking form lets you enter necessary information like contact details and everything the driver needs to know to give the service you want.

Belek  Hotel Transfer Services

When you prefer Belek transfer you avoid the risk of being overcharged by dishonest drivers, especially taxi drivers. The rate written in the booking reservation e-mail matches exactly what you will pay with us. Our service is guaranteed once you booked an airport transfer and our drivers will arrive exactly at the booked time.

Our service is dedicated to eliminating all kinds of misfortune while traveling. Contrary to the general belief that private airport transfer is expensive, they are often cheaper compared to taxis or Ubers. But most importantly Belek Airport Transfer offers you flexible payment methods.

With service options suitable for all pockets, airport transfer is for everyone. Airport transfer service is getting more and more popular every day among travelers around the world. The reasons such as the fact that the airports are generally outside the city and the limited 24/7 transportation opportunities have increased the tendency to the transfer services. Our staff working in the airport transfer business are friendly and experienced in their field.

Our Private Transfer Routes for Alanya;

  • Antalya airport to side
  • Antalya to side
  • from antalya airport to Side
  • Side to hotel
  • Hotel to Side

For other transfers, you can contact us on the contact page.

You can review customer comments and reviews from our Google map address.

For information about our services, visit our services page.

Belek Sueno Deluxe Hotel Transfer

Belek Sueno Deluxe Hotel Transfer

Belek Sueno Deluxe Hotel Transfer; Offering comfortable transfer service, Alanya Group offers up-to-date solution options for car rental service with driver. In this service, our most important element is our VIP Sueno Deluxe transfer vehicle fleet. Our chauffeur team consists of experienced and expert people.

Welcoming your special guests with comfortable vip transfer vehicles for you, our team uses a safe vehicle in traffic. With the airport Sueno Deluxe transfer service, our team waits at the exit of the airport before the flight’s landing time. Our drivers welcome your guests with a banner.

If you want, we organize a city tour

special guests who came to Turkey to meet your Interest Belek Sueno Hotel Deluxe Transfer Our team organizes city tours in the direction you want. You can visit the historical and touristic places with our expert guides.

Our Address-to-Address Transfer Service

In transfer services, during the transportation from address to address, passengers are picked up from the address you specified. The received passenger is left to the address you want. In addition, our VIP Sueno Deluxe hotel transfer vehicles from the airport to the hotel or from another address to the hotel offer transportation services.


Our One Way Transfer Service

Our Belek hotel transfer team, which provides transportation service from the airport or any address, offers a one-way address transfer service. You can request transfer service for your special guests at any time.

Vehicles Have Ultra Luxury Features

Our VIP transfer vehicles, which are specially designed for transfer service, have much more comfortable features than normal vehicles. Our public transportation vehicles with upper segment features use experienced drivers. Alanya Group fully resolves the transportation problem with its experienced team.

Our Chauffeur Team Is Special

One of the most important issues of transfer service is undoubtedly drivers. Our experienced driver team; src has psychogenic and other necessary documents. For Belek hotel transfer transactions, you can call us 24/7 or you can easily book on our site.


We Offer Four Season Transfer Service

In addition to the summer months, you can request a transfer service in the winter months. As long as the roads are open, Alanya Group offers transfer service in all weather conditions. Thanks to the four-season transfer service, we offer comfortable transportation for your guests.

We offer you comfortable travel at the best prices with years of experience and up-to-date solution options in Belek Airport transfer area.

We offer a special welcome service for business and hotels. Domestic and foreign tourists are welcomed by our team. You will be one step ahead in the business world with our special comfortable vehicles.

Let Your Journey Be An Enjoyable Travel

Belek Sueno Deluxe Hotel Transfer service is one of the most difficult parts of the journey to complete the remaining journey by public transport after the plane journey. After your guests get off the plane, they are met by our transfer team.

If you do not have time in the business world and cannot afford your guests due to your important work, transfer service is the solution you are looking for. Alanya Group solves the problem of transportation with comfortable and high-segment vehicles.

In the tourism world, Alanya Group is with you in the best welcome of domestic and foreign tourists. No matter what time your guests’ plane lands, our team is ready at the exit section before the flight time. Our transfer service does not have a certain hour. You need to make an appointment for the transfer service. By visiting our site, you can make an appointment for any time or date.


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Belek private transfer

Belek private transfer

Belek private transfer; If you are considering a special welcome ceremony for your family and loved ones, the best option is Belek transfer service. The luxurious Alanya Group transfer service provides great convenience in the welcoming of the tourist group and the meeting of private businessmen in the business world. In welcoming procedures, experienced and experienced airport transfer drivers offer a welcoming service within the framework of courtesy rules. All the necessary facilities are provided for the journey to be enjoyable.

Transfer Team

Belek transfer team, working from the customer service to the driver team, is getting ready for the season in the best way. The world of tourism, which is moving with the arrival of summer months, welcomes its guests in the best way with its private transfer service. Staff who know a foreign language are involved in the welcome service. Foreign language speaking personnel are employed for the private service of the tourist group.

Belek hotel transfer service, with its experienced driver team, works with professional drivers in safe car use. In addition to VIP-style public transportation vehicles, sedan-type vehicles are also ready to serve in Belek hotel transfer fleet. If you are considering a special welcoming ceremony for tourist clubs, this category of specially designed VIP style public transportation vehicles has the features you are looking for. All the features you are looking for in these vehicles are all together.


belek VIP transfer


Advantages of Transfer Service

The transfer service with a fleet of luxury vehicles has more advantageous features than other transportation options. The most important advantage of the airport transfer service is that it is with a driver. It is also an important difference that the vehicle has extraordinary luxury features. The advantages of the airport transfer service are as follows:

1- Salaries and other expenses of the drivers using the vehicle belong to the company.

2- The tax, insurance, industry costs and insurance of the transfer vehicle belong to the company.

3- Since private drivers use the transfer vehicle, you do not encounter any traffic problems.

4- You can request this Alanya Group transfer service at any time of the day.


Belek private transfer service, which offers travel with luxury vehicles as well as a special welcome ceremony, is charged in the preferred vehicle model and transportation distance category.

7/24 Transfer

Airport transfer and address-to-address Belek private transfer service does not have a specific working hour. No matter what time your guest’s plane lands at the airport, the Belek hotel transfer team is ready at the exit section before that time. In addition, 24/7 solutions are provided for issues such as meeting special guests or moving from address to address.

Special VIP Style Vehicles

VIP-style vehicles specially designed in the category of public transportation and sedan attract attention with their extraordinary features. The vehicles used in Belek private transfer service have full features. The most important feature of this service is comfort.

The tax, insurance and industrial expenses of the vehicles specially designed for this service belong to the company. In addition to the motor vehicle cost, the entire cost of the driver also belongs to the company. In Belek hotel transfer service, individuals or companies that make lease payments only pay the rental fee. Traffic fines and other penalties are the responsibility of the driver driving the vehicle. The guest enjoys the ride in the back seat.


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Belek Maxx Royal Transfer

Belek Maxx Royal Transfer

Belek Maxx Royal Transfer; Belek, which is one of the most visited tourist resorts of Antalya; It is among the first choices with its history, nature and touristic places. It has luxurious and comfortable hotels as a holiday destination that welcomes tourists for four seasons. Our company, which offers passenger transfer service between accommodation centres and the airport; is known as Belek Maxx Royal Golf Resort with the fastest and most reliable vehicle transfer service.

Belek Maxx Royal Airport Transfer


Our company, Alanya Group, which has been providing fast and reliable service with airport transfer line service for years; is the leading company in the sector with the latest model transfer vehicles where every comfort is considered for guests. We offer transfer services to domestic and foreign tourists who come to Antalya between the hotels and the airport; we contribute to the guests to spend their holidays in the best way. Our customers, who see that transportation; which is one of the biggest problems, is handled by our company is the fastest and most reliable way, always prefer our company as satisfied customers.


Belek Maxx Royal Hotel Transfer

Our company; where you will receive an uninterrupted Belek hotel transfer service; is a reliable company where you can request vehicles without additional fees. You can continue your holiday without losing time in transportation from accommodation to the city, you can get a quality transfer service without dealing with the transportation problem. Our vehicles; which have all kinds of comfort, are the latest models and different brands and models according to the need. You can get Hotel transfer service at the most economical prices and you can have a pleasant holiday without your own vehicle.


Belek Private Transfer

Our company, which always focuses on customer satisfaction with private transfer vehicles, is the first company that comes to mind when Belek private transfer is mentioned. You can get transfer service at the most affordable prices at no additional charge; You can pay by cash, credit card, eft or money order. With its strong references, our company is the leading company in the sector that has always adopted the principle of providing quality transfer service. Our friendly, disciplined and experienced staff are always ready to serve you for a comfortable journey during the transfer.


Start your holiday with pleasure with Belek Tripadvisor

As a TripAdvisor company with the highest customer potential in Antalya, we always provide customer satisfaction in hotel, airport and city transfers. You can choose our company for pleasant transportation, you can get a timely, fast and reliable transfer service. You are at the right address for a Belek transfer service that will take all your fatigue away from you. Our company, which does not compromise on quality service and reliability, is a company where you will make a perfect holiday start.


Belek Maxx Royal Transfer Difference

Our company, where you will receive quality and reliable transfer service between Antalya airport, Belek and accommodation centres at the most economical prices, continues to provide services with its experienced staff who know the city geography and roads well.

After the air travel; you can reach your hotel with a comfortable journey and continue your holiday without having transportation problems between the hotel and the city centre. Our company, which offers comfort and security together with its modern vehicles; is a corporate company that offers quality service at the most affordable prices.


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Belek Rixos Premium Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Rixos Premium Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Rixos Premium Antalya Airport Transfer; It is a known fact how excited everyone is when it comes to vacation and vacation. As a matter of fact, the first signs of the excitement of going on vacation are therefore how the plan and direction will be. Because today, there are different structures working in every field and every service. After all, such areas are known for certain standard service patterns. But there is a rather complex and scattered information community on the Internet. When this is the case, people do not know how to proceed after getting off the airport.

At this point, another matter comes into play as important as planning the holiday. As a matter of fact, thanks to the system called airport transfer; customers meet with the companies they have agreed with. And these companies are heading towards the Hotel structure that is booked. As will be understood, these vehicle transfer systems, which agree with hotel structures; has the authority to pick up customers from the airport. But like everywhere, these companies have certain patterns and pricing.

On the other hand, these pricing are determined according to the distance covered by the city and the transfer vehicle. For example, vehicles that drive long distances are more functional both in terms of fuel and chauffeur. Therefore, the price of the transfer to be made can be considered in this way. At the same time, transportation difficulties are an important factor to be taken into account in the region to be reached.

Indeed, in Antalya, where such transportation is frequent, especially the customers, consisting of tourists, show quite a lot of supply. Because overseas tours usually include these services and offer demand. As such, immediately after the Antalya airport landing, the transfer system comes into play. For example, Rixos Premium hotel, which is often in demand now, always behaves according to this system. As a result, many alternative routes are prepared between Antalya airport and Rixos Premium.


Rixos Premium Transfer


Information about Rixos Premium Antalya Airport Transfer

Rixos premium structure is located in Belek, in one of the most sought after regions in Antalya. As a matter of fact, the airport and the airport transfer are shaped by the attitude shown by brokerage firms. On the other hand, there are a lot of recreation facilities, hotels and resorts in Belek. For this reason, it is also possible to rest and breathe on the journeys. However, the communication between the reservation company and the Belek transfer vehicle does not determine what it says about it. Therefore, it is wise to visit a resort building first.

Rixos Premum Antalya serves in a luxurious structure on the most beautiful coast of the Mediterranean. Indeed, it provides a holiday service that will satisfy both tourists and local customers. At the same time, one of the essential factors here is; the structure is open to the transfer system and other intermediaries.

Undoubtedly, these structures show the hotel’s qualities and prestige. And as a result of requests received periodically, several brokerage firms can create additional channels. Ultimately, all these additional factors lead to more activation of the reservations the hotel sees. However, in this accepted situation, it is obvious that the transfer system is a wonderful complication.


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Belek Hotel Transfer

Belek Hotel Transfer

Belek Hotel Transfer; Belek is one of the tourism resorts of Antalya. 33.5 km from Antalya Airport. distance, the magnificence of the sea, the quality of the tourist facilities make the town attractive. Passengers arriving by plane do the Belek Hotel transfer transactions through transfer service companies.

Belek and its surroundings; Golf tourism, football teams camp organization, meeting and congress activities programs of public and private sector institutions also come to the fore. As the road transportation of the region, which is in great demand, is troublesome, the passengers who come here prefer the airway in general.

If you prefer Belek for vacation or business, you can benefit from Belek airport to Hotel transfer service. With extremely luxurious vehicles, trained drivers, you can transfer Belek to Hotel without stress and economically.

Belek – Antalya Airport Distance

The closest airport to Belek is Antalya Airport. It is 33.5 kilometers between Belek and Antalya Airport. You get this distance in 35 minutes by transfer vehicles.

Apart from Antalya Airport, there is Gazipaşa Airport in Alanya. But the distance of this airport to Belek is 145 kilometers. With transfer vehicles, this distance takes approximately 2.5 hours.
You receive. Unless there are special circumstances, Antalya Airport is used. However, it is rarely included in the transfer service in Alanya as there are passengers using Alanya Airport.

What You Need to Know in Transfer Services

At the airport, you know the difficulty of searching for vehicles with your luggage. Going to your accommodation by public transport or by taxi may come to you after plane comfort. If you want to be delivered to your accommodation in the comfort of aircraft, you can choose the companies that provide Belek hotel transfer service.

When choosing a company that provides transfer services, be sure to choose institutional and reliable service providers. Your transfer process may be bad if you do not make a careful choice. There are certain criteria when making a selection, if you choose based on them, you will not experience a troublesome transfer process.

The importance of vehicles in transfer service;

You do not want to be transferred by vehicles that do not have sufficient equipment and comfort. For this reason, you should do a good review of the vehicle you need while making your selection.
The vehicles of companies that provide corporate and reliable Belek airport to hotel services;
-It is a new model. All are comfortable.
Depending on the need, there are sedan or minivan types.
-All of them are air-conditioned.
– Unlimited wi-fi and complimentary drinks are available.

Belek VIP Transfer

Providing transfer service; Companies apply economic (shuttle), private and VIP services according to their guests’ preferences. Those who do not want to feel special and share their journey with people they do not know prefer private and VIP services. With their private drivers and vehicles, they enjoy the transfer of belek to hotel by sipping their drinks and watching their television.

Economic shuttle

Economic (shuttle) application is the transportation of several guests together with minivans. It is the choice of those who want to bring their transfer into practice. But what you need to pay attention to here is the good use of time. Since not only your transfer is provided, other guests need to spend time on their transfers. Your transfer to the hotel may not be a problem, but your transfer from the hotel to the airport can be a problem.

It is important to discuss the economic transfer time with the company you choose. When you specify the flight departure time, it is necessary to plan in advance how many minutes you will be picked up from the hotel and how many minutes you will go to the airport. If you want to avoid the question marks and the stress of missing the plane, we recommend you to choose the companies that provide professional services. Even if you choose the economical option, they make your transfer in the fastest way without losing time.

Convenient item transfer service;

It may be difficult to carry things on travel and especially on vacation. The souvenirs you will buy, especially in Belek, which is a tourist resort, also constitute a separate burden. You know that those who travel from a certain capacity are subject to a fee when traveling by plane. Some companies that offer transfer services can also use this application.

If you do not want to experience a surprise in your transfer service, do not forget to ask this matter when making a reservation.

In professional service companies, you do not deal with the procedure of placing or downloading your item in the vehicle. The staff on duty does this for you. You just install it in the vehicle and enjoy comfortable travel.

Secure transfer service; The experience of the driver using the vehicle, the company’s understanding of service, the physical condition of the vehicle are the factors that affect safe and comfortable transfer. After a comfortable 1-2 hour flight from any airport in Turkey, Belek or surrounding counties do not want to be transferred to both long and troublesome.

If you do not want to encounter surprises at the exit from the airport, you can choose companies that provide corporate and professional services. You can choose your car from the internet or from the offices in the airport.

Do not encounter surprise prices in the transfer service; The price offered to you in reservation or advance payments is the all-inclusive price. There is no extra charge for flight delays or up to 60 minutes of cargo waiting. The prices given to you are vehicle prices. Price is determined according to the vehicle you choose and the type of service. If you also get into the vehicle you choose as a family, you only pay the vehicle fee.

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Belek Kaya Hotel Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Kaya Hotel Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Kaya Hotel Antalya Airport Transfer; As it is known, one of the transportation networks used by people today is the airport transfer system. But these transfers mostly involve a communication complication. As a matter of fact, it is possible to send to the other party quickly due to the transfer. On the other hand, any quality is particularly valuable; it requires giving it a more reliable transportation. Because the attitude of the cargoes on this issue is mostly at ordinary standards.

However, transfer systems through aiport establish an absolutely secure and robust communication network. As such, the areas where people can make such transfers come to the fore on the internet. One of the issues to be repeated here; There are dozens of companies that make airport transfers. Of course, each of them processes their own understanding of transportation. But the truth is, it is absolutely necessary to research for a good airport transfer.

Information About Belek Kaya Airport Transfer

Airport transfers, through the company they are affiliated with; is the process of receiving customers due to companions. As a matter of fact, customers who get off the plane are delivered to the company with a number of special vehicles and drivers. On the other hand, the transfer between Antalya airport and Kaya Belek is one of the most important parts of this business. Because the distance does absolutely require a transfer network. In addition, as it is known, Antalya airport has a distance of 33.5 km. After all, it is beneficial for customers to use this network for a good holiday experience.

Belek Kaya prepares a very reasonable menu with its transfer pricing. As a matter of fact, one of the companies that is booked follows these pricing again. Likewise, Kaya Belek is one of these companies and it is a very prestigious hotel. At the same time, Kaya Belek is located in Serik district of Antalya. In this way, the company creates a source of attraction to customers through its location. Because most of the resort areas built nearby are linked to the same company.

As a matter of fact, Kaya Belek company provides several different transfer networks that can reach the hotel range directly. One of these networks is Bizim Transfer: The intermediary company takes the transfer to the nearest resort structure as easily as possible.

Belek Kaya Hotel Transfer

Information about Belek Kaya Antalya

As stated in the top title, Hotel Kaya Belek; It helps its customers from the first moment it lands from the airport. As a result, enormous communication is established between the two parties and this communication continues until the holiday ends. Hotel Kaya Belek is a structure located on the shores of the Mediterranean that provides the tropical climate in all balances. Although it is an average of 27 km from the airport, it is also 2 km from the coast. Thus, a holiday service is provided that will satisfy both corporate and customers.

Hotel Kaya Belek allows a few extra sites to be booked. As a matter of fact, it should be noted that even the transfer to be made is priced with intermediary companies. However, in any case, a tremendous holiday experience is experienced and experienced. But good research will provide customers with more detailed information on this matter.


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Belek Granada Luxury

Belek Granada Luxury Antalya Airport Transfer

Belek Granada Luxury Antalya Airport Transfer; Many districts of Antalya are located by the sea. These world-famous and blue-flagged beaches are flooded by thousands of visitors every summer. One of the places that are flooded with tourists is the town of Belek. It is the center of attention of tourists with its golden sands and deep blue sea.

How can you go to Belek?

Belek is a neighborhood of Serik district. Antalya airport is 30 kilometers away. You can transfer public transportation from the airport to the Antalya bus station. You can go to this town with the minibus departing from the bus station. You can also transfer to Belek by taking a private taxi from the airport.

When you land at Antalya airport, do not bother with public transport and transfers to go to belek district. You can rent a car from the Antalya airport car rental office located inside the airport. You can go to Belek without taking the heat and chaos of Antalya with the latest model, air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles.

If you do not want to deal with renting a car when you land at Antalya airport, you can also make your Antalya airport car rental online. Just specify your car and the number of days you will rent according to your needs. Whether you book or pay in advance. If you make a reservation, you can pay when you receive the vehicle. When you get off the plane, your vehicle will be waiting for you outside the airport.

Belek Granada Luxury transfer

Where can you stay in Belek?

The town has five-star hotels that offer luxury and quality service. One of the most prominent and most preferred ones is the granada luxury hotel. Located 33 kilometers from Antalya airport, the hotel provides service in ultra everything concept.

Designed in the style of Ottoman architecture, granada luxury serves as a complete holiday and entertainment center. It meets the needs of guests of all ages with its independent luxury hotel rooms, private beach, night club and amusement park. It offers 2 indoor, 10 outdoor swimming pools and a fun pool environment with its huge aquapark. The luxuriously furnished rooms and the hotel have free wi-fi, mini wardrobe, TV and room service. You can enjoy the jacuzzi in the independent detached rooms.


The hotel, which is furnished with the latest technology systems, is an indispensable place in the business world with its congress, conference and meeting halls.

Guests enjoying the sea, pool and activities can also refresh their body and souls at the resort hotel. Guests can benefit from the SPA and Turkish bath facilities at the resort. With the massage applied by trained spa specialists, they can relieve their fatigue and stress.

Belek Granada Luxury airport transfer

Where can you visit Belek?

Belek, modern hotel, unlimited shopping opportunities, restaurants appealing to every palate with Turkey is one of the major tourist centers. Although it is popular with summer tourism, it can offer history, sports and nature together.

There are world class golf courses in Belek. Tournaments are held here every year. There are people who come here just to play golf. They can easily come to the golf course by renting a car from Antalya airport.

Belek is a settlement with thousands of years of history. Perge, Sillyon and Aspendos ancient cities, aqueducts, Aspendos Ancient Theater are the highlights of the town.

After taking a historical trip, you can drive the vehicle you rent to the nearby Düden, Manavgat waterfalls.


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Belek 24/7 Airport Transfer

Belek 24/7 Airport Transfer

Belek 24/7 Airport Transfer; Belek is a district of Antalya airport transfer to the district of Antalya. Everybody knows that Belek has the most beautiful golf courses. If you want to take advantage of this unique experience while you are in Belek, you can contact us quickly and reliably from Antalya Airport to Belek neighbourhood in an instant. Moreover, you can get information about which hotels you can stay in Belek and general features of our hotels completely free of charge from our guide.

Belek 24/7 Airport Transfer

As a result of all these opportunities, our company, which provides service by keeping customer satisfaction at maximum level from yesterday to today, offers you extraordinary service in every sense you deserve with the privilege of being corporate. Based on these approaches, in any case, service is provided by taking into consideration what our customers want. Immediately by starting your reservation process through our corporate web site, you will get the privilege to benefit from special discounts for early booking opportunities. If all these features are included in terms of yesterday until today, in any case completely extraordinary innovations waiting for you, we need to express that VIP comfort.

On the other hand, our guides who have foreign language knowledge at the native language level will inform you about the places to visit & see in Belek and tell you more about what you can do there. As a result of all these features standing in the middle of the unique VIP transfer opportunity is given in the middle.

 Belek’e 7/24 VIP Transfer 

You will have the privilege to benefit from the airport transfer discount of belek antalya in a short time by making your early reservation immediately. Our company, which provides extraordinary service in the direction you deserve, always adopts customer satisfaction as a principle and continues to give result-oriented service if all these qualities are included. If all these criteria are mentioned in the context of vip comfort we have carried out since yesterday, we will provide access to luxury hotels with the most preferred golf course in Belek neighbourhood with delivery guarantee.

On the other hand, you will have the advantage of travelling exactly as you desire by adhering to the rules of courtesy with our expert team with a level of knowledge of foreign languages ​​and intellectual background. On the basis of all these possibilities, it is necessary to prove that it has once again realized its importance.

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You can get information about Belek in detail by entering the internet unlimitedly from your phone while continuing the transfer process by antalya belek airport by our corporate company. In this way, you can really answer all your questions about the places to visit in Belek, the general features of Belek hotels and the golf courses.

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