Kemalhan Beach Hotel Tours
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Kemalhan Beach Hotel Tours: Instant Fun!

With Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours, it is possible to reach entertainment instantly. Our tours take place over a wide time interval, so many people can participate in more than one tour during the holiday. You can choose the ones you like among our tours. In this way, you can meet new people during our tours, improve your relationship with your existing friends and have fun together. Of course, you can also participate in the tours only by yourself. Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours aim to offer you the most beautiful moments. In this way, you can make unforgettable memories. Detailed information and prices are on our website!

What is Included in Kemalhan Beach Hotel Tours?

You must be wondering many details about Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours. Our tours are quite fun and you can participate in these tours both alone and with your loved ones. If you love adventure and adrenaline, paragliding is among our most preferred tours. Having so much fun in the sky creates unforgettable moments for many people. There are also safari tours. These safari tours can also be done by vehicles with varieties such as jeep safari, buggy safari. If you like quieter tours, you can join a boat tour in the meantime. You can also participate in horse riding tours with your loved ones. Many fun activities are waiting for you!

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Kemalhan Beach Hotel Transfer Service

There is also a transfer service within Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours. So you need to choose a vehicle again. We pick you up from your hotel or airport. Then we take you to the place where the tour will be held and at the end of the tour, we leave you at the address you want. The fee for this service is included directly in the tour. We have free beverage service and internet service within our transfer service. In addition to these, our vehicles are air-conditioned and we also have a variety of vehicles with TV inside.

Kemalhan Beach Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

Another issue when it comes to Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours is the airport. Because our transfer service also has an airport pick-up service. We can meet you at the airport and take you directly to the tour. It is also possible to take you from the tour to the airport. In addition to these, you can also go to your hotel first. Here the choice is completely yours. Kemalhan Beach Hotel is located in Alanya and therefore a little far from Antalya Airport, but of course the choice is yours. The distance between Kemalhan Beach Hotel and Antalya Airport is 131 kilometers. This journey takes an average of 2 hours and you can enjoy the scenery.

Kemalhan Beach Hotel and Gazipasa Airport Distance

Another airport in Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours is Gazipasa Airport. Gazipasa Airport is located in Alanya and is a more local airport. You can also take this distance into consideration when joining the tours. The distance between Kemalhan Beach Hotel and Gazipasa Airport is 36 kilometers. The journey is completed in an average of 30 minutes and then you can go to your hotel and relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I pay for Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours?

You can make the payment for Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours directly during the reservation. Likewise, you can make the fee payments before the tour.

Is the vehicle fee included in the payments for Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours?

Yes, vehicle transfer services are also included in the price for Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours.

Is there a number limit for Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours?

There is no number limit for Kemalhan Beach Hotel tours. You can join every tour.

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