Alanya Pictures, While the coupon city of Alanya hosts many foreign tourists for vacation, it also hosts many foreign tourists. They spend most of the year in Alanya, which European holidaymakers are familiar with over time and buying property.

Let’s Get to Know Alanya

Thanks to this, it has become a district where intercultural interaction and European culture are experienced intensely. Alanya has a population density greater than approximately 30 provinces in Turkey.

The most effective aspects of their preference are the quality of their living spaces, ease of transportation, unique beaches, clean air, business opportunities for investors to achieve capital transformation in a short time. Alanya, which is 124 km away from Antalya, contributes to the tourism sector to a great extent. The world-famous Cleopatra beach is also located in Alanya. The dripstone cave, which is integrated with the Alanya castle, is very popular with asthma and bronchitis patients.

Neighborhoods of Alanya

Mahmutlar Mahallesi
Oba Mahallesi
Cikcilli Mahallesi
Güller Pınarı Mahallesi
Saray Mahallesi
Konaklı Mahallesi
Hacet Mahallesi
Kadıpaşa Mahallesi
Avsallar Mahallesi
Şekerhane Mahallesi
Kızlar Pınarı Mahallesi
Kestel Mahallesi
Tosmur Mahallesi
Payallar Mahallesi
Çıplaklı Mahallesi
Sugözü Mahallesi
Cumhuriyet Mahallesi
Okurcalar Mahallesi
Türkler Mahallesi
Fığla Mahallesi
Küçükhasbahçe Mahallesi
Toslak Mahallesi
İncekum Mahallesi
Çarşı Mahallesi
Kargıcak Mahallesi
Demirtaş Mahallesi
Büyükhasbahçe Mahallesi

Dinek Mahallesi
Hacımehmetli Mahallesi
Elikesik Mahallesi
Emişbeleni Mahallesi
Yeşilöz Mahallesi
Akdam Mahallesi
Çamlıca Mahallesi
Yaylalı Mahallesi
Dere Mahallesi
Aliefendi Mahallesi
Bektaş Mahallesi
Sapadere Mahallesi
Mahmutseydi Mahallesi
Kızılcaşehir Mahallesi
Tepe Mahallesi
Şıhlar Mahallesi
İmamlı Mahallesi
Çakallar Mahallesi
Gümüşkavak Mahallesi
Kayabaşı Mahallesi
Alara Mahallesi
Yeniköy Mahallesi
Keşefli Mahallesi
Seki Mahallesi
Beyreli Mahallesi
Uzunöz Mahallesi
İshaklı Mahallesi

With its 5-star full concept hotels, it welcomes millions of tourists annually. Thanks to its boutique hotels, it is an attractive city for short stays.

It is also the best district of Antalya for daily tour activities.

It is among the most popular tours of the tours.

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