Antalya Car Rental

Antalya Car Rental

Book now for Daily, Weekly, Monthly Antalya car rental. In addition to our passenger car models, you can also rent our minibuses.

Our Antalya Car Rental service Thanks to our wide vehicle fleet, you can easily rent a vehicle that suits your needs.

You can rent a car in Alanya, rent a car in Belek, rent a car in Side, rent a car in Kemer, rent a car in Gazipaşa.

You can rent your vehicle within minutes by examining the car options in the table below, choosing the vehicle that suits you, and filling out the rental form.

Rental conditions are at the bottom of this page. You can call us 24/7 without hesitation about your questions and what you want to ask.

Citroen Elysee Economic Antalya Car Rental

Citroen Elysee


Automatic transmission

Diesel Fuel

Digital Air Conditioner

Prices starting from 20 € per day

Passat Intermediate Antalya Car Rental



Automatic transmission

Diesel Fuel

Digital Air Conditioner


Prices starting from 45 € per day

Citroen C3 Suv Antaly Rent A Car

Citroen C3


Automatic transmission

Diesel Fuel

Digital Air Conditioner


Prices starting from 40 € per day

Mercedes Vito Van

Mercedes Vito


Automatic transmission

Diesel Fuel

Digital Air Conditioner

Child seat

Prices starting from 75 € per day

Antalya Car Rental Form

Documents and Information Required for Rental

* 10-15% discount is applied for long-term rentals.* The deposit is taken at a certain % higher than the type of vehicle at the time of vehicle delivery.

* In order to rent our vehicles, you must be at least 25 years old and have a 5-year driver’s license.

* It is obligatory for our foreign national customers to notify us of their passports and driver’s licenses.

* For airport vehicle delivery; You must inform us about the flight number, ticket airline information.

* +90 551 160 69 05 You can send us the necessary information on the Whatsapp line.

* All vehicles have a Minimum Pollution Time of 3 Days.

* There are distance-based surcharges for delivery to a location other than the pickup location.

*All our vehicles have a daily limit of 200 km. In long-term rentals, you can request a quote for this limit for flexibility.

Antalya Chauffeured Car Rental

Our services include car rental with driver. You can contact us for daily allocation, special excursions, long-term chauffeur-driven car rental and prices.

You can send us your questions to the whatsapp line below.

Visit our social media account for Other Services and Customer opinions.

FAQs about renting a car in Antalya

The average daily car rental price for Antalya is ₺ 489. Prices vary according to rental period and vehicle selection.

Liter price of gasoline in Antalya (according to the data of the last 15 days): 22.25 ₺ Liter price of diesel oil: 21.57 ₺. Depending on the size of your vehicle, filling the fuel tank costs between ₺ 1100 and ₺ 1.500.

You can pick up and drop off your vehicle from the airport. We meet you at the airport gate and deliver your vehicle.

The average price of a rental car in Antalya is ₺3,423 per week (₺489 per day).

The average price of a rental car in Antalya is ₺14,670 per month (₺489 per day).

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