How far is it from Antalya to Belek, The provision of Antalya Airport transfer service is an extremely lucrative, difficult and rewarding job. Airport Belek transfer service has an extremely important role to play in the services. If we define the motive of this ownership Belek Hotels is 35-40 km away from the airport.

If you are searching for Antalya Belek Airport bus times however, you won’t get an accurate and effective result. There isn’t any bus service that connects Antalya Airport to Belek Hotels. If you’re looking to travel cheaply there are a few things you must be aware of.

You must find the answers to questions like how far it is between Antalya Airport to Belek or the time it takes to travel from Antalya towards Belek.

What is the distance between Antalya Center from the center to Belek and how much time will it take to travel from Antalya centre to Belek? We’ll search for answers to all your queries.

Questions and answers on transport among Antalya Airport Belek Transfer and Antalya Belek;

How far is Konyaalti Belek and Konyaalti? Belek? Distance between Belek as well as Konyaalti can be 67.6 km, and it takes around one hour.

Antalya Hotel Vip transfer services Transfer of service Antalya Airport to hotels

Antalya Belek Bus Costs, There isn’t a bus service between Antalya Belek to Belek.

How many kilometers between Belek up to Duden Waterfall; Duden Waterfall is located 29 kilometers from Belek and will take 40-45 mins.

The distance from Belek to Manavgat The distance is 45.8 kilometers between Manavgat from Belek and takes about 45 minutes.

How many kilometers does it take to get from Antalya Belek Bogazkent, 45-50 km away from Belek Bogazkent Antalya takes 1 hour.

How many Km between Antalya Belek 

Is there a distance of Kundu as well as Belek? Between Belek as well as Kundu is 20 kilometers, and takes between 20 and 25 minutes.

The minibus runs service between Antalya and Belek However, there is no minibus that connects Belek as well as Antalya.

Antalya airport Belek Municipality Schedule of bus hours There isn’t a municipal bus service running between Belek with Antalya.

Belek Antalya Center Transportation; You are able to only travel from Antalya Center to Belek via Antalya Center by taxi or transfer vehicle.

How far is Antalya Kas and Belek? Antalya Kas is 235km away, and it takes 3.30 to 4 hours.

Distances From Antalya Belek from Kalkan It’s about 240 kilometers away from Kalkan up to Antalya Belek and takes about 4 hours.

How many kilometers are there from Belek to Kadriye the distance between Kadriye and Belek is 10 kilometers and it takes around 15 minutes.

How far is it are you Antalya Belek Kursunlu Waterfall; It’s 35 km and takes 45-50 minutes.

How far is it are there Antalya Centrum Belek Bogazkent; It’s 42 km in 45 mins.

How far is it are there from Antalya from Belek Side; The distance between Side and Belek is 44.3 km. It takes around 45-50 minutes.

Antalya Airport to Voyage Belek; We have an airport transfer service that connects Antalya Airport Voyage Belek.

Antalya Airport To Belek; We provide Belek To Antalya Airport Transfer service.

How far is Antalya Kaleici Belek Distance between Belek to Antalya Kaleici is 44 kilometers and takes approximately 50 minutes.

Taxi fare is between Antalya Bus Station Belek; It’s about 35 € 

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