Kemer Airport Transfer is one of the most comfortable services of our company at Antalya Airport. Kemer is one of the most beautiful cities of Antalya. It has both natural beauty and a magnificent sea. It has about 25 beaches. That’s why people give priority to Kemer for their holidays. To get Kemer transfer service, use the Book now section at the bottom of the page.

Kemer is both a suitable holiday option and a peaceful location. It isn’t crowded too much. At the same time, Antalya is known as a beautiful holiday destination around the world. So many tourists from the world come to Antalya for holiday, too.

There are many flight options and you can make a reservation from Kemer Airport Transfer before coming to Antalya Airport whenever you are. However Antalya is a calm city, This airport is quite a busy airport, especially in summer. In addition to this, Kemer is far from Antalya airport. It approximately takes 1 hour to reach. So, it needs a transfer option.

There are many transfer options at Antalya Airport. But, Kemer Airport Transfer is the most logical transfer option. Kemer Airport Transfer has many services for comfortable transportation.

Kemer Airport Transfer

Because of the long-distance, all people need non-tiring special transfer service. There are many transfer options at Antalya Airport. These are buses, taxis and airport transfers. If we compare all of these, we can say that the buses are cheaper than the other transfer options.

But they are not comfortable. And they can be also crowded so much. Besides, for going to Kemer, you need to change a lot of buses. The bus is not suitable for a long way.

If you have a lot of luggage, you don’t feel comfortable on the bus. So, the bus option is not a logical decision for transfer from the airport. As another option, taxis are comfortable. But, they are very expensive, too. Kemer is 60 km from Antalya.

Therefore, taxis may not be affordable. In consequently taxis are not a logical decision for transfer from Antalya Airport. The most logical decision is airport transfer. Airport transfer is better than taxis and buses. It is both comfortable and cheap. If you want a comfortable and quick trip, Kemer Transfer will be the best choice for you.

Services Of Airport Transfer

When all of the transfer options are thought of, the best idea is airport transfer. Because Kemer 7/24 transfer service is quite useful for everybody.

When you come to Antalya Airport at night, you will need a transfer for reaching the hotel you booked safely. You will always be able to contact with Kemer Airport transfer service. So you can easily go to your hotel. If you have a reservation for a transfer, you never wait.

Your airport transfer will always be ready for you. And if you have a big group or a big family, you will find one reserved car for you. There are many transfer cars. They are both small and big cars. You can choose what car you want. It is completely up to your decision. And also there is food and beverage service in cars. So while you go to the Kemer, you can eat or drink something.

Cars have air condition. They are so modern and luxurious. You feel very comfortable in cars. Shortly when you come to Antalya airport for Kemer, Kemer Transfer is the best option.

A good holiday starts at airports. Therefore you can prefer Travel with hygienic luxury cars by choosing Alanya Group.

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