What Should Be In The Holiday Suitcase| holiday suitcase

What Should Be In The Holiday Suitcase?

What you should put in a holiday suitcase is a very important situation. When traveling in winter or to tropical areas, there are essential items for a vacation that will definitely be packed in the holiday suitcase you have. To make it as easy as possible to prepare for your planned vacation in advance, you should prepare a basic list of holiday packages that you will put in the holiday suitcase you have. Before starting to pack the items, you need to take with you for the holiday plan, you can evaluate the travel principles in two categories. Items you need to bring with you and items to prepare before you leave. First of all, you need to check your flight tickets before preparing your holiday list. We have listed the important items that you need to prepare before collecting your luggage.

Luggage and travel items are as below;

  • Money and cards,
  • suitable apparel,
  • electronic equipment,
  • Passport and important documents,
  • Toiletry bag with a liquid set,
  • Suitcase and backpack,
  • Travel cubes,
  • Washbag,
  • Travel kits,
  • Basic prevention kit.

Antalya summer vacation

You can book an Antalya summer vacation and go on vacation in a perfect city. With summer vacation packages for Antalya, you can plan your travel and vacation in an affordable way. Antalya is the most favorite holiday destination for party lovers looking for entertaining nightlife.

What Should You Take With You On Vacation?

What should you take with you while on vacation? The list of things to take when going on vacation is quite long. List the things you will need at every stage of your vacation, optionally. It is also important in which season you went on vacation and where you went. Items that should be with you when going on vacation are as below;

  • Toiletries,
  • Clothes,
  • Jewelry,
  • Books,
  • Favorite drinks,
  • Towels,
  • Hairstyling,
  • T-shirts.

However, if you are going on a winter holiday, you should buy extra protective clothes and accessories for cold weather. But, you should definitely buy sunglasses during your Antalya summer vacation and you should prefer light and thin clothes because of the too hot location of this city. For this, T-shirts, shorts, nightgowns, swimsuits, knitwear sweaters, beach sandals must be in your suitcase.

Antalya Night Life

Antalya is located on Turkey’s western Mediterranean coast form. Antalya city is a lively city with its beaches, museums, restaurants, and ancient architecture. Antalya is an excellent beach resort. There are many historical cultures waiting to be discovered in Antalya. In addition to daytime activities, nightlife in Antalya is also quite fun. So the fun doesn’t end after the sun goes down. Antalya has nightlife in a way to entertain everyone from all walks of life.

There are many activities such as sea view cocktails, live music entertainment, nightclubs, and operas. There are entertainment venues that appeal to everyone and will make everyone happy. There are many nightclubs in Antalya night life open till the morning. You can easily choose from them. One of the most important parts of Antalya nightlife is the club scene. You can have fun dancing until the early hours of the morning to enjoy the warmth and enjoyment of the Mediterranean evening with live music on the club stages.

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Things To Do In Antalya 

Things To Do In Antalya 

Things To Do In Antalya, Antalya, visited by thousands of tourists every year, continues to be one of the first in the field of tourism in Turkey because of the endless number of things to do in Antalya city. In Antalya, from cultural events to sightseeing, you can evaluate a lot of activities on your holiday. Furthermore, perfect night entertainments will be waiting for you there.

Things To Do In Antalya For Families

Antalya is among the first places preferred for a holiday with children, as it has a mild climate that serves tourism throughout the year. If you are looking for some options to do in Antalya with your family, Antalya Dokuma Park & Toy Museum Kemer Dino Park Aquarium Antalya Lara Dolphin Show Delphinarium Antalya Aktur Amusement Park Antalya Riding, and Equestrian Club can be very good alternatives to be added your things to do in Antalya list.

What To Do In Antalya

With its magnificent history, warm weather, and wonderful geographical features, Antalya attracts visitors worldwide. Because of these features, there are countless things to do in Antalya city. Here is some advice for you:

  • Explore the Magnificent Kaleiçi: Antalya is one of the rare cities that does not lose its historic feature throughout the centuries. Although Antalya’s inner city is developed and popular, its historical texture has always been permanent. The part of Kaleiçi, which has the right to its name, allows you to experience all the history with its side streets surrounded by ancient walls.
  • Listen and feel the peace at the Manavgat Waterfall: Located near Side Ancient City, Manavgat Waterfall offers you a natural environment with its peaceful atmosphere. Known for its width rather than its height, the waterfall creates a cool air with its full flow in summer and provides a little escape from the hot weather of Antalya.
  • Aspendos, the City of Ancient Civilizations: Aspendos is undoubtedly one of the most worth-seeing places of Antalya, which is full of different historical sites. The most well-known feature of Aspendos, one of the best-preserved sites in the world, is the magnificent ancient theater, built for performing for 12,000 people.
  • Adventure in Köprülü Canyon: Köprülü Canyon, one of the national parks in Turkey, is the ideal place to enjoy nature. Spreading over 366 kilometers, Köprülü Canyon offers you a peaceful experience with its fresh fish restaurants, cafes, and tea gardens.

Events To Be Held In Antalya

Fascinating millions of holidaymakers every year with its vitality and natural beauty in tourism, festivals, and Antalya events organized on special occasions are also famous all around the world.

  • Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival: September 5, September 28 It is a festival that has been going on for 22 years. 2. International Antalya Piano Festival: In October is held. Performing the concerts of world-famous pianists The festival is almost like a musical feast.
  • Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, which has been held since 1964, is the longest-running film festival in Turkey
  • International Antalya Sand Festival, held in May, the festival has taken its place among the biggest sand sculpture events in the world.

Antalya City Trip

Antalya holiday  means also an excellent sightseeing tour that will make you meet the biggest and most beautiful city of the Mediterranean region, learn about its history, enjoy the view, and have fun! You can start your daily city trips from the waterfalls. Düden and Kurşunlu Waterfalls are great places to watch the flow of water, rest, take photos and videos. After having your lunch, you can take a boat tour in Kaleiçi. After the boat tour, it is time to start our tour of Kaleiçi, Kaleiçi, which was surrounded by walls built during the Roman Empire, its name dates from there. You will be amazed by the narrow streets of the old city. You will see cute houses surrounded by high walls and lemon-tangerine-orange groves. You will travel in time while wandering around Kaleiçi.

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Antalya To Alanya

Transportation From Antalya To Alanya

Transportation From Antalya To Alanya, Our transfer company from Antalya to Alanya offers a safe transfer service by transporting its customers to the region or hotel they want in the fastest way. The transportation of tourists and customers from Antalya to Alanya is provided by private VIP vehicles. It is very important that guests do not waste time after landing at the airport. For this reason, Antalya to Alanya transfer company delivers its customers to the place they want in a safe, comfortable, and quality way without waiting. In addition, with Antalya Airport transfer, transportation is provided by the best service in luxurious vehicles.

How Do I Get From Antalya To Alanya?

Various means of transportation can be used to reach Alanya from Antalya Airport. There are transportation companies to go to Alanya from Antalya airport. You can pre-book with the transport company. Thus, the transportation company meets you at the airport and transports you to the hotel or region you want by special vehicles. Apart from the transportation company, transportation can be provided by bus or taxi.

Transportation Types From Antalya To Alanya

There are many types of transportation to go from Antalya to Alanya. With Antalya – Alanya transfer services, there are agencies and companies that take both domestic and foreign tourists to their destinations in a short time. The driver accompanies you in the transfer services from Antalya to Alanya. Therefore, professionalism is very important in transfer services from Antalya – Alanya district. Many transportation vehicles are used to go from Antalya to Alanya.

In addition, airport transfer companies can be used to go to Alanya from Antalya airport. If you make a reservation with the airport transfer company in advance, you will be picked up from your location by private vehicles and transported safely to your destination. Private VIP vehicles of transfer companies meet you at the airport and deliver them to our destination in a safe and high-quality way. Apart from that, you can take a taxi from Antalya airport to Alanya. It may be more economical to take a bus from Antalya -Airport Alanya district. However, there is no direct bus from Antalya Airport to Alanya. First, you need to go to the Antalya intercity bus terminal. You can then take the bus from here to Alanya.

Antalya Airport Transfer

When you come to Antalya on holiday, you will need a transfer vehicle to avoid waiting at the airport. You can have a nice holiday in Antalya with Antalya Airport transfer companies. After landing at the airport, you can have a pleasant journey by making a reservation with the transfer company without waiting. Antalya transfer company takes you anywhere you want to Alanya with its private vehicles. However, drivers will meet you at the airport and help with your luggage. Local or foreign tourists can reach the regions they want with high-quality, safe, and luxurious vehicles at very affordable prices by taking advantage of Antalya Airport transfer services. Our Antalya Airport transfer company fulfills all transfer needs with the most beautiful and highest quality vehicles.

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Alanya To Antalya | Antalya To Alanya

Alanya To Antalya Airport Transfer

Alanya To Antalya, In this article, you can easily find how to transfer Alanya to Antalya city. Alanya is a shoreline resort city and a locale of Antalya province on the southern coast of Turkey, within the country’s Mediterranean locale. Alanya is about 130 km (80 Miles) southeast of Antalya via highway. It is an approximately 90 minutes road trip. There are two airports near the vicinity of Antalya city center. There are many choices for local transfer services. You can access all information about services and make reservations on websites that are only used for transfer services.

Alanya to Antalya Transfer

Transfer services in Alanya provide comfort and privileges to travelers who come from abroad or domestic ways. You will feel convenience such as using your own car. Alanya to Antalya transfer services work extensively and fastidiously to supply you with the leading transfer benefit with their numerous vehicles extending from economic class to luxury class that is ranging VIP to SUV vehicles. They offer the best quality and dependable benefit for you with their experienced and proficient drivers for all sorts of brand vehicles you lease.

Antalya to Alanya Transfer

Such as Alanya to Antalya transfer you can easily find a vice versa route. Both transfer routes provide the same quality, economic and rapid transportation for their valued customers and travelers. There are also private and shuttle services for Antalya Airport to Alanya location. You have a chance to arrange transportation according to your needs. It is easy to pick up service. All you have to do is setting your wishes and needs. These services ensure door-to-door services. You do not need to go anywhere where to pick you up for Antalya to Alanya Transfer service. Privileged travelers, if they want, are picked up from their hotel to airport or vice versa. Appreciate a high-quality transportation involvement at shockingly low costs. You always deserve the best transfer service with more quality.

Alanya Airport transfer

You can select to fly two airports that are located near Antalya vicinity. One of them is Antalya Airport (LTAI) and the second one is Alanya (Gazipaşa) Airport (LTFG). It is also possible to transfer any location in Antalya vicinity to airports that you fly. Do not worry about to being late to the Alanya Airport transfer. All transfer service provider ensure to get your destinations as quickly as possible with no delay and no queues. No need to be confused. Transfer service drivers are always be waiting for you no matter what happens. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, transfer service personnel and travelers or passengers need to obey the rules that are taken by the government. These precautions to take are to keep you safe from COVID-19. You need to obey the rules that are indicated below while using transfer services;

  • Wearing face masks required for travelers in public areas,
  • Travelers must obey social distance,
  • Temperature checks must be done before rental service.

On the other hand, in Alanya Airport transfer and the other transfer services, personnel and cars always checked by the rules, which are indicated below;

  • Regular sanitization of rental and transportation cars/vehicles,
  • Regularly washing their hands of Drivers and guides,
  • Regularly check of all personnel’s temperature,
  • Sanitization of equipment between every use,
  • Regularly sanitization of populated areas.

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Side airport transfer | Alanya group

Side Airport Transfer

Flying to Side to relax and rest can be a perfect idea for you. Antalya has many beautiful holiday resorts, and Side is one of them, spreading around the city and some are fairly distant from the airport. Airport transfer is the most preferred way of transportation and you have Side Airport Transfer for this.

Side Airport Transfer provides a 24/7 transfer service from Antalya Airport to Side. With Side Airport Transfer service, you have one less thing to worry about. You just have to book a hotel, buy the tickets and leave the road between to us, Side Airport Transfer service.

As we recommend you have your transfer planned before taking off to avoid any inconvenience, here are the reasons why you should contact us.

Side Airport Transfer Services

You can land in the airport at any hour of the day and have your lift waiting for you! 24/7 transfer is only one of the perks of choosing  Airport Transfer service. A soft drink to start your holiday would be nice, don’t you think? Agreeing, and thus, providing refreshments to make your transfer much cooler.

It is neither a long nor short distance from Antalya Airport to the Side location, just the right amount to help you get into the holiday mood: leaving the worries behind, chilling, and enjoying the roads. Not a road-trip enthusiast? Need some screen time after logging off for a while during the journey? You can connect your phone, tablet, or PC to free Wi-Fi and make yourself at home while getting closer to your well-deserved holiday!

Side 24/7 transfer offers you a convenient, enjoyable, comfortable, and most importantly very flexible opportunity to save you the effort and worry of transfer from airport to Side district. With our friendly drivers, affordable prices, and guaranteed service quality as the leading transfer company in Side, Antalya, we are looking forward to welcoming and accompanying you to your resort peacefully.

Other Services

We will be more than happy to help your rest start as early as possible, but our services are not limited to transfer only. Unless you have planned a stay-in vacation, a car would come in handy to see around the area.

You can easily rent a car from Side Transfer and explore Side yourself! Don’t worry if you enjoy group activities more, we have an offer for you too! You can book a daily tour of your choice. Also, you can bring the internet with you wherever you go. Beach, pool, sightseeing, anywhere! You can rent portable Wi-Fi for a day, week, or month.

Side 24/7 Airport Transfer

As the Side 24/7 Airport Transfer service, we do not have limits! Neither time-wise nor place-wise. Our policy is to be available anytime anywhere as we are aware of how valuable your time here is. We are working to make your experience as worthy as possible.

Choosing us is to choose comfort, quality, flexibility, and all without worry! All you have to do is fill in the contact form and leave the rest to us. We will take care of you and the quality of your time. For further information, please do not hesitate to reach out. To start your holiday with a clear mind, please contact us!

Our Private Transfer Routes for Alanya;

  • Antalya airport to side
  • Antalya to side
  • from antalya airport to Side
  • Side to hotel
  • Hotel to Side

For other transfers, you can contact us on the contact page.

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Antalya 24 7 transfer

Antalya 24 7 Transfer

Antalya 24 7 Transfer

You can get Antalya 24 7 Transfer, 24 7 transfer from Antalya airport and transfer service from Antalya airport to all holiday villages.

Transfer easily using the transfer module now!

Antalya transfer options

Feel the perfection with Antalya VIP transfer.

We transfer by private vehicles.

With many car options, you can choose the most suitable car for your request.

There are many vehicle options such as Minivan, Van, VIP car, Shuttle and Taxi.

With our services Antalya 24 7 transfer, you can book at the best price airport transfer.

Minivan VIP Car Shuttle

Antalya 24 7 Hotel Transfer

With Antalya hotel transfer, you can book a transfer from the hotel to the airport.

You are at the right address for secure transfer service

Safe driving is one of the most important issues in adverse weather conditions. In all adverse weather conditions, our drivers take all necessary precautions. Our staff, who examine the road condition reports before setting off, prefer the safest roads. Transfer service is carried out taking into account traffic accidents, road works and similar problems.

We prefer professional solution options for customer satisfaction. In addition to the city transfer service, we also act as a solution-oriented in intercity transfer service.

Our company, which provides immediate solutions to the problems that may arise during the transportation service, can supply reinforcement vehicles when necessary. Our company staff, who are experienced in the negativities in transfer service, act in a solution-oriented manner.

Our staff who are experienced in welcoming ceremony know a foreign language. You can call our company about Antalya 24 7 hotel transfer service every day of the year. Our drivers, who welcome domestic and foreign tourists at the airport, acting within the framework of courtesy rules.

Advantages Of Transfer Services

– The biggest shortage for many passengers is the waiting time at the airport. With companies offering Transfer services, this expectation is minimal.

– You can cancel or change your reservation free of charge due to any changes. When you cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance, the down payment is refunded.

– You don’t have to wait for cars at the airport or in front of the hotel. Thanks to the transfer service offered by the companies Alanya airport to hotel, you receive punctual service.

– You don’t have luggage problems. Your belongings are being carried by the staff on duty. You just sit in your car and enjoy the comfort.

-Transfers are provided with state-of-the-art, air-conditioned, equipped, unlimited wi-fi and complimentary vehicles.

– You can get live help on Transfer services 24/7.

– The price agreed from the office or the Website is valid. You do not expect surprise prices during the Transfer. You don’t pay extra for possible flight delays. The prices you pay are all-inclusive.

How Can You Benefit From The Transfer Service?

Thanks to the convenience and convenience of the internet, you can book your transfer service from your residence. Simply select the necessary information, the time to board/disembark, and your type of transfer. You can make a reservation or pay.

Staff will meet you at the airport with a sign with your first name and last name according to the time of your landing. In the event of a mishap, if you do not meet the personnel on duty, you can call the telephone number provided to you to inform you of the situation.

The personnel on duty are picking you up and taking you to your vehicle. It takes you to the hotel where you will stay safely and comfortably. Likewise waiting for you in front of the hotel on the day and time of return. It allows you to be at the airport at the specified time.

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Antalya All inclusive Resorts

Antalya All inclusive Resorts

Antalya All inclusive Resorts

Antalya all inclusive resorts, After a long time period of hard work, you are undoubtedly deserved a luxury holiday in Antalya. Located in the southern part of Turkey where is also known as the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is one of the best travel destinations in the world.

Not only its favorable location in the Mediterranean but also its natural beauties such as blue flag beaches, calming waterfalls, big mountains offer variable travel options for you. Moreover, the city has an interesting historical background. So many different civilizations, cultures, religions lived in this region and contributed to forming the city’s cultural heritage. The city is so famous that it welcomed more than 15 million tourists in 2019.

General Advice for Antalya Holiday

General Advice for Antalya Holiday

Antalya is located in the Mediterranean and the weather is extremely hot in the summer season and warms even in the winter. You definitely need a hat, sunglasses, suncream, and a comfortable dress. If you are planning to visit historic areas or walk the city center, you should choose suitable shoes for that. Always keep a bottle of water with you.

The airport is located in Antalya city, but it is not far away from all inclusive resorts located in other parts of the city such as Belek, Side, Kemer, Alanya. If you choose one of these high-quality resorts, you will likely have a pretty experience in the city as they have professional managements, they surely satisfy your demands.

Antalya All-Inclusive Resorts

Such a well-known travel destination should offer to you high-class service and accommodation. Antalya has so many all inclusive resorts aiming to serve the best quality for its visitors. Liberty Hotels Lara, Adam&Eve, Titanic Mardan Palace, Limak Lara  De Luxe Hotel&Resort, Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort are some of its famous resorts.

We know that experience is important and if you have a great time during your holiday, you will be extremely happy and relaxed. When you finish your holiday in a good mood, you will definitely feel rejuvenated and keep good-times in your memory. Probably you want to make it happen again and again.

Where To Visit Antalya

Antalya All inclusive Resorts

Antalya offers you blue flag beaches to enjoy your time under the sunshine especially during the summer season. You can visit Olympos Mountain and experience cable-car to go up 2.365 meters and see the breathtaking panoramic view of the city. There are so many important ancient cities such as Phaselis, Perge, Aspendos, Myra, and Side. All of them have different stories for you.

Be ready for a surprise; Santa Claus is originally believed to live in Demre, Antalya. You can visit the church of St. Claus as well. During the Antalya holiday experience, you can join ATV safari tours, boat tours, rafting tours as well. If you want to spend time in the city center, you can visit Kaleiçi (old town) and the Antalya museum.

Where To Swim In Antalya

Antalya is a heaven of blue flag beaches as there are more than 200 beaches that obtained the title Blue Flag. If you like swimming, you must definitely choose the Antalya holiday  adventure. Blue Flag briefly means that you have the access to the sea safely, the area and the sea is clean and healthy as well as it is managed and preserved well. Belek, Side, Lara, Kemer, Kaş are the most preferred areas for swimming and water sports. The west part of Antalya is greener and has mountains as well, so the sea is deepened quickly. If you prefer the east side of the city, the sea is more shallow compared to the west part.

Luxury Holiday In Antalya

Luxury Holiday In Antalya

As we mentioned above, Antalya has lots of worldwide known all inclusive resorts. These resorts offer high-quality service for the visitors. Besides its seasonal visitors, Antalya is a good choice for people who want to fulfill their dreams for some specific events. The wedding ceremonies are accepted as the most special events for all the people in the world.

So, the new couples are dreaming of sunshine, blue sea, high-quality service and get relaxed after that. Nowadays, the Antalya holiday is a well-known honeymoon destination, not only in Turkey but also in the world. In addition to this, some resorts organize wedding ceremonies and honeymoon holidays together as a package. There have been many rich wedding ceremonies held in Antalya recently.

Antalya offers training camps for sports clubs in the winter season. Football and basketball teams prefer Antalya mainly as its climate is available even in the winter. So, there is a constant travel trend to Antalya. In addition to football and basketball, there are tennis tournaments held in the city as well.

Golf is accepted as a reputable sport in the world and Antalya has good quality all inclusive resorts that are suitable for golf. Tournaments are organized periodically in the city. Even skiing is available in Davraz in the winter season. Some people get surprised when they hear that skiing is available in Antalya.

Popular Events In Antalya

Antalya All inclusive Resorts

During your Antalya holiday adventure, please do not get surprised if you see a famous music star is performing. Antalya is famous for festivals. Every year, worldwide known music stars are on the stage. Dance groups like Anadolu Ateşi perform various dance figures to the visitors. Except for concerts, there are film festivals. Altın Portakal is an international film festival and Antalya has been hosting it every autumn season since 1964.

It is accepted as one of the biggest film festivals. EXPO Antalya is established in 2016 and it is a horticultural exhibition in the city. Sandland Antalya is one of the biggest exhibitions in the world and can be visited all time. Shopping is another attraction, especially for women. The city has good and big shopping malls and various products that aim to satisfy the visitors.

Alanya Group Transfer, We provide safe transfer service from Antalya airport to all points with our wide fleet.

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If you want to learn more about Antalya, you can visit Wikipedia.

Holiday Destinations in Turkey

The Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in Turkey

Turkey has many holiday destinations. There are much natural beauty and a beautiful, clean sea. For holidays especially there is the Mediterranean region. The weather is hot, the sea is clean and the sand is perfect. So Turkey is a good choice for holiday. You can both have fun and rest. Some of the places in Turkey are peaceful and quiet. But the others have full of action. And also there are historical places in Turkey. For the holiday, there are Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Side, and Kemer in Turkey. And these are the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey.

Antalya Holiday

Antalya Holiday Turkey

Antalya is so popular for holiday. Many people know that Antalya is perfect for fun and holiday. And people come to Antalya from abroad. Antalya’s sea is clean and blue. The weather is hot. Beaches are so dynamic. So You can have fun there. In nıghts, there are events for fun. And also there are events like happy hours in the middle of the days. Dj performances and live music are made in Antalya. And most of the popular Turkish singers have concerts in there. Antalya will be a good choice for fun. But, if you want to just rest, You can sunbathe at in seaside.

There are many options to do. For staying one of the most beautiful options is the Land of Legends Kingdom hotel. This hotel has a world. Because this is like a fairy tale. Every day, there are events. Especially there are dance shows at night. For kids, this place is a wonderland. Events, toys,  rides, and plays are just thought for them. There are some things to take for the holiday. For example, it brought suncream, sunglasses, towels, and many swimsuits. And there is the other resort in Antalya. This is Maxx Royal resort. This hotel is so beautiful. It has beaches for just itself. This place is full of peace. But also there are events, too. Many celebrities prefer to stay at this resort.

Alanya Holiday

Alanya Holiday Turkey

Alanya is in Antalya. So this place is one of the perfect holiday destinations too. Alanya has large two beaches. These are Cleopatra and Alanya beach. Beaches are sandy. And also Alanya has a historical place. Because it has a castle. Its name is Alanya castle. So, it is both a historical and holiday destinations. There are so many things to do in Alanya. You can visit Alanya castle or you can rest on sandy beaches. It has Meditteranean culture. The food is so delicious especially vegetables and fishes.

There are top things to do in Alanya. You can do a jeep safari in the river or in mountains. As another option, you can do paragliding with a pilot. It is so exciting. If you want, you can eat lunch in a dim cave or a dim river. There is Sapadere canyon in Alanya. And It does worth to be visited. Due to all of the events, Alanya is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in turkey.

Belek Holiday

Belek Holiday Turkey

Belek is in Antalya, too. But it is a little bit different from Antalya. This difference is nature. Belek is completely a natural destination. It is so clean and virgin. It has natural life, historical beauties, and forests. So Belek’s weather is fresh and clean. The most important historical thing in Belek is the Aspendos theatre. It has past of two thousand years. And it is still used. And Sillyon ancient city is in Belek. This ancient city has a different atmosphere. Also, the waterfall of Kurşunlu is in Belek. It is a magnificent view.

That waterfall is so natural. There are many birds around the waterfall. The waterfall of Kurşunlu is peaceful and silent. Due to the fact that Belek’s nature, it is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations.

Side Holiday

Side Holiday Turkey

Side is another holiday place. many people come to Side for summer. And also Side is one of the most ancient cities in history. So, it is seen historical and cultural things in Belek. Side ancient theatre is a magnificent architecture. The side is rich in the tourism of the sea. Some of the seas have a blue flag. So they are clean and fresh. For example, there is a beach in Kumköy. And its sand and water are clean.

Due to a shallow sea, It is safe to swim. And the other safe place to swim is the beach of Çolaklı. This beach is shallow, too. Resorts of the Side in Vonresort golden beach are so lux and they have a lot of opportunities to do for having fun. These hotels around here are completely full of funny activities. There are huge aquaparks and pools. And also that hotel is near the sea. So, it has a gorgeous sea view. While you come to the Side for holiday, You should bring many sun creams. Because you will be in the sea, pool or aquapark every day. Holiday in Turkey is full of activities.

Kemer Holiday

Kemer Holiday Turkey

Kemer is a center of tourism. Because, it has natural beauty, blue seas, and beautiful beaches. For example, moonlight beach is in a perfect location. Because this beach is across to open-air museums. Beach’s water is turquoise. In Kemer, there are many concept hotels.

One of these resorts is rixos sungate. It is a lux hotel. There are both many trees, plants, and pools, sea. A holiday in turkey is a great experience. You can see both ancient places and natural beauty in Turkey. So while you come to Turkey for holiday, you should bring a photograph machine. Because it has magnificent beauty.

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Antalya summer holiday 2021

Antalya summer holiday 2021

Antalya summer holiday 2021, Decide by reviewing this guide for the 2021 Antalya summer vacation and profit! Due to the covid-19 virus threatening the world, limited holiday services were offered last summer.

Covid-19 vaccine developed by 2021 outbreak in Turkey will also be abolished. For a safe summer holiday, the first choice of tourists will be Antalya.

You can already make your holiday plan by reviewing this guide we have prepared to make your holiday plan.

Antalya summer holiday 2021

Antalya, the most preferred holiday city in the world, offers many opportunities. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday opportunity with activities such as high-end hotels, lively nightlife, historical places, boat tour, safari, parachute trip.


Excellent places to enjoy a meal and are looking for a warm place to dive in the crystal clear waters, Turkey’s Antalya region where you are looking for.

Antalya 2021 Tourism news

With the covid measures taken by the Turkish government in April, it is reported that this health will decrease by 50% during the holiday season.

Good news for travelers who plan to come to Antalya for vacation.According to the statements made by local news agents and government officials, the 2021 summer season will be better than last year.

COVID-19 test fees from Antalya region are 25 €. Most hotels and resorts offer this service for free!

The most preferred holiday destinations in Antalya


Get ready for the 2021 summer vacation by choosing holiday packages in resorts such as Alanya – Belek – Side – Manavgat – Kemer.


List of hotels in these towns;

best resort in Turkey, to make the pearl of the Mediterranean resort Antalya hotel can make your plan by reviewing the following list.

Belek hotels

Side hotels

-Alanya hotels

-Kemer hotels

-Manavgat Hotels


You can make your Antalya summer holiday reservation by choosing the one that suits your taste.


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Antalya Belek Summer Vacation

Antalya Belek Summer Vacation

How is Antalya Belek for your summer vacation?

Belek is only 40 km from Antalya.

Being connected to Serik district, Belek is one of the most preferred tourism centres of Antalya.

belek antalya

Why should it be preferred?

Being an indispensable summer holiday destination for tourists, Belek is also famous for its golf courses and lush nature.

Antalya Belek Summer Vacation

It attracts the attention of tourists with its historical ruins. It will offer you an unforgettable summer holiday opportunity with safari, boat tour, paragliding and fun nightlife.

belek gece hayatı

For golf lovers, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we call it Europe and Asia’s most famous golf center. You can confirm this by doing a short research on the Internet.

belek golf events

antalya belek golf

belek golf hotel

Belek hotels are very comfortable and have a service above world standards. Belek hotel lists Follow this link to reach.

belek hotel list

belek hotels

belek eat

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