Akdora Elite Hotel Spa Transfer

Akdora Elite Hotel Spa Transfer: Advantage Service

Akdora Elite Hotel Spa transfer service is a service that attracts attention due to its many advantages. People from many parts of the world want to benefit from this service and contact us when they come to Antalya. Our transfer service requires a reservation first. Afterwards, it is now possible to experience the advantages of this service. There are free services and other services within our transfer service. We are working with all our strength to make your trip the most comfortable 

Akdora Elite Hotel Spa is a 4-star venue. This hotel has many facilities such as a children’s pool, a private beach, an outdoor swimming pool and water slides. There are suitable areas for having fun while swimming. The hotel also has a restaurant and two bars. In addition, the hotel also has a pool bar. There is a spa service in the hotel. It has suitable alternatives for relaxation and rest. There are two types of rooms in the hotel, standard rooms and family rooms. These rooms vary as garden view and sea view. You can reach your hotel in a short time with Akdora Elite Hotel Spa transfer service!

Akdora Elite Hotel Spa Transfer Vehicles and Features

With our hotel transfer vehicles, you no longer need to have a trust problem while traveling. Because our vehicles are regularly checked and this is done by experts. At the same time, our vehicles have insurance. We regularly clean the vehicle after each passenger. In this way, you can sit comfortably on the seats. There is a TV in our vehicles and you can watch these TV broadcasts for free. There is also a bar section in our vehicles. In this way, you can consume alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks in the vehicle. Each of the vehicles has air conditioning. A cool journey awaits you even in the hottest weather in Antalya.

The vehicles we use in our transfer service have two different types as Vito and sprinter. Vito vehicles are preferred if a small number of people will travel. It is a common vehicle for 1 person travels. Small family groups also choose this vehicle. People who prefer this vehicle sit opposite each other and travel takes place in a chat environment. Our sprinter vehicles are much larger. For this reason, the capacity of our sprinter vehicles is also quite high. There are 16 seats in our vehicles. You can also choose our 12-seater vehicle model. 


Akdora Elite Hotel Spa and Antalya Airport Distance 

Antalya Airport is the most popular airport in the city and is in a relatively central location. Antalya Airport is also frequently preferred. Transfer services are very important for people who want to come to the city from Antalya Airport. In this way, a luxurious and comfortable travel is possible. Akdora Elite Hotel Spa determines the distance fee in the transfer service. Depending on the pricing, you can make a prepayment and then the payment itself. The distance between Akdora Elite Hotel Spa and Antalya Airport is 63,6 kilometers. This journey is usually completed within 57 minutes. You can also benefit from many free services during this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

At which hours is the Akdora Elite Hotel Spa transfer service?

Akdora Elite Hotel Spa transfer service is a 24/7 service. You can also make a reservation at any time.

What is offered as a payment method within the scope of Akdora Elite Hotel Spa transfer service?

You can choose cards, money order and eft as payment methods in Akdora Elite Hotel Spa transfer service.

Can our pets also benefit from Akdora Elite Hotel Spa transfer service?

Your pets can also benefit from Akdora Elite Hotel Spa transfer service. However, the breed and size of the animal must be specified.

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