Alanya Nature Camp

Alanya Nature Camp  provides you with the most beautiful spots camping areas at different points of Alanya, where is very rich in terms of historical buildings and natural beauties.

Those who want to camp prefer the ones that are suitable for them from these areas and have the opportunity to get to know the magnificent nature of the district more closely.

In our article, you can find detailed information about the best places to camp in Alanya.

1. Incekum Forest Camp

Incekum Forest Camp is one of the places serving camping and picnic lovers in the Alanya region of Antalya. It is easily accessible by road.

You have to pay a fee to enter. If you have a tent, you are required to pay for the tent area, and if you do not have a tent, you are required to pay for both the tent area and the tent.

In addition, you can have free electricity. There are bungalows offered by the business for an overnight stay and you can rent these bungalows. Apart from the bungalows, there are caravan and tent camping areas.

There is also a facility where you can benefit from facilities such as WC, shower, restaurant, cafe and free parking during your camping period. Due to it is very near to the sea, it has areas where you can swim comfortably.

Apart from the sea, you can also take your nature walks here, as it has forested areas. The presence of sun, sand, and forest areas turns this place into a riot of colors.

While you are enjoying the sun and sand on the beach in the middle of the day, you can have a sound sleep accompanied by the sound of rustling leaves with the gentle wind blowing at night.

2. Aytap Antique City Campground

Aytap Antique City Campground, located in the Imamli Region of Alanya, the district of Antalya, offers a unique natural beauty with the pond in the region. Aytap Antique City Campground is 33 km away from Alanya town center.

You can reach the Aytap Ancient City Camping Area, which is a suitable area for tent and caravan camping, either with your private vehicles or by Mersin Anamur buses. In addition, the camping area is 10 km from Gazipaşa.

You can meet your needs such as food, electricity, and water from the restaurant, which is 200 meters away from the camping area.

Since there are no facilities in the Aytap Antique City Campground, you should provide all your needs before you come to the camping area or from the restaurant 200 meters away. You can also benefit from facilities such as a toilet, fountain, and electricity from the restaurant located near the camping area.

Aytap Antique City Alanya Nature Camp

3. Cleopatra Beach Campground

Cleopatra Beach Campground, which is one of the beaches with a natural beauty where you can camp for free, is located in the town center.

It is an area where you can camp comfortably, enjoy nature, take walks, swim and sunbathe, with its deep blue sea and lush green view of nature.

Guests coming for camping can meet their food and beverage needs by taking advantage of the hotels and pensions, markets, and kiosks in this region. In the

Cleopatra Beach Campground, you can meet your needs from restaurants, buffets, and hotels around the campsite, or you can get all your needs before you come to the campsite.

You can also benefit from facilities such as a toilet, fountain, and electricity from the restaurant located near the camping area.

Cleopatra Beach Campground

4. Perle Campground

Providing service in Alanya district of Antalya, Perle Campground is one of the places where you can easily reach by road. You have to pay some fee to enter. It is one of the most preferred camping areas in the region with its proximity to the sea and its restaurant that serves good food.

In addition to tent accommodation, there are also hotel-style places offered by the business for campers who want to spend the night. People who do not have tents can also rent the tents of the facility.

Perle Campground, located a few steps from the sea, is one of the pleasant places where you can both get to know the sea during your stay and have an experience intertwined with nature. It is a frequent destination for campers due to its WC, shower, electricity, market, and cafe.

It is also a nice holiday place for families with children. Perle Camping is one of the alternative places you can choose for camping in Alanya, where you can drink your tea by the campfire in the evening and feel the breeze of the light wind blowing from the sea.

Perle Campground Alanya Nature Camp

5. Sapadere Canyon Campground

Sapadere Canyon Campground, located in Sapadere district of Alanya, hosts a unique view formed by rocks at an altitude of 400 meters. You can walk around the canyon thanks to the steel supporting piers and witness the magnificent view.

You can swim in the naturally-formed pool  at the bottom of the waterfall which flows through the canyon. You have to pay a certain fee to enter the canyon.

There is a restaurant, parking lot, picnic area, and tent camping areas at the entrance of the canyon. We can say that campers can meet all their needs from these facilities.

The Sapadere Canyon Campground, which is frequented by daily picnickers on weekends, is a great place for hiking and camping as well as picnic activities. It resembles a corner of paradise that attracts nature lovers with its natural pools and walking paths.

Sapadere Canyon Campground Alanya Nature Camp

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