Alanya Places To Visit

Alanya Places to Visit

There are many historical places and natural beauties to visit, as well as beautiful hotels to stay in Alanya, which is becoming popular day by day and cultural richness is at its peak. Continue reading this article where you can learn about the most beautiful places you can visit in Alanya and the boutique hotels you can stay in. Are you ready to learn best Alanya places to visit?

1. The Yalan Dünya Cave

The Yalan Dünya Cave

The Yalan Dünya Cave is only seven kilometres away from the Gazipaşa district and is one of the must-visit places for anyone visiting Alanya. This cave, which is one of the best and most beautiful natural beauties of Alanya, has a very sad and romantic legend. A young man is living in this cave, in a place far from people, and this young man does not interact much with people. One day he comes out of the cave, he falls in love with a girl he meets, and that girl falls in love with this young man. Even though the love between them takes place in a cave, one day there is an earthquake and a dent occurs in the earthquake, and the young and the girl are separated from each other. Since the lovers could not reunite after this event, this cave is called the Yalan Dünya Cave.

2. Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach Alanya Places To Visit

Cleopatra Beach, located in Alanya and named after the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who lived between 69 BC and 30 BC, is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists during the tourism months when the sea season opens. According to a legend, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra stopped by this beach in Alanya and swam, which is why this beach was named Cleopatra. Some legends say that Cleopatra even had a tunnel to descend to the beach.

Cleopatra Beach, which has a total length of two kilometres, starts from the end of Damlataş Beach in Alanya and stretches along the Alanya coast. The beauty of the sea, the attractiveness, and the cleanliness of the beach are at the forefront of this beach with golden sands.

3. Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon Alanya Places To Visit

If you are planning to stay in Alanya hotels and are looking for places to visit and see in Alanya during your holiday, you should stop by Sapadere Canyon. This canyon, which you will be fascinated and admired as soon as you see it, is located in Sapadere Village and offers you a pleasurable and relaxing experience with its view and tea. This canyon, which is seven hundred and fifty meters long in total and reaches up to four hundred meters, is only forty kilometres from Alanya city centre. You can take walks in this canyon, where the walking paths are very well-maintained, and you can swim where the waterfalls in this canyon fall.

4. Syedra Ancient City

Syedra Ancient City Alanya Places To Visit

Located within the borders of Seki Village and having a magnificent view, the Ancient City of Syedra is only twenty-two kilometres from Alanya city centre. The history of the ancient city of Seydra, which was founded on a hill bordering the villages of Kargacı and Seki in the third century BC, dates back to the seventh century BC, according to the excavations carried out by expert archaeologist teams. Although this ancient city was built in an early period, it continued to exist until the thirteenth century, and its monumental gate has survived until today. Inside the Ancient City of Syedra, which is surrounded by walls, some cisterns have been plastered from ancient times and fed from a natural spring. While there is a bath building in the east of the city, it is possible to come across mosaic remains on the floor of the city. In this city, there are important structures such as a temple, theatre, shops, houses, and city walls.

5. Ulaş Beach

Ulaş Beach

Ulaş Beach, also known as Ulaş Recreation Park, is located in Alanya, one of the busiest holiday districts in the Mediterranean, and this beach is only seven kilometres from Alanya’s city centre. This beach, which can also be used as a resting place and recreation area, was started to be used as a beach area after the landscaping was done. This area is completely free and serves both local people and foreign and domestic tourists. You can have a picnic on this beach where you will have a great time with its tables, chairs, grill areas, and clean toilets, and you can rest your body and mind after leaving the beach. While you can have a picnic on one side of this beach, you can fish over the rocks on the other side.

6. Centauera Boutique Hotel

Centauera Boutique Hotel Alanya Places To Visit

Centauera Boutique Hotel, one of the best boutique hotels in Alanya, has air-conditioned and en-suite rooms, each room also has a safe and minibar. Small extras that will give you a better and more comfortable stay include telephone, television, and free wireless internet connection. In addition to having a shower in all bathrooms, there is also a hairdryer ready for use in the bathrooms, where you can dry your hair. This hotel also offers free bike rental, a bar, a restaurant, and an outdoor garden. This hotel is one of the best hotels to make better your holiday in Alanya.

7. Phosphorous Cave

Phosphorous Cave Alanya Places To Visit

During your holiday in Alanya, wherever you are in the region, you should witness the beauties of the Phosphorus Cave, which has the characteristics of a sea cave. Since the cave is a sea cave, it can be passed by small boats. After passing the cave, you can throw yourself into the clean waters at the mouth of the cave and experience the pleasure of the sea in a different atmosphere. Tourists in Alanya constantly visit the phosphorus Cave. You can include Phosphorus Cave in your route with a small excursion boat to swim, have fun and explore a different place.

8. Selinus Ancient City

Selinus Ancient City

It is known that the ancient city of Selinus, located in the Gazipaşa district of Antalya, took its place in the historical scene as far back as 628 BC. The city, which was established on a high hill, was considered a very key position, and maritime trade was carried out with important trade centers such as Egypt in history. The necropolis area, where the baths, agoras, aqueduct, Seljuk Mansion, and mass graves are located, have survived from the ancient city, whose acropolis is located on the hill.

Selinus Ancient City hosted states that had an important place in history, such as Roman, Byzantine, Hellenistic, and Seçluk. Among the most important structures of the building that have survived to the present day are the necropolis and the hunting lodge built during the Seljuk period. Unfortunately, the city’s theater was destroyed. Selinus Ancient City attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists, especially in the district, and can be reached after about half an hour of climbing. Especially for those who want to visit the region, we recommend that you go out to the ancient city in the evening, as it is located on a very steep slope. Moreover, the building hosts a magnificent view.

9. Cave of the Dwarves

Cave Of The Dwarves

Dwarf Cave is within the borders of Demirtaş, which is connected to Alanya, the touristic district of Antalya, which has the karstic terrain of the Mediterranean. It is on the Sapadere Canyon road. This natural wonder cave, formed by Damlataş, is 18 km from Alanya city center and 13 km from Demirtaş. Located in the cave, the cave draws attention with its story rather than its natural formation. According to the legend; In the Ottoman period, the people living here hid their goats and sheep in this cave when the authorities came to the village in order not to pay the tax collected per small cattle they owned.

The Dwarf Cave is reached after a 180-meter hiking trail stretching through the trees. The entrance of the cave starts with a magnificent green valley view that can be watched from the observation terrace. The total walking distance in the cave, which was opened to visitors in 2012 and consists of 6 galleries, is 155 meters. There are formations, stalactites, and stalagmites where you can feel the power of nature at every point of the Dwarf Cave that can be visited by stepping. There is only cash access to the cave. Museum Card is not valid for these cave entrances.

10. Gazipasa Delikdeniz King Cove

Gazipasa Delikdeniz King Cove

Located in Antalya-Gazipaşa and 67 km away from the city center, Gazipaşa Delikdeniz Kral Bay manages to stand out among the bays of Antalya with its beauty. To reach the bay, which is 23 km away from Gazipaşa, the district center to which it is connected, you have to turn your route to the left of the castle located in Not, Güneyköy. The scenery you encounter when you reach here undoubtedly manages to fascinate you.

While there are historical ruins in Gazipaşa Delizdeniz Kral Bay, an ancient city, the most striking aspect is the hole drilled in the middle of the rock. Opening just like a window, this hole creates an eye-catching sight. With this gap resembling a cave entrance, the bay has the appearance of a large pool. The size of this hole, located at the bay entrance, has a gap that a fishing boat can pass through.

11. Dim Stream

Dim Stream Alanya Places To Visit

Would you like to taste great tastes and watch nature among the greenery in the impressive place of Antalya?

Then Dim Stream in Alanya’s Akçatı Village invites you. Dim Stream, which is 15 kilometers from the town center, is an absolutely magnificent spot with its picnic areas, restaurants and pensions. You can have your meals at one of the tables on the lakeside terrace and wooden platform here, and then have a clean sleep in the resting lodges when you feel sleepy.

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