Alva Donna Transfer Kemer

Alva Donna Transfer Kemer

All-inclusive, with luxurious and striking decorations in its rooms, Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel has eight restaurants, eight bars, and an open-air bar by the sea, each from different regions. The family rooms of this hotel, where you can see that the suites are extra luxurious, have two bedrooms and some of them have two bathrooms, while the suite rooms have luxurious amenities such as a pool table, piano, jacuzzi tub, and sea view. This hotel, which is suitable for the disabled and has a free parking area for guests who come with their private car, is only 40 kilometers from Antalya Airport. While this distance can take up to an hour when you use your private car, if you prefer public transport, you can spend an hour and a half on the road. You can arrive at Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel by taking advantage of our Alva Donna Transfer Kemer service, which we have prepared specially for you and lasts only half an hour.

During your trip to Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel, you will be in contact with a driver who can speak your language and you will see that all your problems are solved instantly. You will not feel the heat of Antalya with the cold beverage service in our ultra-luxury designed cars, and you will experience an incredibly comfortable journey with the air conditioning in our cars. Use our Alanya Group transfer services to start your holiday quickly and have a comfortable journey!

Why Choose Us For Your Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel Transfer?

We are ready to serve you with our company history of twelve years and our experienced and trained drivers who have been working in this profession for years. With our 24/7 online support line and call center, if you have any problems, we act very quickly to solve your problem. If you are going to use our services for the first time, you also have the opportunity to make a reservation without prepayment and pay your fare in the car after the journey is over.

Since we did not receive any payment during the reservation you made, you can cancel your journey with peace of mind, all cancellations are free of charge and we are not one of the companies that take money from you despite your cancellation! Another feature that is different and better than other transfer companies is that we offer a price that is twenty percent cheaper than the prices in the market while providing maximum comfort.

Our Vehicles You Can Prefer To Go To Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel

Our best vehicles for your Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel transfer are Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer, and Wv Caravella Transfer. With the ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito, you can enjoy the comfort at a very affordable price, you can feel like a real VIP with the Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer, and you can travel as a large group of people with Wv Caravella Transfer.

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