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Antalya Caravan Rental – Weekly Monthly Annual Rental Options

Antalya Caravan Rental; Do you want to rent a caravan for your Antalya holiday or special itinerary? You are in the right place! Thanks to our company’s 12 years of experience in this field and a wide selection of caravan vehicles, you don’t need to look elsewhere! By offering the best quality caravan rental services in Antalya, we give you the opportunity to experience all the advantages of traveling by caravan.

Vacation Freely – Antalya Caravan Rental

One of the biggest advantages of renting a caravan in Antalya is the freedom and flexibility it provides. With a caravan, you have the ability to travel at your own pace and on your own schedule, without having to worry about hotel check-ins or strict itinerary schedules. From beautiful beaches to enchanting mountain ranges, you can explore all the hidden gems Antalya has to offer without rushing or feeling confined to a particular area.

Another great advantage of renting a caravan in Antalya is cost savings. By renting a caravan, you can significantly save on accommodation and transportation. You won’t have to worry about expensive hotel stays or rental car fees, as your caravan provides both transportation and accommodation.

Let’s not forget the comfort and convenience of traveling by caravan. Our caravans are equipped with all the amenities you need to feel at home on the road, including comfortable beds, kitchen facilities and bathroom facilities. You will have everything you need to enjoy your vacation and relax without the hassles of traditional travel.

You can visit our article to have information about the camping areas in Antalya and to explore the caravan parking areas.

Examine Caravan Rental Options in Antalya

If you want to learn about the caravan rental options you prefer in Antalya, you are at the right place. The caravans we offer you are suitable for weekly, monthly and annual rentals. All you have to do is to examine our caravan models and choose the most suitable caravan model for you. In this way, our institution will deliver your caravan to you on the day you want it. You can create your appointment process by contacting us. In this way, we will make an appointment for you as soon as possible.

The caravan rental service we offer you is valid for all locations in Antalya.

Our Caravan Options:

Mercedes Sprinter Motocaravan, Fiat Ducato Motocaravan, Fiat Ducato Camper Van, Motocaravan are Travel trailer. By examining these vehicle options, you can choose the model that suits your loved ones and you.
Every vehicle is cleaned regularly. In this way, you will have a hygienic and clean environment in the caravans we offer you. In addition, caravans are regularly maintained. You will not encounter a problem with the latest model vehicles.

Procedures for Rental Transactions

  • Rental rules You have to come to our office to receive your caravan on the day and time you set.
  • You can cancel one day in advance. Cancellations made on the day of delivery are non-refundable.
  • The fee is collected in advance at the time of delivery.
  • A one-day deposit is taken in advance at the delivery of the caravan.
  • Class B license is sufficient for caravans under 750kg.
  • For caravans over 750kg, a BE, CE or DE class license is required.
  • For motorhomes, class B is sufficient if it is not referred to as a truck.
  • If the vehicle is in the truck class, a C class, that is, a truck driver’s license is required.
  • Passport is required for foreign nationals.

For your questions, you can contact us at the following contact options.

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