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Alanya Dental

Alanya dental service is preferred to protect dental health and provide dental aesthetics. Teeth are one of our most important parts. Dental health also means body health. Therefore, it is very important to maintain our dental health. When you protect your dental health, it is possible that you have prevented many ailments in your body. Teeth should not only be healthy. At the same time, the beautiful appearance of the teeth is also an important factor for many people. It is now much easier to smile with healthy and beautiful-looking teeth. Alanya dental surgeon is working to protect your dental health. You should have regular dental care. The dental health of those who have regular dental care is in a much better aspect.

Dental Treatments and Their Types

There are many treatment methods within dentistry. These methods are methods that will meet everyone’s needs. We have many treatment options within Alanya dental health center. The treatment that your teeth need will be given to you as soon as possible. Dental health should not be disrupted. We offer an appointment for the services we will provide first of all. Thus, there is a special time allotted to you. One of the most remarkable among our services at Alanya dental hospital is mouth and dental aesthetics. There are many procedures within the scope of dental and oral aesthetics. We examine your needs before the procedure. Thanks to this, we detect everything that the mouth and teeth need.

These procedures include implant, personal smile design, All on Four technique, dentur, lamina dental treatment, tooth bleaching, root canal operation, filling treatment and oral and maxillofacial surgery. It is possible to get these services by making an appointment. Along with these services, we also have dentistry services for children. Our children between ages of 0-12 are making the most of dental treatment. Besides these, we also offer our high technology service to you. With digital dentistry, it is possible to see everything your mouth and teeth need. Everything is moving quickly through our computer-aided system.

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Alanya Dental

Alanya Dental Hospital Appointment Services

We make an appointment and provide you and us with the most appropriate timely dental treatment. Our doctors see you first at the appointment time. Alanya dental hospital doctors take a rontgen for the treatment you need. We are also conducting an examination through the digital system. We are studying the procedures that need to be performed on your mouth and teeth. After that, we perform these operations with your permission. In order to receive detailed information, you can contact us. In this way, you can also get price information.


-What is the service fee at Alanya dental hospitals?

Each of our services has a separate fee. Therefore, you can contact us.

-How long do dental procedures take?

The duration of dental procedures is related to the operation performed. Therefore, you will need to consult your doctor.

-Can we choose our own dentist?

Of course you can choose. Your satisfaction are very important to us.

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