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Antalya dental services are provided all over the world.It is very important to keep every part of our body clean and healthy. However, there are some parts of the body that make the body healthier thanks to these parts. One of them is the mouth and teeth. Those who have healthy teeth are opening the doors to a healthy life. Because those who have good oral and dental health do not get many diseases that come through the mouth.

Therefore, it is important to keep teeth clean, regularly dental care. Thanks to Antalya dentists, you can have healthier looking teeth. Thanks to this, people from many parts of the world come here. People who have dental care also get a spacious mouth structure. Surrender yourself to expert hands with Antalya dental. So enjoy healthy and good-looking teeth!

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Antalya Dental Implants

There are many people who want to have a dental implant. Dental implant is one of the most popular dental procedures of recent years. Implant of teeth. Because the implant is one of the procedures that best gives the appearance of a healthy tooth. Dental implant is one of the most effective procedures. Thanks to this procedure applied to people with missing teeth, the missing tooth image comes to an end.  Antalya dental implant procedure is performed by screwing method.

Thanks to the procedure performed with local anesthesia, no pain is felt. It also does not damage the teeth located around the implant. At the same time, it is designed in harmony with other teeth located around it. People who have implants can eat and talk quite comfortably. Especially many people who cannot smile because of missing teeth can now smile! This procedure can be applied to many people over the age of 18. However, an X-ray should be taken before the dental implant. Because it is very important that the jaw is prepared for this procedure. The duration of the procedure varies according to how many dental implants will be made.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are another name for crown treatment. The dental crowns process, which are also characterized as a coating, is preferred to protect weak teeth. At the same time, the dental crowns have been a prominent procedure to cover some treated teeth. A tooth is being prepared for this procedure, which protects the broken teeth. Since the dental model is prepared in a laboratory environment, it requires a very attentive workmanship. A dental crown is a short-term treatment and actually has an average protection of up to 7 years. Antalya dental crowns procedure are performed for you to have a healthy and good-looking smile.

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Teeth Whitening

Thanks to this teeth whitening procedure, a bright smile is waiting for you. People who have yellowing teeth prefer the teeth whitening process more. Teeth lose their main color over time. Especially as the day goes by, they have a more yellow color. Especially in people who try to take enough care of their teeth, this condition is experienced much faster. Therefore, it is necessary to whiten teeth regularly. Thanks to the Antalya teeth whitening process, you will have a warmer smile. Those who are afraid to smile can show their bright teeth to everyone thanks to this procedure.

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Antalya Dental Veneers

Thanks to the dental veneers process, you can have teeth that have a good appearance. At the same time, the advantage of this process is that it is quite long-lasting. Of course, it is also important how well you take care of your teeth. This process, which gives the appearance of porcelain teeth, is made of porcelain material. Fine porcelain settles on the tooth. During this process, the teeth are equalized and a more beautiful tooth image is given. Then, carefully prepared porcelain teeth are placed. In this way, you can have teeth that look both white and shiny. Thanks to the Antalya dental veneers process, the teeth in the front section are given a healthy appearance.

You can contact us for your Antalya dental procedures. In this way, we can determine the dental procedures that you need. Our patients from all over the world have more beautiful teeth accompanied by our specialist physicians.


-How do we make the choice of Antalya dentist?

You can check out our dentists and you can talk to them. Thanks to this, you can easily make a choice.

-What is the Antalya dental procedures fee?

The cost of each dental procedure is different. Therefore, it would be better for us to see you first.

-Is there pain in Antalya dental procedure?

This situation varies according to the process. However, you will not experience any pain during the procedure. If there is pain afterwards, you can consult our dentists.

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