Dental Services In Alanya

Dental Services in Alanya

We offer many services in one place for those who want to get dental services in Alanya. In this way, your teeth get the desired appearance as soon as possible. Especially for those who are not satisfied with their teeth and mouth appearance, Alanya dental service is very advantageous. Our dental service scope is quite wide. Especially with enamelplasty, you can now laugh more happily. We work with experts in the field of dentistry. In this way, you can have the mouth and teeth image you want. There are many factors that need to be considered when receiving dental services. These processes are completed within a day, and some processes take much longer. You need to get information for all transactions. It is possible to complete all the procedures related to your teeth by contacting us.

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You can get good smiles with enamelplasty service in Alanya. Enamelplasty has a fairly wide scope. At the same time, aesthetic dentistry includes many procedures within its structure. The important thing here is the structure of the person’s own teeth and mouth. Aesthetic dentistry is performed depending on the final condition of the teeth and mouth. First of all, the patient’s condition is analyzed. What the patient needs is explained to him. Then the procedures are started. These procedures can be many things in themselves, such as implants, root canal treatment, tooth bleaching. For this reason, it is very important to perform the procedures recommended by your doctor. Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, the smile you want can be yours in a short time.

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Implant Treatments

Implant treatments can be quite long-term. What determines this is how many implants you need. It is possible to have a good dental appearance in a short time with implant treatment in Alanya. The implant is very effective, especially for those with missing teeth. Missing teeth are placed in the desired area with a titanium screw. The screws placed on the jawbone should be quite firm. In this way, it is possible to use implants for a lifetime. A dental prosthesis is placed on top of the screws. The dental prosthesis is the same as your other teeth. Thanks to this, it is possible to see a complementary image. At the same time, those who do not use their teeth can use it after this procedure.

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Root Canal Treatment

Alanya root canal treatment is actually a technique used to correct infected teeth. The roots of the teeth that are facing decay are cleaned and removed by our specialists. Then, the empty part formed in it is filled. Thanks to root canal treatment, caries or infections do not become widespread around the tooth. It is very important that this process is carried out at an early time. Because then there is a risk of losing the tooth. Our dentists who perform root canal treatment are very successful in this field. They do the root canal treatment without interruption. In this way, you can get the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is quite extensive. There are many elements to be considered here. Alanya pediatric dentistry service is always available. This service is provided by our dentists who are experts in this field. In pediatric dentistry, there are different things that are as important as the procedure itself. It is very important that children are comfortable and stress-free, especially during the dental procedure. All this is part of pediatric dentistry. We make sure that you and your children are satisfied. All dental procedures that children need is included in this scope. In this way, you can find the opportunity to have all the procedures your child needs done in one place.

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Treatment of Dental Diseases

Treatment of dental diseases should not be disrupted. Because these diseases trigger each other. Dental services in Alanya diseases are quite extensive. Our service, called Alanya dental diseases treatment, is also quite comprehensive. We have a fully equipped working principle. In this way, all the treatments needed are provided by us. There are different treatment alternatives for each tooth. Therefore, first of all, the doctor needs to see your teeth. In some cases, dental X-rays are also taken. The first stage for people applying to the clinic is the stage of finding a diagnosis. After that, the treatment phase takes place. Our treatments are usually under the influence of anesthesia. Thanks to local anesthesia, patients do not feel pain. We adjust many factors specifically for our patient. Patient satisfaction is very important to us.

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Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery is quite extensive. It is possible to obtain a healthy mouth area with this discipline of science covering every age group. Especially the diseases seen in the tooth and jaw tissue, some disorders are also included in this scope. The first stage is, of course, the stage of finding a diagnosis. Then, the treatment is started without slowing down. It is also necessary to have knowledge in this field for dental implant applications. It is also very important to get surgical support for diseases such as tooth and jaw fracture.

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Denture Treatment

A prosthetic tooth actually means a reconstructed tooth. Therefore, denture treatment is very important. You should be careful where you do this treatment. Thanks to Alanya denture treatment, you can achieve a much more aesthetic appearance. This process takes longer than many processes. The reason for this is that it is done with local anesthesia. Screws should be put in place of the person’s teeth first. A prosthetic tooth is placed on the screw. It is prepared by taking into account the person’s tooth color. At the same time, attention is paid to the dental images of patients and requires a dental design. Equality is achieved between the teeth and the missing teeth are completed. Decapitated teeth. For each of these procedures, you can contact the dental services in Alanya, In this way, you can get a totally new and healthier smile.


-How long do dental treatments in Alanya require?

Each of the dental treatments in Alanya has different times. Therefore, we need to see the patient first.

-What is the cost of dental treatments in Alanya?

Alanya dental treatment fees are separated from each other. For example, the price of root canal treatment and denture is not the same.

-How can we contact you for dental treatments in Alanya?

It is enough to call us. In this way, we can plan a suitable date for you.

-Is there accommodation service during dental treatments in Alanya?

We offer special facilities for our patients from abroad. You can evaluate these opportunities.

-Are x-rays taken in Alanya dental treatments?

We do dental x-rays for our patients when necessary. In this way, we have the opportunity to see some diseases more easily.

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