Antalya Intercity Private Transfer

Antalya Intercity Private Transfer

Antalya intercity private transfer service takes people to many places with private vehicles. There are many intercity travel services with us. You can travel more than one province at the same time in Antalya intercity private transfer service. This can be a tourist trip, as well as a business trip at the same time. Families are a group that frequently benefits from Antalya intercity private transfer service. Colleagues and tourists also show great interest in this service. We have a variety of vehicles in different capacities for each group. The cities where the trip is made are Cappadocia, Eskişehir, Kayseri, Isparta, Mersin, Konya, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Pamukkale. It is possible to travel to one or more of these cities. Our vehicles are designed in a luxurious way. A comfortable travel is possible with original and luxurious designs in our vehicles, which are special for individuals and groups.

Antalya Intercity Private Transfer
Antalya Intercity Private Transfer

Private Excursions Out of Antalya City Car Rental with Driver

Antalya intercity private transfer service attracts the attention of tourists especially. Our touristic trips start from Antalya and then go to different locations. Tourist trips to many cities such as Antalya, Ankara, Mersin, Bursa, Pamukkale are organized.  The quality of the rented vehicles for these trips is also very important. Thanks to the luxury of the vehicles, the trip will also be comfortable. According to their location, the journey time varies. You can plan the trip as a group or as a single person. In the same way, you can be included in our tours. Thanks to the intercity tours we will make, you can explore many points of Turkey.

Antalya intercity private transfer service is a private car rental service with a driver. Arrival and boarding points are indicated in advance to our experienced and knowledgeable drivers. This includes the number of people coming and the type of vehicle. Our drivers will make your journey more special by stopping at the locations you want. For car rental service, you need to contact us first. You can book online from our website. It is also possible to make a reservation by phone. The information you provide here confirms your journey. Then you can look forward to your journey with pleasure.

Antalya Intercity Private Transfer
Antalya Intercity Private Transfer

Antalya Car Rental with Driver

Thanks to the Antalya chauffeur-driven car rental service, you can make short trips in Antalya. The car rental service has a duration and the minimum duration of this service is 1 day. You need to take this information into account when renting a car. You can visit every point in the city of Antalya for 1 with the cahauffeur. All this will be included in the price. Thus it is possible to get to know Antalya as a tourist destination. Many people who want to do business can benefit from our chauffeur-driven car rental service for at least one day.

Our customers also want to know about our rental vehicles. Our vehicle with the highest number of people is the Mercedes Sprinter. It has a carrying capacity of up to 18 People. And this car indispensable for crowded groups. At the same time, the Mercedes Vito 5 is a preferred vehicle with its capacity. Apart from these, you can make preferences from the Mercedes S Class passenger car. And the other var is mid-level passenger car.

Antalya Intercity Private Transfer
Antalya Intercity Private Transfer

Chauffeured Car for Antalya Daily Sightseeing

You can book a maximum of 9 days for city trips in Antalya. In this way, you can explore Antalya and its surroundings for 9 days. Our drivers, who pick you up from the same point for 9 days, will drop you at the same point. The capacity and hours of each trip are determined in advance. his information is included in the reservation. In this way, you can get maximum efficiency from the chauffeur-driven car rental service. Although there is a capacity of 9 days for city trips, the capacity of the person varies. Because you can choose extra vehicles according to the number of people. Thanks to Antalya intercity private transfer and Antalya intracity transfer services, traveling is much more enjoyable and luxurious.

Antalya Intercity Private Transfer 3
Antalya Intercity Private Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there Wifi and air conditioning in the preferred vehicles for transfer?

A: There is Wifi and air conditioning in our transfer vehicles. All the elements that make up a comfortable trip are included in our vehicles.

Q: Will the vehicles stop where I want during the transfer?

A: Of course, our drivers, whom you want to pause during the transfer, will take the vehicle to the desired point. Thus, you can stop.

Q: Are cats and dogs allowed in the vehicles during the transfer?

A: We accept cats and dogs in transfers. However, we prefer to get information about the breeds and sizes of cats and dogs during the reservation.

Q: Does the transfer driver pick us up at the time I want?

A: You determine the time at which you want to be picked up during the reservation. Our driver is coming to pick you up at this hour.

Q: Is there insurance on your transfer vehicles?

A: All of our transfer vehicles are insured. There is no need to worry about this.

Q: What are your prices for extra in-car requests?

A: It is possible that there are many extras in the vehicle or during the transfer process. Each of them is paid. The Welcome package also has a different fee.

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