Antalya was impressed by the earthquake

In Turkey, the province of Antalya was affected in the earthquake of 7.7 in Kahramanmaras in Turkey? Today, we will answer this question in the earthquake of 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, many provinces of the country were affected. Antalya, which is a tourism city, was not affected by the earthquake.

Is Antalya safe for holiday?

Antalya was not affected by the earthquake. You can distinguish your hotel in Antalya, which is a safe zone for 2023 holidays. Antalya is the region of Turkey without earthquake risk.

Which hotel should I choose Antalya?

There are many hotels in Antalya. You can use all relevant hotels for accommodation. The choice of tourists from boutique hotels is to participate in daily tours and activities without being connected to the hotel.
If you like exciting tours, you can choose boutique hotels.
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