Artemis Princess Hotel Tours
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Artemis Princess Hotel Tours: Unforgettable Memories

With Artemis Princess Hotel tours, you can have unforgettable moments on vacation. Tours are always the most preferred activities for those who want to enjoy their vacation. Artemis Princess Hotel is very close to the public beach. It is also 4 kilometers from Alanya city center. This hotel consists of two separate buildings and has a total of 146 rooms. There are many services such as balcony, air conditioning, shower, hair dryer, TV, minibar in the rooms. It has a main restaurant and this area is on the top floor of the hotel.

There are 2 swimming pools and 1 children’s swimming pool. You can also choose our transfer service to get to this hotel. With this service you can reach your hotel as soon as possible. You can also go on tours on the way to your hotel. We pick you up from your hotel for tours.

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Artemis Princess Hotel Tours and Details

For Artemis Princess Hotel tours, you must first make a reservation. Because the interest in tours is quite intense and many people want to participate in these tours with their close friends and family. While some of our tours can be done as a single person, some of our tours make it possible to participate with many people. You should contact us for booking tours. Details and types of our tours are available on our website. When joining these tours, you must specify the number of people.

At the same time, you will be told the types of tours and you can choose which tours you can participate in. You will also be informed about the hours and days. Each of our tours has different conditions. Some of our tours are suitable for children but some are for adults only. We also get your health information when you join the tours. In this way, you can join the tours safely.

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Artemis Princess Hotel and Antalya Airport

There are many airport options for Artemis Princess Hotel tours. In this way, whichever airport you prefer, our transfer service is waiting for you to travel comfortably. With this transfer service, you can go from the airport to your hotel and from there to the tours. The first option for this is Antalya Airport. Antalya Airport is one of the most preferred airports, but it is a little farther from Alanya hotels. For this reason, we leave the choice entirely to you. We also offer airport pick-up service from Antalya Airport. The distance between Artemis Princess Hotel and Antalya Airport is 130 kilometers and this journey is completed in 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Artemis Princess Hotel and Gazipasa Airport

Another alternative for Artemis Princess Hotel tours is located in Alanya. Gazipaşa Airport is located in Alanya and especially those who prefer Alanya hotels head towards this airport. The airport is closer to many Alanya hotels and therefore becomes a reason for preference. Even though Gazipasa Airport is closer to the hotel in terms of distance, we still offer transfer service. In this way, you do not need to compromise on your transfer comfort. The distance between Artemis Princess Hotel and Alanya Gazipasa Airport is 37 kilometers. This journey is usually completed within 36 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which regions are Artemis Princess Hotel tours valid for?

Artemis Princess Hotel tours are valid for the whole of Antalya and include Alanya.

Is there a limit to the number of tours when joining Artemis Princess Hotel tours?

No, you can join every tour that suits you among Artemis Princess Hotel tours.

Can our children also participate in Artemis Princess Hotel tours?

Of course, children can participate in some tours, but not all tours are suitable for children.

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