Belek Private Transfer

Belek private transfer

Belek private transfer; If you are considering a special welcome ceremony for your family and loved ones, the best option is Belek transfer service. The luxurious Alanya Group transfer service provides great convenience in the welcoming of the tourist group and the meeting of private businessmen in the business world. In welcoming procedures, experienced and experienced airport transfer drivers offer a welcoming service within the framework of courtesy rules. All the necessary facilities are provided for the journey to be enjoyable.

Transfer Team

Belek transfer team, working from the customer service to the driver team, is getting ready for the season in the best way. The world of tourism, which is moving with the arrival of summer months, welcomes its guests in the best way with its private transfer service. Staff who know a foreign language are involved in the welcome service. Foreign language speaking personnel are employed for the private service of the tourist group.

Belek hotel transfer service, with its experienced driver team, works with professional drivers in safe car use. In addition to VIP-style public transportation vehicles, sedan-type vehicles are also ready to serve in Belek hotel transfer fleet. If you are considering a special welcoming ceremony for tourist clubs, this category of specially designed VIP style public transportation vehicles has the features you are looking for. All the features you are looking for in these vehicles are all together.

Belek Vip Transfer

Advantages of Transfer Service

The transfer service with a fleet of luxury vehicles has more advantageous features than other transportation options. The most important advantage of the airport transfer service is that it is with a driver. It is also an important difference that the vehicle has extraordinary luxury features. The advantages of the airport transfer service are as follows:

1- Salaries and other expenses of the drivers using the vehicle belong to the company.

2- The tax, insurance, industry costs and insurance of the transfer vehicle belong to the company.

3- Since private drivers use the transfer vehicle, you do not encounter any traffic problems.

4- You can request this Alanya Group transfer service at any time of the day.

Belek private transfer service, which offers travel with luxury vehicles as well as a special welcome ceremony, is charged in the preferred vehicle model and transportation distance category.

7/24 Transfer

Airport transfer and address-to-address Belek private transfer service does not have a specific working hour. No matter what time your guest’s plane lands at the airport, the Belek hotel transfer team is ready at the exit section before that time. In addition, 24/7 solutions are provided for issues such as meeting special guests or moving from address to address.

Special VIP Style Vehicles

VIP-style vehicles specially designed in the category of public transportation and sedan attract attention with their extraordinary features. The vehicles used in Belek private transfer service have full features. The most important feature of this service is comfort.

The tax, insurance and industrial expenses of the vehicles specially designed for this service belong to the company. In addition to the motor vehicle cost, the entire cost of the driver also belongs to the company. In Belek hotel transfer service, individuals or companies that make lease payments only pay the rental fee. Traffic fines and other penalties are the responsibility of the driver driving the vehicle. The guest enjoys the ride in the back seat.

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