Big Blue Sky Hotel Transfer

Big Blue Sky Hotel Transfer: With Professional Staff

We have a professional team for our Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer service. In this way, you can experience the most professional and luxurious standards in a short time. Professional employees speak more than one language so you can feel more comfortable during the journey. In addition, our team drives our luxury vehicles and you can just sit back.

Big Blue Sky Hotel is known for its many services. It has a unique owner and the hotel offers delicious food, spa and massage services, various sports and many other activities. There are options such as standard room, family room, standard sea view room in the hotel. The hotel has 4 stars and is known for its seafront location. It is also close to the city center and it is possible to travel in various areas. The hotel’s restaurant is on the terrace floor and has many views. The rooms have a large balcony and views of the city, castle, garden and pool.

Big Blue Sky Hotel Transfer Vehicles

There are many options in our Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer vehicles. Our vehicles are generally diversified with vito and sprinter models. Vito vehicles also have different models within themselves and in this way you can choose the one that suits your budget. This also applies to sprinter vehicles. Our sprinter vehicles create a rich option area with varieties such as 12 people and 16 people.

There are also many services in our transfer vehicles. One of them is free beverage service. There is also a TV in the vehicle. You can watch many series and movies with TV. In addition, a cool journey takes place with air conditioning in the vehicle. Within the scope of the transfer, our vehicles are regularly checked and all operations are carried out.


Big Blue Sky Hotel and Airports

With our Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer service, we take you directly from the airport to your hotel. In the same way, we take you from your hotel and leave you to the airport. Our transfer service is quite suitable for those who do not want to get tired while traveling and who want to experience the journey in a pleasant way. There are more than one type of airport for our transfer service.

The first one is Gazipasa Airport because it is much closer to the hotel in terms of distance. In this way, the journey takes a short time. However, you need to take your plane here and we can pick you up directly from the entrance of the airport for your journey. The distance between Big Blue Sky Hotel and Gazipasa Airport is 38,1. Therefore, the journey is usually completed in 35 minutes and you can start exploring your hotel.

Another option within the scope of Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer is Antalya Airport. This very crowded airport is a popular address. It takes 1 hours and 54 minutes to go from Big Blue Sky Hotel to Antalya Airport. This journey is usually completed within 129 kilometers. Get ready for long and short journeys!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there also soft drinks among the drinks during Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer service?

Our Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer service includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Can we bring our pets along with us during Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer?

Pets are also included in Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer. However, your hotel must also accept them.

Do you have a baby seat in Big Blue Sky Hotel transfer service?

Yes, we have a baby seat and we offer it to you completely free of charge.

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