Blue Cruise Turkey

Blue Cruise Turkey

Blue Cruise Turkey opens the door to a new world for you. Blue Cruise specifically represents a certain route and therefore received this name. It is a general name given to the sea trip between Antalya and Bodrum. Similar routes are preferred on this holiday trip. At the same time, this trip is made by boat, gulet or yacht. Blue Cruise is a very important term for the tourism world. Blue Cruise has created a new tourism concept in the region. It is an important activity that combines a sea holiday with a trip. For more information about Blue Cruise, please read our article…

Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Cruise Turkey

What Is Blue Cruise?

A quality trip is possible with Blue Cruise Turkey. Blue Cruise, which is preferred especially in the summer season, offers the opportunity to explore the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Although the routes change over time, you can choose the route that interests you the most. Blue Cruise is very important for both watching the sea and staying in these regions. It is possible to visit many regions with the Blue Cruise route. At the same time, there are suitable areas for observing the Greek Islands. You can swim in fairly quiet bays and enjoy the sea. The Blue Cruise holiday combines both cultural travel and nature exploration. Those who want to stay alone with nature and get away from the crowd prefer this method.

Why Should You Join the Blue Cruise?

It is possible to travel the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas with Blue Cruise. You can also see the points connecting the two seas. You can also explore ancient structures on these routes, which have been used for trade for centuries. At the same time, you can swim quietly in the azure sea. These facilities attract the attention of many people and Blue Cruise Turkey attracts a lot of attention.

There are also many things included in the Blue Cruise Turkey tour. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available on board the Blue Cruise. This way, you can eat healthy during your vacation. You can specify the foods you do not consume during booking. It is possible to prepare a suitable menu for this. Blue Cruise has a cabin rental service, as well as it is possible to rent the entire gulet at the same time. You can take advantage of all the privileges.

There are many different areas in the Blue Cruise depending on the yacht. A full-fledged kitchen is one of them. The number of cabins varies. There are also relaxation areas on the boat. There are also toilets on the yachts. Each of these areas is included in the Blue Cruise fee. Water sports are also available as an option on the Blue Cruise. You can also specify these at the time of booking.

Turkey Blue Cruise Destination
Turkey Blue Cruise Destination

Turkey Blue Cruise Destination (Routes)

Thanks to Blue Cruise Turkey, you can see many special and quiet spots in the Mediterranean and Aegean. For those who like long-term trips, Blue Cruise is an indispensable option. Especially there are many people who want to know the travel route. Our route is as follows:

  1. Marmaris
  2. Fethiye
  3. Bodrum
  4. Gocek
  5. Kusadası
  6. Datca
  7. Gokova
  8. Kas
  9. Kekova
  10. Oludeniz
  11. Kemer                                  
  12. Dalyan

Our Blue Cruise route starts from Marmaris and is completed in Dalyan also we stop at many points during our journey. The time period that we will allocate to each region is different from each other. Since there are many places to see, it is not possible to stop at every stop. You can stop at some points and enjoy the quiet bays. At the same time, you can see many historical points and take unique photos.

Turkey Gulet Rental
Turkey Gulet Rental

Turkey Gulet Rental

You can benefit from our Turkey gulet charter service. Blue Cruise Turkey is also possible by gulet. In this way, you can rent a gulet and enjoy the Blue Cruise. The gulet rental process varies. When renting gulets, you should know that the cost of each of them is different. Firstly these fees are usually determined on a daily basis. Gulet rental fees for Blue Cruise vary considerably. However, there are gulets with an average fare of 15,000 TL. You can choose the one that suits your budget. You should also examine the advantages inside the gulet.

Antalya Yacht Rental
Antalya Yacht Rental

Antalya Yacht Rental

You can make Blue Cruise more enjoyable with yacht charter service in Antalya. Yachts are of different sizes, and this also affects the fare. Therefore, it is possible to talk about various fees. Yachts are among the frequently preferred vehicles for Blue Cruise Turkey. There is usually a daily rental fee. This fee is about 12.000 TL on average and includes many services that you want. In this way, you can explore the Mediterranean and the Aegean by yacht.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a Blue Cruise Turkey cabin rental service?

A: Of course, you can rent a yacht or gulet. You can also rent a cabin at the same time.

Q: Can we bring pets on Blue Cruise yachts?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring pets on yachts.

Q: What is the number of personnel on Blue Cruise yachts?

A: The number of personnel on Blue Cruise yachts varies according to the size of the yacht. So there are no more than 4 or 5 staff.

Q: Can we do our own Blue Cruise tour?

A: You can design your Blue Cruise tour by yourself. But thanks to this, it is valid on special tours.

Q: Can we bring drinks from outside on Blue Cruise tours?

A: You can only bring drinks from outside on Blue Cruise tours if you are on a private yacht. Cabin renters cannot bring drinks from outside.

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