Calimera Hane Garden Transfer

Calimera Hane Garden Transfer: Don’t Compromise on Comfort

Do not compromise on your comfort with Calimera Hane Garden transfer service. Comfort while traveling is your right too. Take advantage of this service whether you are alone or with friends and family. Company preference is very important in transfer services. This is necessary for both a safe travel and a comfortable travel.

Calimera Hane Garden has many facilities. One of them is the Olympic pool in the hotel. Along with this pool, there is also a relaxation pool. An indoor pool also has a heating feature. There are also a total of 2 baby and children’s pools within the site. There is also an aquapark in this hotel. There are 5 large and 3 small slides. The hotel also has an area on the beach. There are both sun loungers and umbrellas here.

The sand is quite fine and only 3 minutes walking distance. The hotel has a main restaurant, a buffet restaurant and a patisserie. The hotel has a standard room, a duplex family room and a standard family room type. Try our comfortable Calimera Hane Garden transfer service to experience each of these facilities as soon as possible!

Calimera Hane Garden Transfer Car Models

The options for our Calimera Hane Garden transfer vehicles will please you. Vito and sprinter models stand out among our transfer vehicles. Of course, these models also have varieties within themselves. Our Vito vehicles are vehicles that few people can choose. Even 1 person can choose this vehicle. We also have sprinter vehicles. The capacity of these vehicles is up to 16 people. You can choose what you want.

You can choose a vehicle during reservation. You can also see the vehicle fees during the reservation. In this way, you can make a choice suitable for your budget. You also have the opportunity to examine the vehicle features during vehicle selection. Details are on our website.

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Calimera Hane Garden and Antalya Airport Distance

Another service requested in Calimera Hane Garden transfer services is airport transfer service. So if you want airport transfer, you can contact us. Airport pick-up services offer you many opportunities. With these opportunities, you can have a more comfortable time while traveling. Because in this way, you will not get tired while traveling. Especially going from the airport to the city can be very difficult and tiring. There is no need to take these risks.

For this reason, you can experience the transfer service directly at the exit gate at the airport. At the same time, we carry your belongings and meet you at the door. In this way, you can start the luxury travel while you are still at the airport.

In Calimera Hane Garden transfer service, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance of the airport. There are two different airports in Antalya. One of them is Gazipasa Airport. Another one is Antalya Airport. Antalya Airport is very popular and has a high preference rate. The distance between Calimera Hane Garden and Antalya Airport is 58 kilometers. Usually 50 minutes is enough for this journey, but this time may vary depending on the route.

Frequently Asked Questions

During which hours is Calimera Hane Garden transfer service provided?

Calimera Hane Garden transfer service is a round-the-clock service. It is valid 7/24.

What is the prepayment fee for Calimera Hane Garden transfer service?

Calimera Hane Garden transfer service prepayment fee is set as 5%. This fee is not exceeded.

Are drinks paid or free during Calimera Hane Garden transfer service?

Drinks are free of charge for our Calimera Hane Garden transfer service. It is valid for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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