Club Aqua Plaza Transfer Alanya

Club Aqua Plaza Transfer Alanya

Club Aqua Plaza Hotel, which is located in the Mediterranean and offers all-inclusive packages overlooking the beach, is only a fifteen-minute walk from the Alara Bazaar, where you can buy something for yourself and visit. This hotel, which has bright and modern rooms, has a free internet connection in all rooms, a minibar, and a good machine to make tea and coffee, while luxury rooms also have a balcony or city view. All food and beverages are served in the buffet restaurant, the snack bar, and five bars, one of which is on the beach. In addition to these facilities, the campus of Club Aqua Plaza Hotel also has a water park, spa, sun loungers, beach volleyball, playground, mini-golf course, amusement park, and parking lot. If you are looking for a Transfer service for your trip to this hotel, you should definitely try our Club Aqua Plaza Transfer Alanya service! Are you ready for the best journey you can experience in your life?

About Our Transfer Service to Club Aqua Plaza Hotel

The journey you will take from Antalya airport to Club Aqua Plaza Hotel is 90 kilometers in total, but this journey may take much longer than you think. When you travel in your private car, this road can take between one and a half hours and three hours depending on the traffic. When you choose our Club Aqua Plaza Hotel Transfer service, our experienced and experienced drivers who know the roads very well will drop you off at the door of Club Aqua Plaza Hotel in one hour and fifteen minutes.

Gazipaşa Alanya Airport, which is one of the airports where your plane can land to go to Club Aqua Plaza Hotel, is 75 kilometers from Club Aqua Plaza Hotel. It may take two and a half hours to arrive at Club Aqua Plaza Hotel when you make this journey with your private car or if you decide to complete it with a driverless car rental service during the summer months when the tourist season starts. Our Club Aqua Plaza Hotel Transfer service, which is preferred by people who care about time, will take you to this hotel in just one hour.

With our Alanya Group company, which we have been pursuing for more than twelve years, we are ready to offer you the most affordable, fastest, and most comfortable Club Aqua Plaza Hotel Transfer service!

Our Vehicle Recommendations for Club Aqua Plaza Hotel Transfer

We offer you Club Aqua Plaza Hotel Transfer service with our vehicles that get full marks from our guests and have no bad words to say about their comfort. Our popular and most comfortable vehicles for this transfer service are as follows:

Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito: This vehicle, which is preferred by people looking for a milk-level vehicle both in terms of price and comfort, is ready for your Club Aqua Plaza Hotel journey.

Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer: This vehicle “I want comfort no matter the price!” It is the favorite of our customers.

Wv Caravella Transfer: Wv Caravella Transfer, which is the most popular vehicle preferred by people who like to vacation with large groups, has a capacity of nine people.

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