Club Hotel Phaselis Rose Transfer

Club Hotel Phaselis Rose Transfer: Trust in Transportation

Our Club Hotel Phaselis Rose transfer service will take you to your luxury hotels in a luxurious way. Located on the Mediterranean coast and surrounded by landscaped gardens, Club Hotel Phaselis Rose hotel stands out with its mountain view and comfort. This traditionally decorated hotel is 7 km from Phaselis, a famous ancient city.

The rooms of this hotel, which has a bar, balcony, internet, safe and television in every room, overlook the sea or the garden. This facility, which has many facilities such as a sports field, water slides, indoor and outdoor pools, night club, sports center, and sauna, is 75 km away from Antalya airport. If you are one of those tourists who do not like to wait and are very eager to start their holiday, our Club Hotel Phaselis Rose transfer service is for you.

With comfortable vehicles, beverage service, and free wi-fi connection, you will reach the hotel you want to go to in just 50 minutes. You will not have to wait in traffic, as our experienced and trained drivers who speak your language know the roads of Antalya very well. In addition, after you have made your hotel reservation, you may be worried about being late because you have to be there at the check-in time. As Alanya Group, our transfer service delivers you to the hotel’s door on time.

What We Can Provide You as a Club Hotel Phaselis Rose Transfer Service

Club Hotel Phaselis Rose transfer service prioritizes your satisfaction. We continue to serve you with our policy that puts customer satisfaction in the most important place for sixteen years. With years of experience, we determine which issues you may have problems with, and we solve the problems before you experience these problems. Our 24/7 online helpline and telephone are always available for your problems and questions.

We also secure your payment with our options to pay in the vehicle and not to take any money during the reservation, and we do not charge you any extra fees. If you want to rent a car with a driver, we assign a driver who speaks your language or speaks a common language with you for the car you rented. We also provide compulsory road passenger insurance, and we care about your life and health.


Our Vehicle Options for Your Needs

Although each of our vehicles is tailored to your needs, you may find it difficult to choose the vehicle that suits your needs, as each vehicle has its capacity. You can avoid the hassle of choosing a tool by browsing the list below:

  • Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito: This vehicle, which has a capacity of five people and five suitcases, will make you feel at home with its comfortable seats.
  • Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer: This vehicle, which also has a capacity of five people, is designed for those who want to feel special.
  •  Wv Caravella Transfer: With a capacity of nine people and nine suitcases, this vehicle is the most suitable vehicle for large family trips.

Club Hotel Phaselis Rose and Antalya Airport Distance

You can complete the distance between Club Hotel Phaselis Rose and Antalya Airport in the safest way.  There is a distance of 75 kilometers between Club Hotel Phaselis Rose and Antalya Airport. This journey is completed in an average of 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pay for our Club Hotel Phaselis Rose transfer service with cash?

Of course, we also prefer cash payment method.

Can babies also benefit from the transfer service?

Of course, babies can also benefit from this service. We have baby seats.

What is the acceptance requirement for the transfer service?

After the reservation, the information is examined and if there is no contrary situation, it is approved.

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