Corendon Playa Kemer Transfer

Corendon Playa Kemer Transfer: Professional Service!

Our Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service is a professional service and we can offer you the best service. We also have a professional team for our professional service. We create an experienced team in the field of our transfer service and we work with this team. At the same time, we provide reliable travel service in safe vehicles. In this way, you do not need to be afraid or hesitant during the journey. Just sit back and enjoy the journey!

Corendon Playa Kemer Transfer Vehicles

Corendon Playa Kemer transfer vehicles have two different types. Our vehicles are Mercedes brand and there are two different types. One of them is Vito vehicles and the other is Sprinter vehicles. Of course, these types are also divided into some models within themselves and you can choose the one that suits your budget. Our Vito vehicles are considered suitable for a small number of people. At the same time, vito is also used for single person journeys. However, if you are going to make a crowded journey, then you should choose Sprinter vehicles. The number of people in Sprinter vehicles varies between 12 and 16.


Corendon Playa Kemer Transfer Service

Our Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service is ready to offer you comfort. There are many advantages in our transfer service. You can see a professional service in our vehicles. There is free internet in our vehicles. At the same time, there is air conditioning service in our vehicles. In addition to these, we have free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in our vehicles. In this way, you can drink your drinks with your loved ones while watching the Mediterranean view. We have professional drivers in our vehicles. Our drivers know different languages and you can choose a driver who speaks your language.

If you want to benefit from these services, you can make a reservation. For the reservation, the arrival address and boarding address must be entered. Afterwards, many information such as day and time information and number of people should be entered into the system. These steps are also valid for Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service. Then a screen will appear in front of you. This screen includes vehicles and prices. You can review the vehicles and the prices suitable for your budget.

Corendon Playa Kemer and Airport Distance

We also provide a special airport pick-up service for you within our Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service. We pick you up directly from the airport and drop you off at the address you specify as your hotel. We have more than one option in our airport transfer services. Whichever airport you prefer, we pick you up from that address. Our airport pick-up service is valid for every airport. One of these is Antalya Airport.

Antalya Airport is located in the center of the city and is much more convenient for transportation to the area where the hotel is located. There is also Gazipaşa Airport and it is known for being close to Alanya. The distance between Corendon Playa Kemer and Antalya Airport is 48.4 kilometers. This journey is completed in 47 minutes on average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do vehicle options affect the prices in Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service?

Our vehicle options affect the price in Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service. You can compare the vehicle and price during booking.

Is there internet available in Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service and is it paid?

We have internet service in Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service and we offer it to you free of charge.

Is there a person limit in Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service?

In our Corendon Playa Kemer transfer service, our vehicles have a maximum of 16 people, but we can arrange more than one vehicle.

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