Corendon Playa Kemer Transfer

Corendon Playa Kemer Transfer

Corendon Playa Kemer Transfer hotel, located between Beydağları Coastal National Park and the Mediterranean Coast, is located parallel to two streets of the D400 highway. This hotel, where everything is included in the price, is only two minutes away from the beach and 14 km from Kemer Marina. This hotel has an architecture that overlooks both the forest and the sea, but every room has either forest or sea views. Corendon Playa Kemer, formerly Grand Park Kemer, is located 45 km from Antalya airport in total. Although this distance may be 40 minutes under normal conditions, it may take you more than an hour and a half to reach this hotel during the tourist season when tourists are concentrated. During tourism periods, you can reduce this time to only thirty minutes by using our Corendon Playa Kemer Transfer service with an easy reservation process on our website.

Moreover, you will not miss your hotel check-in time with our door-to-door service, which we take you from the airport door to the hotel door. Are you ready to arrive at your hotel on time and enjoy the luxury comfort in the meantime?

What You Should Know About Antalya Group Transfer Service

Before taking advantage of a transfer service, it is important to find out if that company or person is reliable, what services they offer, and how convenient it is for you. The basic things you need to know about the Antalya Group Transfer service are as follows:

  •  All of our vehicles are 2019 and above models, they are regularly maintained.
  • You should know that all our drivers have the necessary documents to use the vehicle. Also, our drivers are made up of people who can speak your language, so you can find solutions to your problems instantly.
  • We have the option to pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the hotel.
  • You can take advantage of our baby seat service free of charge, and we also have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle feature for people with disabilities.

Antalya Group Transfer Cars You Can Prefer

Although we do not experience any technical problems since our cars are new, we regularly perform technical maintenance on our cars and we clean our cars periodically following the COVID-19 rules, as we care about the health of our customers. We have three cars that are at the top in terms of comfort, where all precautions are taken and regular maintenance is done. These cars are Ultra-luxury Mercedes, Vito Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer, and Wv Caravella Transfer. We recommend Ultra-luxury Mercedes for solo or small group trips, and Wv Caravella Transfer for group trips with many people. For small groups who are comfortable and want to feel like a VIP, Vito Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer should be the priority choice

For other transfers, you can contact us on the contact page.

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For information about our services, visit our services page.

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