Diamond Resort Spa Hotel Tours
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Diamond Resort Spa Hotel Tours: Enjoy for Travel!

Diamond Resort Spa Hotel tours are to make you love the holiday more. Because they usually come to hotels for vacations. In this case, the activities to be done in the hotel may be limited or may not be suitable for every person. However, Alanya is a very lively place and the activities to be done both in Alanya and Antalya are quite limited. However, doing these activities within safe limits is also important for many people coming from abroad. Especially those who do not know the region choose safe borders. In this case, we offer you a tour alternative within safe borders.

Our tours are more than one and thus vary according to each person, age and taste. You can easily choose the most suitable tour for yourself. Of course, you can also join different tours depending on your vacation time. These tours are also a choice for socializing. If you are on vacation as a family, there are also family tours. In this way, your children can have fun and make unforgettable memories. Contact us for details!

Jeep Safari

Boat Tour


Diamond Resort Spa Hotel Tours and Features

Diamond Resort Spa Hotel tours have many details. Our tours appeal to different age groups. Some of these tours can be family activities, while others have options for ages 12 and over, 18 and over. Especially extreme sports have much higher age limits. Otherwise, family permission is required. In addition, sports activities can also be done with the family. Many tours such as swimming with dolphins and boat tours are done in this way. Of course, quota is also important. While 5 people are enough for some tours, some tours may ask for 10 people or more.

There are also options using vehicles within the tours. Jeep safari tours are divided into two as day and night. The age limit varies here too. The prices of the tours are also a matter of curiosity. The prices of the tours depend on the duration and details of the activity. You should also know that transfer service is also included in the tours. This also affects the price. You can check the tours here.

Hotel: http://www.diamondhillresort.com.tr/

Diamond Resort Spa Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

Along with Diamond Resort Spa Hotel tours, we also offer different transfer services. Especially our airport transfer services are very advantageous. Because these services also include a welcome service. Thus, you do not have to waste time at the airport. Especially Antalya Airport is the most preferred airport. If you want to go to Diamond Resort Spa Hotel from Antalya Airport, this journey is 2 hours and 10 minutes in total. It is a long journey but the view is quite enjoyable.

Diamond Resort Spa Hotel and Gazipasa Airport Distance

Gazipasa Airport is also located in Alanya. This airport is much closer to the hotel and those who prefer this airport can also benefit from our transfer service. For those who want to go from Gazipasa Airport to Diamond Resort Spa Hotel, this journey takes 30 minutes. The distance of 36 kilometers must be completed and the fare varies accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a package alternative for Diamond Resort Spa Hotel tours?

No, we do not have a package service, but you can join every tour. In this way, you can easily socialize.

Is transfer service included in Diamond Resort Spa Hotel tours fees?

Yes, our transfer service is included. You can also consider the fee depending on this.

Are your tour fees for one person?

Yes, tour fees are for one person. Group fees will be different depending on the number of people.

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