Eftalia Island Alanya Transfer

Eftalia Island Alanya Transfer

Eftalia Island Alanya transfer service promises a luxurious journey and makes daily Alanya tours possible. Eftalia Island campus, where the Eftalia Marin, Eftalia Ocean, Eftalia Village, and Eftalia Splash hotels are gathered in a single area, also contains many opportunities such as an Aquapark, restaurants, bars, pools, food and beverage stands, animations, and parties.

When you want to reach this campus with your private vehicle, the journey from Alanya airport will take at least one and a half hours, and the journey from Antalya airport will take approximately two hours.  Even if you have the chance to go by bus from Antalya airport, this journey by public transport will take three hours, excluding the waiting time. Explore our Eftalia Island Alanya transfer service!

 If you are in a hurry to start your holiday as soon as possible and are very eager to start your holiday, you can take advantage of our Eftalia Island Alanya transfer service, where we will quickly transport you to Eftalia Island.  During this service, we keep customer satisfaction at the forefront and do our best to make your holiday start as good as possible.  Would you like to start your holiday with a transfer service that cares about you?

Facilities Included in Our Eftalia Island Alanya Transfer Service

If you are one of those people who care about their comfort before the holiday as much as their comfort during the holiday, you should try our ultra-luxury and comfortable Eftalia Island Alanya transfer vehicles that offer you special opportunities.  You can choose us to have a very comfortable journey with the vehicles we offer you with a driver. 

We attach great importance to your satisfaction with our company, which has been in this market for more than ten years and offers a service that is 20% cheaper than the market.  For this reason, after using our transfer service, you will undoubtedly choose us in your next transfer car rental process.

Our vehicles, which have a high level of comfort and are equipped with technological facilities, have a baby seat, a wheelchair suitable part, and air conditioning.  Our vehicles, including free wi-fi and beverage service, serve according to your plans, and when you inform us of your hotel check-in time, we take great care to deliver you to the hotel at that time.

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Hotel: https://eftaliahotels.com/eftalia-island-eftalia-island/

Best Cars To Go To Eftalia Island

We have set ourselves the task of transporting you wherever you want, whenever you want, with the vehicles that we rent with a driver.  You will not compromise on your comfort in the car with our drivers who can speak your language, are experienced, educated and know the roads well.  Our recommended tools for you are as follows:

Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito: We offer you the highest level of comfort, even if this vehicle is our most affordable transportation service.

Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer: You will be a real VIP with this vehicle, which has features such as black filtered windows, heated seats, television, air conditioning, air conditioner.

Wv Caravella Transfer: This large vehicle, with a capacity of up to nine people, is ideal for large groups that value comfort.

Distance to Eftalia Island and Antalya Airport

Our Eftalia Island Alanya transfer service also includes airport transfer service and welcome service. You can experience many such services in the most luxurious way. The distance between Eftalia Island and Antalya Airport is 106 kilometers. This journey is completed in an average of 1 hour and 25 minutes. During this time, you can watch the Mediterranean view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for Eftalia Island Alanya transfer service?

Fees vary according to the route, vehicle and number of people. Please contact us.

Is there a route limit during the transfer service?

We come everywhere in Antalya. You can contact us.

What are your transfer service hours?

We provide 24/7 service. In this way, you can travel every day and every hour.

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