Galaxy Beach Hotel Transfer

Galaxy Beach Hotel Transfer: Quality Service

The quality of our Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer service will make you very pleased. In this way, you can always choose us for transfer service in Antalya. Our transfer service is of high quality and our vehicles also show this quality. Your journeys will be more fun with our latest model vehicles and luxury services in the vehicle. You can work during the journey or just enjoy the view.

Galaxy Beach Hotel is a 4 star hotel and is located in Alanya. This hotel is 14 kilometers from the center of Alanya. The hotel has a total of 116 rooms, 75 of which overlook the sea. There are many services in the rooms. These include TV, minibar, air conditioning, balcony, hair dryer, hot water and safe deposit box. There are 2 different lobbies within the hotel. There is also an indoor restaurant and 3 bar sections.

In addition to the outdoor swimming pool, there is also a children’s pool. At the same time, there is a Turkish bath and sauna that will attract the attention of guests from abroad. There are also areas such as a park for children to have fun. It is possible to contact us to enrich your journeys.

Galaxy Beach Hotel Transfer Vehicles

You can feel that you are safe while traveling with our Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer vehicles. Especially with the safety of the vehicles, the journeys also become safe. If you care about luxury in transfer service, our vehicles will attract your attention. There is a minibar area, TV and free internet in our vehicles.

Our vehicles have two different models and one of them is vito and the other is sprinter model. With our Vito model vehicles, you can travel one person or several people. You can chat by sitting opposite each other in our Vito vehicles. There is also TV service. Sprinter vehicles have a much more crowded area. In this way, this vehicle is very suitable for crowded families and large groups of friends.

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Galaxy Beach Hotel and Airport Options

Our Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer service does not only cover your hotel. We also offer airport pick-up and transfer service with this service. With our airport pick-up service, you can be at your hotel as soon as possible without wasting time at the airport. If you want to reach your hotel quickly, our transfer service is for you.

We have two different airport options for this. One of them is Antalya Airport. Antalya Airport is a very large airport and is generally one of the most preferred airports. The distance between Galaxy Beach Hotel and Antalya Airport is quite long. However, this journey is almost a tour of Antalya for many people. The distance between Galaxy Beach Hotel and Antalya Airport is 141km. This journey is usually completed within 2 hours 7 minutes.

Another option for Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer service is Gazipasa Airport. Gazipasa Airport is located in Alanya and is a more local airport. The distance between Galaxy Beach Hotel and Gazipasa Airport is 23 minutes. In this way, you can have pleasant moments by arriving at your hotel in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we choose Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer vehicles?

You can choose your vehicle preference for Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer during your reservation.

How old children can benefit from Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer service?

Children of all ages can benefit from Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer service. You can come with your babies.

When should we make the payment for Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer?

You can make Galaxy Beach Hotel transfer payments during the reservation or after the transfer.

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