Gurses Life Hotel Transfer

Gurses Life Hotel Transfer: Vehicle Variety

We offer you many types of vehicles in Gurses Life Hotel transfer service In this way, you can experience the comfort of the vehicles. Vehicle quality has many advantages in transfer services. Because with quality vehicles, journeys are more reliable. Together, the quality of the transfer service also increases. In order for the transfer service to be reliable, certain tests of the vehicles must be carried out and checked regularly. In this way, you can feel better during the transfer.

Gurses Life Hotel is very close to the sea. You can reach the sea within 2 minutes on foot. There are a total of 66 rooms in the hotel. 4 of these rooms are suite rooms. 20 of them are apart rooms and 42 of them are standard rooms. This hotel has 2 outdoor pools. Of course, there is also a restaurant. The rooms are generally equipped with beds, minibar, bathroom, toilet, air conditioning. You can also see options with different features and materials depending on the type of room. For all these facilities, you can try Gurses Life Hotel transfer service.

Our Gurses Life Hotel Transfer Advantages

Many people wonder about our Gurses Life Hotel transfer advantages. There are many free services within our transfer service. Our free services include drinks. These drinks appeal to all tastes, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. There is free internet service in our transfer service. Many people complete their work in the vehicle and use the internet. There is also no air conditioning fee and we run the air conditioner at the setting you want. Of course, you can also watch TV in the vehicle. In this way, the journeys will be more fun.

If you want, you can just lie on the comfortable seats or watch the view. We also have a variety of vehicles in the transfer service. You can choose the one that suits your budget by taking advantage of this vehicle range. Especially with this service that everyone can benefit from, the transfer service now serves the whole world.

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Gurses Life Hotel and Gazipasa Airport Distance

With airport transfer services, we meet you directly at the airport. In this way, we start the procedures for the transfer service while you are still at the airport. We have experienced employees for the welcome service. At the same time, our employees speak more than one language and thus the transfer service will be much more comfortable. We also have airport pick-up service within the Gurses Life Hotel transfer service. There are two different airport options in Antalya for transfer service. The first of these is Antalya Airport. This airport is frequently used and very popular. However, there is also Gazipasa Airport. Gazipasa Airport is located in Alanya region and therefore much closer to the hotel.

The distance is considered for Gurses Life Hotel transfer services. In this case, it is necessary to enter this information during the reservation. The distance between Gurses Life Hotel and Gazipasa Airport is 40.5 kilometers. Usually 40 minutes is enough for this journey. You can also complete this journey comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we find out how much to pay for Gurses Life Hotel transfer service?

You can find out the amount to be paid when making a reservation for Gurses Life Hotel transfer service.

Which methods other than card can we use when paying for Gurses Life Hotel transfer service?

You can also use money transfer and EFT methods when paying for Gurses Life Hotel transfer service. The payment will be credited to the account in a short time.

Can we include our pets in Gurses Life Hotel transfer service?

Pets can also be included in our Gurses Life Hotel transfer service. However, breed and size information is required beforehand.

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