Haydarpasha Palace Hotel Transfer

Haydarpasha Palace Hotel Transfer: Fastest Transportation

Our Haydarpasha Palace Hotel transfer service is planned for you to make the most comfortable and fastest journey. The most beautiful form of a five-star holiday, Haydarpasha Palace Hotel awaits you with delicious meals. Get ready for an unforgettable holiday with its blue sea and sandy beach on its own private beach. What about a hotel transfer? Leave that job to Alanyagroup, the leading transfer company of the Alanya Region. The freshest beginnings of privileged holidays take place thanks to Alanyagroup’s transfer services.

With our private transfer service, we provide you with an early start to your holiday, while we take care of your transportation problem in the most secure way. We take the lead in transfer services in Alanya Region with our various transfer options and we take care to make you feel safe with us at our Haydarpasha Palace Hotel transfer journey. Periodic maintenance of all of our vehicles is carried out by authorized services. The tires are always suitable for seasonal conditions

Alanya Haydarpasha Palace Hotel Transfer

Visit our website and book your Haydarpasha Palace hotel transfer. Send us your flight details. Do not worry about your flight changes that may occur for any reason. We will follow up on your flight status according to the information you provided at the time of booking and we will be at the airport before you to meet you. Our drivers will greet you at the airport just outside the secure area. They will carry Alanya Haydapasha Palace Hotel’s welcome banner. Our respected drivers will help your luggage and other belongings to the vans.

Our drivers known for their kindness are also fluent speakers of the English language. If you request, our female chauffeurs will also gladly serve you. While our drivers provide a safe ride thanks to their experience, on the other hand, they will transport you to your hotel in the most comfortable and quickest way.

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Hotel: https://www.haydarpashapalace.com/tr/

Haydarpasha Palace Hotel and Antalya Airport

Haydarpasha Palace Hotel is 107 kilometers from Antalya airport. The journey takes one and a half hours under normal weather and traffic conditions. We provide our Haydarpasha Palace Hotel transfer service in private class. All of our transfer vehicles consist of ultra-luxury designed vans to give you a perfect transfer experience. An in-car entertainment system is standard in all of our vehicles.

In addition, we offer a free Wi-Fi connection at our transfer service. During your journey, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. You can access all of our vehicles with wheelchairs and strollers. When we arrive at Alanya Haydarpasha Palace at the end of the journey, we carry your luggage and all your other belongings to the front desk.

Transfer Options

1.Ultra Luxury Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito is the most luxurious version of Haydarpasha Palace Hotel transfer. It has been designed as ultra-luxury to transfer small groups with big features. Our vehicle has an in-car entertainment system including Wi-Fi service. Small groups of up to 4 people can be transferred with our wheelchair-accessible van.

2.V-Class Vito

Our Vito van is one of the most popular vans in our Haydarpasha Palace Hotel transfer service. V – Class Vito has an in-car entertainment system with stable Wi-Fi service, wheelchair, and baby carriage access. Groups of up to five people can be transferred with our V Class Vito vehicle.

3.WV 9 Perso

Our Volkswagen vehicle is designed to transfer crowded groups in the most comfortable way. This vehicle has an in-car entertainment system. While delivering large groups toHaydarpasha Palace, we do not compromise on comfort. With our Baby carriage and wheelchair-accessible WV van, we can transfer groups of up to 9 people with this vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are the vehicles in Haydarpasha Palace Hotel transfer service?

Vehicles are determined for a maximum of 16 people.

Are pets included in the transfer?

Yes, it is included but it depends on the size.

Are transfer vehicles checked regularly?

Our vehicles are tested and cleaned frequently for hygiene.

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  1. Hi, what’s the price for 2 adults and 1 child, we arrive 12th September. From Antalya airport to haydarpasha palace please. Kind regards Mr Kev Ward

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