Irem Garden Hotel Transfer

Irem Garden Hotel Transfer: Try Luxury Standards!

Our Irem Garden Hotel transfer service offers you the opportunity to try luxury standards. In this way, you can travel in the most luxurious and comfortable vehicles. There are many details we care about in our transfer services. One of them is security. We offer you a safe travel opportunity. With safe travel, both your money is safe and your health is safe.

There are many services in Irem Garden Hotel. One of them is spa service. It also has an ir restaurant and Turkish dishes are quite common here. Of course, there is also a beach bar. The hotel also offers services such as Turkish bath and massage. Irem Garden Hotel has its own sand pebble beach. There are services such as swimming, sea biking and jet skiing. The hotel also has its own pool. This hotel has two different types of rooms, one-bed room and two-bed room. You can experience Irem Garden Hotel transfer service to benefit from this service and the advantages of the hotel immediately!

Irem Garden Hotel Transfer Reservation Details

We have reservation stages in our Irem Garden Hotel transfer service. If you complete these steps correctly, you will receive a reservation confirmation message. The first stage for reservation is address information. We get the arrival address and boarding address information from you. Then we also get the number of people from you. Day and time information is also added to these. As a result of all this, we offer you a vehicle screen. There are vehicle options here and you choose the one you want.

There is also a form in our reservation service. In this form, we get information such as name and surname from you. Then we ask for information such as cell phone number and e-mail address. In the transfer service, we also ask you to provide your flight information in the form. With your flight number, we can see your location during your travel. In this way, we also get information such as your pet and the number of children, if any. As a result of these stages in the transfer service, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation mail, please contact us.

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Irem Garden Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

To benefit from Irem Garden Hotel transfer services, it is enough to make a reservation. At the same time, location is also important in transfer services. Because an arrival address and a boarding address are required. One of these two addresses can be the airport. In this way, your transfer service will start at the airport. We get your flight information from you during the reservation.

In this way, we can see where you are during the flight. We arrive at the address at the exact moment you land and welcome you at the airport. Then we help you get into our vehicle. Likewise, taking into account the departure time of your plane, we pick you up from your hotel and take you to the plane.

It is necessary to pay attention to the distance in Irem Garden Hotel transfer services. The distance between Irem Garden Hotel and Antalya Airport is 65.9 kilometers. This journey usually results in 55 minutes. You can watch the scenery during this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum waiting time for Irem Garden Hotel transfer service?

In our Irem Garden Hotel transfer service, we wait for you for an extra 1 hour. In this way, even if the plane is delayed, we are waiting for you free of charge.

During which hours do you transfer in Irem Garden Hotel transfer service?

Our Irem Garden Hotel transfer service is a 24/7 service. In this way, you can make a reservation every day and every hour.

What are the payment options in Irem Garden Hotel transfer services?

We offer credit card, debit card, EFT and money transfer options for payment in Irem Garden Hotel transfer services.

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