Kadipinari Campground Alanya

Kadipinari Picnic Campground Alanya

Those who are tired of the heat and the crowd, those who can’t find peace, those who are looking for an affordable holiday opportunity, Kadipinari picnic camping area with its renewed team continues to serve you in summer / winter. Kadipinari Picnic Campground

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Make a peaceful holiday by renting a daily, weekly tent with Kadıpınarı Tent camping area.

What does Kadıpınarı camping tent rental include?

Whether you bring your food and drinks yourself or get them from the resturant in the camping area, the kadıpınarı tent camping pinki area is just for you to relax.

Tent rental package price

*2-4 person tent options

*Sleeping Mat and bag



*swimming pool

Extra Fees

*All drinks




*Ice cream

*Private gazebo rental

Kadipinari Daily Picnic Area

This magnificent nature will make you peaceful for a daily picnic. For Manfal yamapk, it is enough to come and buy your meat products. You can cook your own food.

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