Kemer Barut Collection Transfer

Kemer Barut Collection Transfer

 Kemer Barut Collection hotel, which is on the shore of Kemer Beach and has a view of the Taurus Mountains, has an all-inclusive plan as well as is quite luxurious. Since it is located close to historical sites, it is 3 km from the Yörük Park on the beach and 17 km from Phaselis, where the ruins of the ancient Greek and Roman city are located. This hotel, which has Turkish, Italian, and Asian restaurants among its dining options and appeals to everyone, is approximately 55 km from Antalya airport. It will take more than an hour to reach this hotel by taking a taxi or vehicle from Antalya airport. With our Ela Kemer Barut collection transfer option, your journey to the hotel will take less than forty minutes.

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Our rental car service with driver, which stands out with its speed as well as its comfort, will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel’s door. You may have heard that many people miss the check-in time. With our transportation service, you will not be late to the hotel, you will even go early and make this fast journey with high comfort conditions. Combine your comfortable and luxurious stay at Kemer Barut Collection hotel with Alanya Group’s professional transportation service. When your holiday is over, you will feel more rested than ever since you do not have any problems with transportation during your holiday. Wouldn’t you like to make your holiday more comfortable?

 Why Should You Benefit From Our Transfer Service?

 In addition to our very reasonable prices, the comfort and luxury journey we offer compared to our prices, we offer you the opportunity to reach your desired destination quickly. Antalya has become a city that grows, develops, and becomes a metropolis day by day. Due to the beaches of Antalya, where tens of thousands of tourists flock every year, it is almost impossible to see that Antalya airport is empty during the summer period.

Apart from the summer period, it can be difficult to find a vehicle that can take you to your desired destination at Antalya airport, as there is a demand for Antalya hotels even in winter. The possibility that the driver of the vehicle you found does not understand you, may impose extra charges on you, and may leave you in the middle of the road if they cannot agree with you may be stressing you out. In the transfer service we run professionally, you will not encounter any of these problems and you will enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey.

With Which Vehicles Do We Provide Our Transfer Service?

 In addition to the free wi-fi and beverage service in our cars, there are car seats for families with children and wheelchair access points for the disabled.

For your journey from Antalya airport to the hotel, we have three vehicles: Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer, and Wv Caravella Transfer.

We recommend Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer for our passengers who love luxury and comfort, Wv Caravella Transfer for large families, and Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito for our passengers who love comfort but have a limited budget.

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