Kempinski Hotel The Dome Transfer

Kempinski Hotel The Dome Transfer

Kempinski Hotel The Dome transfer service takes place in the most luxurious and comfortable way. Transfer service has many advantages. Transfer service is a very necessary service because especially if you are a foreigner in a city, then you need a vehicle. However, it can be difficult to drive because you do not know the roads very well. For this reason, interest in transfer services is quite high.

Kempinski Hotel The Dome transfer service is a completely professional service and we work for your happiness. This service is suitable for everyone and the budget diversity is high. Because we have many vehicle alternatives and this offers options to suit everyone’s budget.

What are the Advantages of Kempinski Hotel The Dome Transfer Service?

The advantages of our Kempinski Hotel The Dome transfer service are quite many. The first of these is the vehicle options in our transfer service. Thanks to the availability of more than one vehicle option, you can make a choice that suits your budget for transfer. At the same time, safety is an important issue in our transfer service and therefore we work with experienced and professional drivers. Of course, we also care about hygiene and therefore we are careful about vehicle cleaning.

Our transfer service also includes a pick-up service. In this way, we meet you at the airport and your belongings are carried by the drivers. In addition, we deliver you to the address as soon as possible and you can choose us for your entire journey in Antalya. Especially for those who want a comfortable journey, we have free drinks in the vehicle. You can watch the scenery during your journey and enjoy the journey.

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Vehicle Options

We have many vehicle options in Kempinski Hotel The Dome transfer service. These vehicles change both the prices and the number of people who will get on the vehicle. The first of our vehicles is the VIP Vito model. This vehicle is preferred for standard transfers. While it is generally preferred for 3 and 4 people, 1 person can also choose. There is also the Simple Vito model. It is a similar vehicle model and is widely used.

Vip Sprinter models also accompany them. Vip Sprinter 12-seater model has areas where 12 people can sit and stands out for large family travels. There is also a 16-seater Vip Sprinter model. This is the largest model and can accommodate 16 people in total.

Each of these vehicles has air conditioning and our vehicles are regularly maintained. Our vehicles are driven by fully professional drivers and we pay attention to vehicle cleanliness. You can choose the vehicle and make the reservation online. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours and the transaction is completed. Our transfer service has such a practical operation.

Distance between Kempinski Hotel The Dome and Antalya Airport

Our Kempinski Hotel The Dome transfer service also includes Antalya Airport. This service is valid for all transfer operations within Antalya. The distance between Kempinski Hotel The Dome and Antalya Airport is 29 kilometers. This service includes different routes and in this way, we take you in the most convenient way. This is especially important for the journey to be safe and comfortable. Contact us for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a baby seat in the vehicle during Kempinski Hotel The Dome transfer?

Yes, we have a baby seat and it is included in our vehicle.

When should I make a reservation before the transfer service?

The earlier you make a reservation, the more vehicle alternatives you will have.

Is there a language option in the transfer service?

Yes, our drivers have knowledge of different languages.

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