Magic Sun Hotels Transfer

Magic Sun Hotels Transfer: Quality Travel

A quality travel is possible with Magic Sun Hotels transfer service! You must be wondering a lot of information about Magic Sun Hotels transfer. Magic Sun Hotel is only 100 meters between the hotel and the sea. It is also located 300 meters from the beach. Pine trees can be seen behind the hotel and the deep blue sea in front of it. The hotel is also close to ancient cities by location.

Many services such as laundry, Turkish bath, sauna, playground for children, mini bar service, Bali and Thai massages, health services, amphitheater, spa, market, photography service can be seen in the hotel. The hotel has a standard room with land view. There are also services such as water slides, children’s pool, sun loungers, pebble beach, private beach and umbrellas.

Magic Sun Hotels Transfer Car Options

Our vehicles for our Magic Sun Hotels transfer service are divided into Vito and sprinter. Our vehicles are luxurious and contain all security measures. Our vehicles are regularly checked and you can get detailed information about this if you wish. Necessary procedures for hygiene are also carried out in our vehicles. It is entirely your choice to choose among our vehicles. Choose your transfer vehicle on the screen that appears during booking and make this service more personalized!


Magic Sun Hotels Transfer Service Advantages

We offer you advantageous services with our Magic Sun Hotels transfer service. Among these, there is also our free beverage service. Free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks make many people happy during travel. We also offer you free internet service during the transfer. With this service, you can complete your computer transactions in our transfer vehicle.

There is also air conditioning in our vehicles and it is a service that is often needed on hot Antalya days. At the same time, our staff is also very high quality. Our staff knows many languages and you can choose a staff who knows the language of your country. Among our service advantages, we also have vehicle options. We are happy to serve you with many types of vehicles!

Distance between Magic Sun Hotels and Antalya Airport

Transfer services often include airport services. Airports are one of the most preferred locations when it comes to transfer. Airports are the most preferred point for visitors coming from abroad. For this reason, the airport can be both the arrival address and the boarding address. This should definitely be mentioned when booking. There is more than one airport in Antalya, but Antalya Airport in particular is known as the most preferred option. It is possible to travel between Antalya Airport and the hotel. At this point, you need to make a reservation. During the reservation, you must enter the arrival address and boarding address information correctly.

The distance between the airport and the hotel is decisive in Magic Sun Hotels transfer services. Pricing is made with this distance. The distance between Magic Sun Hotels and Antalya Airport is 44.6 kilometers. This journey is usually completed within 45 minutes. However, problems on the route may extend the time. You can ask us any questions you may have before your travels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a reservation requirement for Magic Sun Hotels transfer service?

We provide Magic Sun Hotels transfer service only if you make a reservation. For this reason, you should definitely make a reservation on our website.

Is there a reservation payment before Magic Sun Hotels transfer service?

You must pay for the reservation before Magic Sun Hotels transfer service. This is a prepayment and is 5%.

Are there special services for our babies in Magic Sun Hotels transfer service?

There are special seats for babies and children in our Magic Sun Hotels transfer service.

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