Melas Resort Hotel Transfer

Melas Resort Hotel Transfer: Vehicles with Comfortable Seats

With our Melas Resort Hotel transfer service, you have the opportunity to travel in vehicles with comfortable seats. No matter where you come from in the world, we offer you this luxury service. After arriving at Antalya Airport, we are at the address at the time you specify for the transfer service and we take you to your hotel. You can also benefit from transfer service for different points.

Melas Resort Hotel has many room types. This hotel has suite room, garden view room, partial sea view room, sea view room, large family room. You can choose the one that suits you from these room types. The hotel has a buffet area. Here the food is of the highest quality. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas in the restaurant. Within the hotel there are sports, pool, spa, beach, entertainment, playgrounds for children and much more. You can use Melas Resort Hotel transfer service to experience each of these immediately!

Melas Resort Hotel Transfer Vehicle Models

There is a wide variety of vehicles in our Melas Resort Hotel transfer service. These vehicles are regularly cleaned and checked to satisfy you. The models of our vehicles are quite different. In this way, you can choose a vehicle suitable for everything. The first of these is the vito vehicle. It is possible to travel with 1 person with our Vito vehicles. At the same time, this vehicle model has a capacity of 7 people. Another option in our Melas Resort Hotel transfer service is the sprinter vehicle. Our sprinter vehicles serve many people with a capacity of 16 people. These vehicles, which are preferred for crowded groups, also have a capacity of 12 people.

Our transfer vehicles are also curious because they contain many advantages. Our transfer vehicles have seats made of the highest quality materials. In this way, a pleasant travel is possible. There is also free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage service in our transfer service. Of course, there is TV service, air conditioning service and internet service in our vehicles. You can experience each of them.

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Melas Resort Hotel and Antalya Airport

A frequently wondered issue in Melas Resort Hotel transfer services is the airport issue. Because it is wondered whether there is airport pick-up and transfer service in transfer services. We provide both airport pick-up service and airport transfer service within the scope of Melas Resort Hotel transfer service. Of course, this affects the distance and the price. We welcome you at Antalya Airport with our transfer service. We also drop you here at the same time. We take you to the hotel from here. You should give us each of these addresses during the reservation.

Melas Resort Hotel transfer service should pay attention to the distance. The reason for this is pricing. The distance between Melas Resort Hotel and Antalya Airport is 62,5 kilometers. The time required to complete this journey is 60 minutes. In this way, you can reach your hotel or airport in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which days and at what times are Melas Resort Hotel transfers available?

Melas Resort Hotel transfer operations can be done every day and every hour. This service is available 24/7.

What options are there in Melas Resort Hotel transfer vehicles?

There are two different models as vito and sprinter in Melas Resort Hotel transfer vehicles. You can choose the vehicle you want.

Are there any special advantages for babies in Melas Resort Hotel transfer service?

We have special seats for babies and children in Melas Resort Hotel transfer service. We offer them free of charge.

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