Miracle Resort Hotel Transfer

Miracle Resort Hotel Transfer: Accompanied by Mediterranean

Our Miracle Resort Hotel transfer service offers you a unique journey with the Mediterranean view. In this way, you can reach your hotel as soon as possible. Miracle Resort Hotel, which is on the shore of Lara Beach, one of the most popular beaches of the Mediterranean, and offers all-inclusive packages, is in a very easily accessible location. This facility is located one kilometer from Aksu Dolphinarium and only eight kilometers from the natural wonder Düden Waterfall, which is popular with tourists. All rooms of Miracle Resort Hotel have a free internet connection, television, mini bar, safe and some balconies with sea view.

All meals and parking facilities are included in the price of this hotel, which has a separate sitting area in its suites. There are three restaurants, one of which is buffet style, restaurants serving Italian and Mexican regional delicacies, three bars, a lounge, and a nightclub. Miracle Resort Hotel’s facilities include a beach, a playground for children, a gym, a tennis court, and many indoor and outdoor pools. Take advantage of our Miracle Resort Hotel transfer service to start one of the best holidays you can have in Antalya!

Features of our Miracle Resort Hotel Transfer Service

Our Miracle Resort Hotel transfer service starts from the airport and continues until the hotel. Since Antalya is a city that becomes more popular and crowded with each passing day, the traffic of this city will inevitably increase at the same rate. Experiencing traffic on the roads, which can be very confusing especially for tourists, and then realizing that you are on the wrong road and waiting for all that traffic in vain can poison your holiday.

You will not encounter such problems on your journeys with our trained and experienced drivers who know the roads very well! Although there are two airports you can choose to go to Miracle Resort Hotel, the most logical airport you can choose is Antalya Airport.

Hotel: https://www.miraclehotel.com/

Our Best Vehicles with Driver You Can Prefer to Go to Miracle Resort Hotel

If you are thinking of renting a car to go to Miracle Resort Hotel, you should check out the vehicles we offer you with a driver. You will be able to complete your journey quickly with our drivers who know the roads and can speak in your language.

Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito: This vehicle, which has an ultra-luxury design, soft seats, and a capacity of five people, is our cheapest vehicle.

Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer: This vehicle, which we have specially arranged for true luxury-lovers and made more luxurious, will make you feel like a famous person.

Wv Caravella Transfer: This vehicle, which is ideal for large groups, hides your private life thanks to its black filtered glasses.

Miracle Resort Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

The distance between Miracle Resort Hotel and Antalya Airport is decisive for many of our travelers. There are 13 kilometers between Miracle Resort Hotel and the airport. This journey is completed in 15-16 minutes on average. It is possible to see changes especially according to the condition of the route. Because sometimes there may be some obstacles on the way. However, we deliver you to your address in the safest and fastest way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Miracle Resort Hotel transfer service?

There is no age limit and gender limit in this service. Everyone can participate.

Is it possible to pay before Miracle Resort Hotel transfer?

Yes, payment can be made after booking. This is a preference.

Does Miracle Resort Hotel transfer also cover large families?

Of course, we have vehicles for up to 16 people. Details on website!

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