My Home Resort Hotel Transfer

My Home Resort Hotel Transfer

My Home Resort Hotel transfer service is ready to offer the most comfortable journeys with the best quality vehicles. In order to get transfer service, it will be sufficient to inform us exactly about your flight ticket, how many people you will be arriving and where you are going.

My Home Resort Hotel Transfer

We are attentive to the success of the transfer service that we will plan after the My Home Resort Hotel transfer reservation process. Our principle is “your satisfaction is our priority” and we carry out our work with the motto.

You choose the accommodation you want to go to and we will transfer you.

We would like you to know that when planning your transfer from Antalya Airport to Alanya, we will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our service.

All of our professional drivers have SRC2 and psychotechnical documents. In addition, all of our vehicles have a compulsory highway seat insurance and have a passenger transport permit D2.

On request, you can choose a female driver, an English speaking driver, a German speaking driver, or a Russian speaking driver.

While you enjoy the convenience and comfort of renting a car to your preferred hotel among Alanya Hotels, we optimize all factors so that this comfort and convenience does not shake your budget.

We pick you up from the airport and drop you off at My Home Resort Hotel transfer, one of the Alanya Hotels where you plan your holiday, on the date and time you specify.

We want you to have an unforgettable holiday, and we wanted to remind you that if you have a problem or request, you can reach us 24/7 by phone, whatsapp or e-mail.


Aircraft Tracking System

We will not keep you waiting at the airport. We will be informed as soon as your plane lands on the runway via the aircraft tracking system by following the time of your aircraft. For a fertile environment, the air conditioner of the vehicle will be turned on and you will be able to travel cool during the transfer service.

Vehicle Options

A quality journey with transfer options is one of the most important criteria for us. That’s why we want to share with you the vehicle options that will accompany you on your journey. Here are the car options to choose from:

Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito: The vehicle has extremely comfortable facilities. It offers you special seats, television, heated seats, air conditioning. Get your My Home Resort Hotel transfer service now!

V – class vito: It will be possible for you to feel very comfortable in this vehicle that brings luxury to your feet. We provide your comfort with this vehicle, which has special glasses so that the inside is not visible from the outside.

Wv 9 perso: If you want to travel with a large model vehicle, this model will be for you. You can complete your journey with relaxing seats and a spacious area.

In line with your request, the option of a vehicle suitable for wheelchairs is among the services of our company. Our vision is people-oriented service.

My Home Resort Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

The distance between My Home Resort Hotel and Antalya Airport is 103 kilometers. This journey is completed in an average of 1 hour and 23 minutes. However, this time may vary during day and night journeys. We offer you the most enjoyable journeys during the transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make My Home Resort Hotel transfer payments by credit card?

Of course you can choose a credit card. Debit card can also be used.

How can we get detailed information about the transfer?

You can contact us or send an e-mail.

What should we do to benefit from the transfer service for a longer period?

You should contact us. This way we can plan a longer reservation.

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