Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel Transfer

Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel Transfer: Pleasant View!

You can travel with a pleasant Mediterranean view during our Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer service. Are you ready to spend your holiday by enjoying the view from your balconies and taking advantage of many opportunities at the Nirvana Cosmopolitan hotel? You will encounter many services such as free wifi, restaurant, cafe, bar, beach bar with qualified services in your hotel. You can spend time with your family in many shops and children’s areas in your hotel. Many facilities meet the needs such as kindergarten, babysitter, car rental, laundry in the hotel.

In addition, when you arrive at your hotel by choosing the Nirvana Cosmopolitan transfer service, you will see that there is a private parking lot for your vehicle. If you want to experience your holiday by reaching the opportunities in your hotel as quickly as possible, you can choose us for your transfer. Arrive at your hotel with luxury and budget-friendly vehicles without losing your way in a different city and without dealing with public transport.

Excellent Service Thanks to Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel Transfer

With our Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer service, you can be ready for a comfortable service in quality vehicles. If you want to arrive at your hotel as quickly as possible, make your appointment as quickly as possible to travel with vehicles that will make you feel VIP. In this way, you will get the best service for you along with the opportunities.

  • All of the vehicle models we offer for you are on the 2019 model. In this way, you can travel in luxury and new vehicles. Our vehicles are regularly maintained. In this way, the best service is provided for your safety.
  • The drivers of our vehicles, which will ensure your arrival from the airport to your hotel, will meet you at the airport with a piece of paper on which your name is written. Our drivers, who will take your luggage to the vehicle, speak the same language as you. This makes it easier for you to communicate with them.
  • When you arrive at your hotel, the driver of your vehicle will come with you to carry your luggage to the reception. Do not forget that you can get information about the city and the service from our drivers who will get you to your hotel in the fastest way.


Experience Professional Vehicles

If you are undecided about the vehicles when you come to the vehicle selection part, knowing the vehicles closely will make your choice easier. For this reason, you can get detailed information about the 3 models we offer you from our team members. In addition, the services available in our vehicles are the same. You can take advantage of many services we offer, such as snacks, beverage service, air conditioning, heated seats. Start your holiday by choosing the vehicle that appeals to you and getting the best service.

  • Ultra Luxury Mercedes Vito
  • V-Class Vito
  • WV 9 Perso

Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel and Airport Distance

With our Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer service, you can now start your journey from the airport. The distance between Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel and Antalya Airport is 13.3 kilometers and this journey is usually completed within 17 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which days is Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer service available?

Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer service is open 7 days a week. We also have transfer service every hour.

Can our pets benefit from Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer service?

Yes, pets are welcome with our Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer service but breed and size must be specified.

Is there a charge for internet service in Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer vehicles?

Internet is available in our Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel transfer vehicles and it is completely free of charge.

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