Nirvana Dolce Vita Transfer Kemer

Nirvana Dolce Vita Transfer Kemer

Nirvana Dolce Vita Hotel, which has a direct exit to a sandy beach on the Mediterranean coast and has all-inclusive packages, is in a very central location. If you want to go to Phaselis, an ancient city from this hotel, you only have to travel five kilometers and to go to the cable car on Mount Olympus, you have to travel only fourteen kilometers. All rooms have a free wireless internet connection, television, minibar, and balcony. In some rooms of this hotel, it is possible to see luxury additions such as a jacuzzi, kitchen, sofa, and sitting area. This hotel has a total of twenty-six restaurants, cafes, and bars. Nirvana Dolce Vita Hotel also has facilities such as a water park, private beach area, five outdoor pools, playground, spa, gym, and meeting room. Try our Nirvana Dolce Vita Transfer Kemer service, if you are planning a holiday in this hotel and want a trip from the airport to the hotel. Moreover, we do not demand any money from you during your reservation, which you can easily do!

Our Private Transfer Service for Nirvana Dolce Vita Hotel

Are you afraid that your journey to this hotel, which is approximately 80 kilometers away from Antalya Airport, will turn into a nightmare? When you take advantage of the transfer companies that are in the market and do not specialize in transfer, your journey can be like a nightmare.

We offer you a very fast journey while giving you one of the most comfortable travel experiences. Your journey, which is 80 kilometers long and will start from Antalya Airport and end at Nirvana Dolce Vita Hotel, will only take one hour and ten minutes when you use our transfer service.

In addition to the speed, reliability, and comfort we provide, we pay attention to the fact that our drivers can speak your language or a common language in the vehicles you rent with a driver. We also provide a free internet connection where you can check your e-mails, message, and watch videos while traveling in the car. Even though we run the air conditioner so that our passengers do not get overwhelmed by the heat, we also have a free cold drink service to prevent fluid loss.

Are you ready for a journey where your travel experience is important and you will feel like a VIP?

Our Best Cars for Your Journey to Nirvana Dolce Vita Hotel

During your journey to Nirvana Dolce Vita Hotel, we provide you with real comfort during your journey and we find instant solutions to your problems. In addition to these, we increase your comfort during the journey with the vehicles we offer you.

  • Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito, which has the most affordable price, is one of the best vehicles in terms of comfort, although it can be rented cheaper than the vehicles in the market.
  • Mercedes Vito V Class, our most luxurious and comfortable vehicle, has been designed for our guests who do not want to compromise on luxury and comfort and can pay extra for it.
  • You will travel in a spacious area with Wv Caravella Transfer, which is ideal for large groups of up to nine people.

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