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Places to Visit Antalya

How about embellishing your summer holidays with places to visit Antalya, one of the most touristic locations in Turkey? Antalya is not just a city that stands out with its sea. Because this city has hosted many civilizations throughout history, it has many cultural, historical, and places. By visiting these areas, you can examine the history of Antalya and have a perfect holiday for yourself.

Places to Visit in Antalya Day Trips

  • If you like the mild climate, Antalya is waiting for you with its warm air, wide beaches, and clean waters. You will have visited many places that will appeal to you with the many natural beauties you will encounter during your tour in Antalya.
  • If you want to get to know this city that offers you the best summer environment for your summer vacation and will fascinate you historically, you are at the right place. Get ready to learn about the places in the city that will appeal to you. Discover the attractions of the city that will impress you with its beauty. Now it’s time to go deeper into Antalya.

Discover the Fascinating Attractions of Antalya

If you have finalized your holiday plan in Antalya, you must be wondering where to visit and where to go. So, how would you like to review the list of places to visit prepared for you? Detailed information on the most important points of Antalya and what you will encounter in those locations are in the list below. In addition, there is information about many historical and natural beauties that may appeal to you in these places.

 By examining this information, create a productive holiday for yourself.

1. Kaleiçi

Antalya Kaleiçi

This region, which carries the historical traces of Antalya in the best way, comes to the fore with its historical houses. There are houses built of masonry in this location, which shows the architecture of the past in the best way. These houses are located in the dark streets of Kaleici. There are entertainment venues, restaurants, souvenir shops in the houses, which have been restored following the period at that time. You can visit these places as well as visit the Hadrian’s Gate and the Old Harbor near Kaleiçi.

2. Düden Waterfall

Duden Waterfall 1

Düden Waterfall will be the perfect choice for those who want to discover the hidden natural beauties of Antalya. Düden waterfall brings you the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean with its heavenly appearance. With the cleanliness and fascinating view of the water pouring from 40 meters, people get great angles to take pictures.

  • If you examine this place towards the sunset, you will realize the beauty of the view. You can also enjoy the view and peace by being on the viewing terraces in Düden Waterfall.

3. Kurşunlu Waterfall

Kurşunlu Waterfall

Kurşunlu Waterfall, also known as a nature park, is known as a representation of natural beauties. You can explore the nature park in Kurşunlu Waterfall, which is surrounded by rich vegetation and natural beauties. In this location, which has many interesting places, you can choose many excursions if you wish. You will stay in touch with nature in this place where you can tour around with a camel ride. In addition, you can be sure that perfect times await you with the hiking trails for you. You will discover the fascinating views closely with the cedar trees and historical water mills in this location.

4. Aspendos Ancient Theater

Aspendos Ancient Theater

The ancient theater of Aspendos is a place built by the Romans. This ancient building is known as the best-preserved theater in the Mediterranean. It is known that this theater area built on the hill has a capacity of 15 to 20 thousand spectators. This place, where cultural events were held in ancient times, preserves its magnificent appearance today. With a tour of your choice, you can visit the ancient theater with the guides. Learning the story of the ancient theater will make this place more interesting for you.

5. Olympos Ancient City

Olympos Ancient City

If you want to visit a historic region with your sea pleasure, the Anti-City of Olympos will be one of the best places for you. This region is a place that has maintained its importance since the Byzantine and Roman periods. There are theatres, rock tombs and many ruins in this city.

  • You should visit the acropolis part of this place, which will fascinate you with its wonderful view. Also, do not forget that Yanartaş is located in this region. Get to the top of the hill by examining Yanartaş, which is famous for legends, and then you can end this tour by enjoying the beach.

6. Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach, one of the most famous beaches of Alanya, fascinates the eyes with its wide beach and golden sand. In this place, which attracts people’s attention with its clear sea, you can see the sun’s rays and fish very clearly. Especially since the beach is open to the public and free of charge, everyone must visit this place. You will love this place to the extent that you can swim in the sea even in winter and get rid of your tiredness by lying on the sand. Don’t forget that at this beach you can lie on the sand and watch the magnificent sunset.

  • You will love this beach, where the sunset looks most beautiful.

7. Saklıkent Ski Center

Saklıkent Ski Center

With the Ski Center established in Beydağlar in the Mediterranean, you will have discovered the perfect place for a winter holiday. You can ski in this place, which is established in a wide area, and you can stay in many hotels. You can choose this place for skiing during the snow adventure that lasts from December to March. In this place where winter sports are best done, you will see the beauties that will appeal to you.

8. Apollon Temple

Apollon Temple

The Temple of Apollo, located in the side district of Manavgat, is one of the most remarkable structures in the region and its history dates back to 150 AD. The temple, named after Apollo, the god of beauty, light and art, is located in a slightly recessed part of the seashore.

It was built at a time which the Romans called the Peace of Rome, and its columns with Corinthian capitals are very well preserved and have survived intact to the present day. Subsequently, a certain part of the temple was dismantled at the request of the Byzantine population.

Admission to the Temple of Apollo is free.

9. Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle Sunrise Alanya Castle is located in the Alanya district of Antalya and is one of the most popular attractions in the region. Remarkably, the castle, whose construction began in the Hellenistic period, is 250 meters high above the sea, surrounded by 6.5 km long walls and consists of 140 towers. In the castle, whose construction was completed in the Seljuk period, the factors of its origin can be best observed.

The construction of the structure that exists today was started in 1221 by Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. In the Middle Ages, about 400 cisterns were built to meet the water needs of the people living in the area. Some of these cisterns are still actively used today.

10. Perge Ancient City

Perge Ancient City

Ruins of the ancient city of PergeThe ancient city of Perge is an ancient Greek city located in the district of Aksu. Today, a large area of ancient ruins is located in the coastal plains 15 km east of Antalya. The history of the acropolis of the city dates back to the Bronze Age.

Since 1946, numerous excavations and discoveries have been made in the ancient city of Perge. Perge, one of the most important cities of Pamphylia, is located between the rivers Dueden and Aksu. The ruins include the theatre, the temple of Artemis and two churches. The temple of Artemis is located just outside the city. In addition, coins depicting both the goddess and her sanctuary have been found during investigations.

If you are looking for impressive and beautiful places to spend a holiday in Antalya, we have suggested many places on our list for you. You can choose the one that appeals to you from these places and starts walking. Antalya is a city that will always impress you with its many historical and natural beauties. Don’t forget that you can discover many places other than this list.

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