Serra Park Hotel Transfer

Serra Park Hotel Transfer: Luxury Service Opportunity

You can experience luxury service with Serra Park Hotel transfer service. Before using the transfer service, you need to decide what you expect from a transfer service. The most important factor expected from the transfer service is the safe completion of this journey. Both experienced drivers and quality vehicles provide the safety factor in transfer services. There are experienced drivers in our team, so you do not have to worry during the journey. You can also choose a driver in your own language.

Another factor is vehicle quality. Because our vehicles are of high quality and this is very important for safe travel. Our vehicles cover 2019 models and above. In this way, it is possible to use more modern and technological vehicles while traveling.

Serra Park Hotel is a 4-star hotel and is located in Side. There are four different rooms in this hotel: standard room, family room, bungalow room and disabled room. There is a main restaurant in the hotel. There is also a lobby bar, pool bar and beach bar. The hotel has animation shows and daytime activities. There is also an outdoor pool, an aqua park and a beach. It is also possible to experience Turkish bath and sauna services at the hotel. The transfer service is also to experience them quickly. Reservation is enough to try Serra Park Hotel transfer service.

Serra Park Hotel Transfer Service Details

You can be very happy with our Serra Park Hotel transfer service details. Because you can see many advantages in our transfer services. The first of these is of course that our transfer starts while you are still at the airport. In this way, the transfer service will become the most enjoyable without tiring you.

One of the prominent details in our transfer service is that our transfer includes many personalized details. You can tell us your special requests with the reservation. You can also experience the transfer service in a luxurious way. Because we serve you with our luxury vehicles during our reservation. In addition, it is necessary to add the comfort of the vehicle in the transfer service. Special and quality materials are used in our vehicles. In this way, you can sit comfortably on the seats.

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Serra Park Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

With our Serra Park Hotel transfer service, you can start the transfer from Antalya Airport. The first option that comes to mind to try the transfer from the very beginning is the airport. Antalya Airport is the most popular and most preferred airport in Antalya. The fee to be paid is determined by the distance between Antalya Airport and the hotel. The distance between Serra Park Hotel and Antalya Airport is 69 kilometers. This journey is usually completed within 1 hour.

 However, you may wonder how to spend time during this journey. In the meantime, Antalya view on one side and the Mediterranean view on the other welcomes you.  In this way, you can watch the outside. You can also use free internet and TV services in the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed to use Serra Park Hotel transfer service?

Pets can also benefit from Serra Park Hotel transfer service. However, the size and breed of pets are important.

What is the prepayment fee for Serra Park Hotel transfer service?

We give 5% for prepayment in our Serra Park Hotel transfer service. In this way, you can make the actual payment before or after the transfer.

Which methods are preferred for payment in Serra Park Hotel transfer service?

You can use credit card, debit card, money order and EFT options in Serra Park Hotel transfer service.

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