Side Sun Hotel Transfer

Side Sun Hotel Transfer: Compliant with Safety Standards

Our Side Sun Hotel transfer service complies with all security standards. In this way, you do not have to experience any security risk in the transfer service. Security is the most important stage of the transfer service. Security starts first in the vehicles. In this way, comfortable travel is possible in vehicles. For safety, vehicles are regularly insured and have licenses. At the same time, possible damages of the vehicles should be checked continuously. Professional drivers also provide this security. Expert drivers are also important for the safety standard in the transfer service.

Side Sun Hotel is a 4-star hotel. This hotel has many room types as standard room, family room and disabled room. These rooms have air conditioning, TV, safe, kettle, shower, telephone, hair dryer and mini bar. Beach volleyball, table tennis and water gymnastics are possible at the hotel. There are animation activities within the hotel. There is also a children’s cinema especially for children. In addition, the hotel offers dry cleaning, massage, water sports, internet cafe, minibar and laundry services. The hotel has a main restaurant and different cuisines. These include Mexican cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Italian cuisine, beach snack restaurant. With Side Sun Hotel transfer service, it is possible to taste these flavors as soon as possible.

Side Sun Hotel Transfer Details

With our Side Sun Hotel transfer details, you can actually be more comfortable while traveling. Because the extra facilities we offer you will make you even happier. Our transfer service starts by picking you up from the airport and then the journey continues until the hotel. In the meantime, we give you free drinks and you can use the internet free of charge. There is also free satellite TV in our vehicles, so you can watch Turkish television.

The facilities within our transfer service are valid for both you and your children. In this way, you can have fun moments during the journey. These opportunities are valid in each of our vito and sprinter vehicles and you can choose the vehicle you want. Our Vito and sprinter vehicles have different person capacities.

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Side Sun Hotel and Antalya Airport Distance

Antalya Airport is one of the most preferred addresses during transfer. Because many people use the airport for travel and travel by plane. This situation is preferred both within Turkey and in international flights. In transfer services, a process starting from the airport to your hotel is possible. This is also seen in Side Sun Hotel transfer service. In order to get the best result from the transfer, you need to work with the right company. We are able to offer you the safest and luxury travel at the same time.

It is possible to travel without a kilometer limit within the Side Sun Hotel transfer service. The distance between Side Sun Hotel and Antalya Airport is also included. There are 52 minutes between Side Sun Hotel and Antalya Airport. This is limited to 61.4 kilometers and a price is determined accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean the vehicles during Side Sun Hotel transfer service?

We clean our vehicles before Side Sun Hotel transfer services and after each transfer. We do both exterior and interior cleaning.

Who chooses the vehicles for Side Sun Hotel transfer service?

You choose the vehicles in Side Sun Hotel transfer service. In this way, you can examine an option that suits your budget.

How many personnel work in your Side Sun Hotel transfer vehicles?

There is only one staff working in our Side Sun Hotel transfer vehicles. However, more than one staff may be needed depending on demand and necessary situations.

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