Sunstar Beach Hotel Transfer

Sunstar Beach Hotel Transfer: Luxury Vehicle Option

Our Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service will offer you the best comfort with its luxury standards. Our transfer service impresses many of our guests from abroad and has an important place in their travel to this region. You do not need to waste time to reach your hotel. Now you can just get on our vehicle waiting for you at the airport and you can sit back and travel. Our transfer service promises comfort and does it in the most luxurious way.

Sunstar Beach Hotel is a large hotel with 289 rooms. Here it is possible to see Alanya view and the sea together. The balconies overlook the sea and offer unforgettable views. The hotel has its own private beach and the hotel is located right on the beach. The hotel also has a pool and this pool is famous for its slides. There is also a spa area where you can benefit from services such as massage and Turkish bath. The hotel also provides opportunities for many entertainment. Thus, you may want to reach your hotel as soon as possible. For this, you can choose our Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service.

Sunstar Beach Hotel Transfer Vehicles

Our vehicles for our Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service are luxury level vehicles. You can choose our website to review our vehicle quality. Our transfer vehicles are Mercedes brand and the models of our vehicles are 2019 and above. Our vehicles are classified as vito and sprinter by model. Of course, it also varies in color and design. In our Vito vehicles, the number of people limit is more specific. There is a limitation of 6 or 7 people. In this way, journeys are made with fewer people sitting opposite each other.

At the same time, there may be those who want to travel alone, and these people may also prefer our vito vehicles. In addition to these vehicles, we also have sprinter vehicles. Our sprinter vehicles are preferred for the journey of more people. especially large families or groups may prefer this journey. It has a capacity of up to 16 people.


Sunstar Beach Hotel Transfer Service

Our Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service is a service that has luxury standards and focuses on customer satisfaction. It is enough to make a reservation for our transfer service. During the reservation, it is necessary to enter the boarding address, arrival address, person information and day-time information. Then you can choose a vehicle. Our vehicles available on that day are included in the list.

Price information is also included here and will be guiding for you. Then you can only wait for your transfer day. Of course, if there is an extra situation, you need to call us and contact us for this. In the meantime, you will receive a booking confirmation as soon as possible. Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Sunstar Beach Hotel and Airport Distances

There are two different airports for Sunstar Beach Hotel. The most prominent of these is Antalya Airport. The distance between Antalya Airport and Sunstar Beach Hotel is 139 kilometers. After a 2 hour and 14 minute journey, you can be at your hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which routes are preferred for your Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service?

The fastest route is taken into consideration in your Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service. Safety is also an important consideration.

Can our pets also benefit from Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service?

Of course, our Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service is also available for pets.

Can we make Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer payments in installments?

You can pay for Sunstar Beach Hotel transfer service in installments through your bank.

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