Holiday Destinations In Turkey

The Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in Turkey

Turkey has many holiday destinations. There are much natural beauty and a beautiful, clean sea. For holidays especially there is the Mediterranean region. The weather is hot, the sea is clean and the sand is perfect. So Turkey is a good choice for holiday. You can both have fun and rest. Some of the places in Turkey are peaceful and quiet. But the others have full of action. And also there are historical places in Turkey. For the holiday, there are Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Side, and Kemer in Turkey. And these are the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey.

Antalya Holiday

Antalya Holiday Turkey

Antalya is so popular for holiday. Many people know that Antalya is perfect for fun and holiday. And people come to Antalya from abroad. Antalya’s sea is clean and blue. The weather is hot. Beaches are so dynamic. So You can have fun there. In nıghts, there are events for fun. And also there are events like happy hours in the middle of the days. Dj performances and live music are made in Antalya. And most of the popular Turkish singers have concerts in there. Antalya will be a good choice for fun. But, if you want to just rest, You can sunbathe at in seaside.

There are many options to do. For staying one of the most beautiful options is the Land of Legends Kingdom hotel. This hotel has a world. Because this is like a fairy tale. Every day, there are events. Especially there are dance shows at night. For kids, this place is a wonderland. Events, toys,  rides, and plays are just thought for them. There are some things to take for the holiday. For example, it brought suncream, sunglasses, towels, and many swimsuits. And there is the other resort in Antalya. This is Maxx Royal resort. This hotel is so beautiful. It has beaches for just itself. This place is full of peace. But also there are events, too. Many celebrities prefer to stay at this resort.

Alanya Holiday

Alanya Holiday Turkey

Alanya is in Antalya. So this place is one of the perfect holiday destinations too. Alanya has large two beaches. These are Cleopatra and Alanya beach. Beaches are sandy. And also Alanya has a historical place. Because it has a castle. Its name is Alanya castle. So, it is both a historical and holiday destinations. There are so many things to do in Alanya. You can visit Alanya castle or you can rest on sandy beaches. It has Meditteranean culture. The food is so delicious especially vegetables and fishes.

There are top things to do in Alanya. You can do a jeep safari in the river or in mountains. As another option, you can do paragliding with a pilot. It is so exciting. If you want, you can eat lunch in a dim cave or a dim river. There is Sapadere canyon in Alanya. And It does worth to be visited. Due to all of the events, Alanya is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in turkey.

Belek Holiday

Belek Holiday Turkey

Belek is in Antalya, too. But it is a little bit different from Antalya. This difference is nature. Belek is completely a natural destination. It is so clean and virgin. It has natural life, historical beauties, and forests. So Belek’s weather is fresh and clean. The most important historical thing in Belek is the Aspendos theatre. It has past of two thousand years. And it is still used. And Sillyon ancient city is in Belek. This ancient city has a different atmosphere. Also, the waterfall of Kurşunlu is in Belek. It is a magnificent view.

That waterfall is so natural. There are many birds around the waterfall. The waterfall of Kurşunlu is peaceful and silent. Due to the fact that Belek’s nature, it is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations.

Side Holiday

Side Holiday Turkey

Side is another holiday place. many people come to Side for summer. And also Side is one of the most ancient cities in history. So, it is seen historical and cultural things in Belek. Side ancient theatre is a magnificent architecture. The side is rich in the tourism of the sea. Some of the seas have a blue flag. So they are clean and fresh. For example, there is a beach in Kumköy. And its sand and water are clean.

Due to a shallow sea, It is safe to swim. And the other safe place to swim is the beach of Çolaklı. This beach is shallow, too. Resorts of the Side in Vonresort golden beach are so lux and they have a lot of opportunities to do for having fun. These hotels around here are completely full of funny activities. There are huge aquaparks and pools. And also that hotel is near the sea. So, it has a gorgeous sea view. While you come to the Side for holiday, You should bring many sun creams. Because you will be in the sea, pool or aquapark every day. Holiday in Turkey is full of activities.

Kemer Holiday

Kemer Holiday Turkey

Kemer is a center of tourism. Because, it has natural beauty, blue seas, and beautiful beaches. For example, moonlight beach is in a perfect location. Because this beach is across to open-air museums. Beach’s water is turquoise. In Kemer, there are many concept hotels.

One of these resorts is rixos sungate. It is a lux hotel. There are both many trees, plants, and pools, sea. A holiday in turkey is a great experience. You can see both ancient places and natural beauty in Turkey. So while you come to Turkey for holiday, you should bring a photograph machine. Because it has magnificent beauty.

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