Titanic Beach Lara Transfer | Antalya Airport To Lara

Titanic Beach Lara Transfer

Are you ready to turn your holiday into a real pleasure? Enjoy the luxury experience on your way from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the destinations you plan to visit. We are ready to make your vacations unforgettable with our Titanic Beach Lara Transfer service.

Our transfer services continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach any region of Antalya very quickly and easily by using our transfer service. Moreover, with the comfort of our extra luxury vehicles, you will benefit from free WiFi and the best prices throughout your journey.

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Titanic Beach Lara hotel Transfer – Get Your Customized Transfer Service

While providing our Titanic Beach Lara Transfer service, we take care to maximize your comfort. Here are the options we offer:

  1. We greet you with a card with your name on it: We are sure that you will be satisfied with the personalized welcome we offer, just for you. It is very important for us to make you feel comfortable from the first moment you get off the airport, to make sure that your journey is enjoyable and that you arrive at your hotel safely.
  2. Luggage carrying option: Feel the privilege from the first moment of your holiday with our Titanic Beach Lara Transfer service. Do not worry about carrying luggage at any stage of the journey. Let us accompany you on this journey you embark on just to experience comfort.
  3. Wheelchair-suitable vehicle: We care about hosting our esteemed guests with physical disabilities in the most comfortable way possible. Accordingly, we can send you our wheelchair compatible vehicles upon your request. For you to enjoy an experience specially designed for you at every step.
  4. Experienced, English-speaking, expert drivers: Feel safe with us! Our drivers in the vehicles we will send to you will be professionals who have been experts in this business for years and know the routes well.

Lara Airport Transfer

Before you start taking advantage of our Titanic Beach Lara Transfer services, find out the distances from the main destinations to you!

While you are having a pleasant holiday in Antalya, you can choose us on your way to Titanic Beach Lara or when traveling to different destinations from here. We will briefly tell you about the distances between the main destinations in Antalya.

  1. Titanic Beach Lara Hotel is located in Antalya’s Muratpaşa district.
  2. It is only 7 kilometers from Antalya city center to Muratpaşa.
  3. Alanya to Muratpaşa is approximately 131 kilometers.
  4. Side to Muratpaşa is approximately 70 kilometers.
  5. The distance between Manavgat and Muratpaşa is approximately 74 kilometers.
  6. Antalya International Airport and Muratpaşa is approximately 12 kilometers.

After picking you up from the airport, we can take you directly to your hotel according to your requests, or we can provide your transfer to the destination you want first.

Lara Transfer Options: 3 Different Vehicle Options

We offer you three different vehicle options in our Lara Transfer services. You can choose one of them according to the number of individuals in your family or the travel experience you prefer. So, here are the Lara transfer options:

  1. Ultra luxury Mercedes Vito: Our ultra-luxury vehicle, equipped with free WiFi and various treats, is ready to give you a privileged experience. A really good option, especially for large families.
  2. V – class vito: Thanks to this vehicle, which will give you real pleasure with its large interior volume and interior comfort, your holiday will start from the first moment you get off the plane.
  3. Wv Caravelle 9 Personnel: Caravelle is ready for service with its high structure and large interior volume that can fit all your luggage!

To make a reservation by choosing the vehicle you want, visit the transfer link below.

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