Tt Hotels Pegasos Resort Transfer

TT Hotels Pegasos Resort Transfer: Comfort on Vacation

Our TT Hotels Pegasos Resort transfer service offers you the best comfort in transportation. If you come to your hotel for a vacation or a business meeting, we deliver you to your address in the safest way. If you are going to have a holiday in a luxury hotel with many facilities such as a beach resort, spa, private beach, relaxation areas, and pool, we guess that you want your conditions to be in the best way. That’s why we want to be with you in this process.

You deserve to be provided with the best service, especially during your journey from the airport to your hotel. How would you like to arrive at the hotel accompanied by private chauffeurs who will pick you up from the airport? Do not forget that it is very important for you to have a comfortable journey for your vacation to pass most beautifully. You can provide this comfort for yourself by choosing TT Hotels Pegasos Resort transfer. Get ready to have an experience that you will not regret with all the opportunities we will arrange for you.

Start Examining Your TT Hotels Pegasos Resort Transfer Process Closely

Our TT Hotels Pegasos Resort transfer service aims luxury and comfort with many details. Especially those who want to have a pleasant time on their journeys can communicate directly. In this way, journeys become a place where you make unforgettable memories alone or with your family and friends. If you want to make a transfer appointment for your holiday, some stages are waiting for you. After completing these stages, we will create the most suitable appointment for you. You can prepare to have the best experience in your life by choosing us.

  • If you want to ensure your arrival at your hotel for your holiday, we aim to pick you up from the airport. Our drivers will pick you up from the location you choose and place your luggage in the vehicle. In addition, they will tell you in detail about all the services to ensure your comfort in the vehicle.
  • The features of the vehicles that will provide your comfort are in a way that will appeal to you. You will feel happy until you reach your hotel thanks to the heated seats, air conditioning, internet connection, snacks, and drinks in every vehicle.


Experience By Learning Details About Vehicles

Our institution provides you with 3 vehicle models. Each vehicle has luxury equipment to give you the best service. Therefore, you can review the information below to examine this hardware.

  • Ultra Luxury Mercedes Vito: This model of Mercedes Vito has an ultra-luxury design. There are many features to make you feel VIP. In this way, you will have a perfect trip.
  • V-Class Vito: Vito V Class offers you an environment where you can have fun with its 5 person capacity. Suitable for wheelchair and stroller.
  • WV 9 Perso: It has the widest structure for those who want to spend a crowded holiday. You will have fun in this vehicle.

TT Hotels Pegasos Resort and Antalya Airport Distance

The distance between TT Hotels Pegasos Resort and Antalya Airport is 1 hour and 20 minutes. The journey of 99 kilometers is completed in the most comfortable way for many people. You need to contact for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a baby seat in TT Hotels Pegasos Resort transfer service?

Of course, we have a free baby seat service.

For which country citizens is your TT Hotels Pegasos Resort transfer service valid?

This service is valid for citizens of every country.

How are payments made within the scope of TT Hotels Pegasos Resort transfer?

Debit or credit card, cash methods are preferred for payments.

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